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For any issues regarding the content of this site, you are welcome to:
Contact Calrissian

No part of this site may be copied or used anywhere else without my express permission. If there is something on this site you would like to use on your own website, for whatever reason, just ask me !

I (Philip Calrissian) take absolutely no responsibility nor liability for any losses or damage resulting from the information contained on this site, including all the suggestions, opinions, proposals, theories, and articles/postings made, including all those by site visitors/forum posters. Neither do I necessarily endorse or condone the content as contained in any of the external links listed on this site - I do periodically check many of the links, but sometimes a site I used to recommend has turned 'bad'.

So, don't even think about complaining to me about anything you see on here. YOU take FULL responsibility for coming to this site, I didn't drag you here by force, so I don't want any of you wasting my time sending me your complaining emails.
Any attitudes I express here are my own, and I don't expect the 'thought police' to come knocking on my front door just because I am too damn socially advanced for much of contemporary western society.

In summary, if you do not like what is here, then please... just go away !

Website Policy

-Pop-ups : does not, and NEVER will, have any of those stinking, annoying, EVIL, and scummy pop-ups. DEATH to all pop-ups and all those webmasters that use them.

-Cookies : does use a site cookie for registered members of the web forum and news sections, both of which retain just the member log-in details, nothing more is held.

-Scripting : I hate most website scripts etc, they are usually too damn annoying on most websites, and usually cause more trouble than they are worth - besides the fact I don't know how to use many of them anyway ;)


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The aforementioned companies (and any others listed on this site) do not endorse, or support in any way the content contained in this site.

Copyright /Fair Use Policy

1. My stuff....

Attitudes, articles/posts: I expect correct 'quoting' of articles, and all text as published on

Picture galleries : You are welcome to use ANY pictures on this site, you are also welcome to repost them up on your own website for instance.
All that I request is for appropriate recognition, such as ' Photo : Philip Calrissian' or ' Photo :', a hyperlink to this site would be also be appreciated - we're all one big happy web community after all, aren't we ?

2. Other peoples stuff....

I have endeavoured to follow ALL matters regarding copyright here in good faith, giving credit to the original person/company/organisation where possible. It is not always possible to obtain precise original author details on material sometimes, and no attempt is made to ever infringe on others original work.
If you feel I have infringed on any photo, or whatever, then please contact me ! and I shall make the necessary immediate changes to the appropriate site pages.
Links :  NASA
copyright section
            ESA copyright , follow the link via
media section.
            Big Brother UK:  Endemol

Big Brother UK - (as at Summer 2005, a joint C4/Endemol production) makes use of a small number of 'official/press release' housemate pictures, audio clips (from Television/online streaming), and BB logos. I continue to operate a 'Big Brother section' as a non-profit making 'fan site' section - as dozens of other UK BB fan site similarly do, and I claim fair use on that basis.


Fair Use Policy, will from time to time claim 'fair use' to post extracts/edited summaries from news reports/articles/postings that are derived from other news organisations. Fair use is claimed, under the purpose of 'commentary and criticism', for the public benefit. 

Forum Posters and News reporters/columnists may occasionally also claim 'fair use', although '' does not necessarily endorse any particular 'fair use' claim, other than those made by 'Philip Calrissian'.

Details: Fair Use Policy - USA Stanford University

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