Star Trek Armada : A guide to making maps

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Summary of How to Make a Map

The following is a step by step summary on what you should be doing EVERY time you make a map.

1. First, are you going to make a new map from scratch ?
If you are making a brand new map, then you should first edit the shortcut 'target' line, and enter in the name of your new map.

If your map is already existing, does the map editor shortcut point to the map you want to modify ?

2. Load the editor

3. Do you wish to change the map size ?

If no, then proceed to step 4.
If yes, then you must first change map size using the CRTL key+R, and once you have changed the map size...

  ...SAVE the map,  then click on 'menu' and exit from the map editor. Then you may restart the editor once more, and the map will now be resized.

4. Design your map, placing cameras, objects, ships etc. - saving your work every 5-10 minutes !

5. Before you save your completed map, scroll to the far corner, and zoom in on the map -using the minus key '-' on the far right of your keyboard.
    The minimap 'radar' screen should now show NO trapezoid shape.

6. Save the map, the name being no longer than 11 characters (not including the .bzn extension)  with no capitals.

7. Now, open up Armada (not the editor), and do an instant action game.
     You should now create the maximum number of players that are meant to be on that map. So, yourself + other AI's
       Select Shroud/fog OFF, with map units on if necessary.

8. Start the instant action game.

9. As soon as the instant action game starts, hit the 'pause' button on your keyboard.

10. Now, have a good look ALL over your map.

   Does each team have the right ships/bases ?
   Have all objects appeared in the places you wanted them to ?

* note, sometimes a ship or two won't appear - this is especially true in fleetwar maps. You'll need to move the camera/ships around, so they don't conflict
11. If you need to make changes, then back to step 4,       otherwise.... next step...

12. If you are happy with the map, you should now add some text/details to the map using some paint/graphic program.
       Note, your minimap picture should be 128x128 pixels maximum.

After all that effort, you can now be happy you've made a new map for the whole Armada Community to enjoy.

Last updated : 07/08/04