Star Trek Armada : A guide to making maps

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Creating a desktop shortcut for the Editor (cont)

2. A new pop-up box will appear, you will need to specify which program the shortcut will initiate each time you click on it.

* In the 'command line' part, you need to type in an exact command line.
It is essential that you get this part right, i suggest you cut and paste the following line into the box...

"C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek - Armada\Armada.exe"    

- note that you MUST include the " " marks too !


3. You now need to give your shortcut a name, this can be anything you like, such as 'Armada Map Editor'.

4. You should now have on your main desktop, the following icon - which of course may be named differently, as you decided in the 'title' section.