Star Trek Armada : A guide to making maps

Summary : Map making is quite easy to do, it is just a matter of following a few simple steps. The process of setting up the editor on your pc should take no more than 15-20 minutes. If you follow each of the steps outlined in this guide, you too can create maps for the whole Armada community.


Map Making Guide  - Index

Downloading the Map Editor
Placing the Editor into the correct directory
Creating a desktop shortcut for the Editor

Creating your First Map
Modifying the ship/unit's levels 
Setting Map Levels, such as Crew, Dilithium.

Adding text lines etc, to the minimap picture
Common Problems
Step by step Summary


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READER Note...If you think I have made any glaring omissions/mistakes in this pictorial guide, please let me know ! I realise I haven't covered everything here, but I hope that at least the basics of map making have been adequately covered.

Downloading the Map Editor

Well, here we go.... first things first.........

The only software that you need to make maps is the 'Qedit' mini program. The Qedit file is part of a zip file (70k compressed)

Download the following zip file, and then extract the qedit file directly to your desktop.

A suggestion

Right click, then 'save target as', and save the zip file directly to YOUR desktop. This will make it easier to find.

Download the Map Editor


Once downloaded, you need to 'extract' the qedit file. Using Winzip, select qedit and then click on extract, and send it to your desktop.
There are 2 other files, but you really only need be concerned with the Qedit file to make maps.

You should now have on your desktop, this little icon....

The Qedit file is NOT an executable file, it is not an independent program. It is merely a little file that allows you to build maps.

Placing the Editor into the correct directory

For 'most' people, the Armada folder will be on C: Drive, in ' program files',  in 'activision' and then listed in 'star-trek - Armada'

However, you may have armada stored on another drive. In any case, the Qedit file, should simply be dragged and dropped into the 'star-trek - armada' directory.

* Be sure you don't drop the file into any specific folder !  As shown below, the file is placed somewhere amongst all the other general files


Creating a desktop shortcut for the Editor

To run the map editor, you need to create a special shortcut on your desktop.

1. First, you need to right-click anywhere on your desktop, and select 'new' and then select 'shortcut'