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-General Star Trek Links 'Internal' Links

Message Board: A steadily growing forum whose primary aim is to help fellow Armada gamers keep in touch. Players from ALL clans are most welcome to join. To view user posts, registration is (normally) required.

Armada Downloads: Map packages, the A1 & A2 patches, and a few other bits.

Map Editor Techguide : Need help with making a map ? The definitive map making guide, written by yours truly, the 'Mighty Santa'.

Ship Editor Guide : A short guide to making Sovereign class ships cloak - without using mods !

General Armada Websites

Star Trek Gaming Universe: The leading ST Gaming website, plenty of regular forum posters, with regular news updates on all the latest ST games, including Star Trek Online and ST Legacy (due Sept 2006).

Gaming There is a large forum section there, search for 'Star Trek Armada', and you'll find a number of things there.

Armada2 : A site centred around Armada'2, although there is some A1 related things too.


Armada Fleet Command : A superb site, plenty of A1, A2, and general Trek gaming stuff, including an in-depth section on Mods.

Clan Sites

[CGS] Come Get Some : One of A1's oldest clans, still alive and kicking with a good reliable core set of 8 players - look out for Redwinger :)

DAE : Diverse Armada Explorers, a nice little gallery (I'm sure they won't mind you 'save as' any of those nice graphics)

[Ds] Dark Shadows : An old clan, seemingly now run by a number of people who split from the MWP clan.


MWP: (Most Wanted Players): Featuring regulars; Nuke, JDX, and Philly. Details on members, picture galleries, and a guestbook.


No-Clan: Featuring such infamous players as Amiga, Joker, and CON. Contains a guestbook, forum, and a few other clan related features. No-clan also have their own message board for keeping in touch - No-clan Forum

NewESO Clan: (Elite Starfleet Officers): This is a non-ua clan that enjoys a variety of different maps. All are welcome to visit our site or sign up!


SF Clan [Starfleet] A very large and stable clan who are part of over a dozen games (inc. Armada, Halo, Bridge Commander, Unreal Tournament 2004), with a great message board. Highly recommended !


SGM - Our home is the universe

SGM clan : (StarGate Marines) - run by SGM Shaq'ran


STF Clan : Star Trek Futures - site run by Doogle


TUE Clan: (The United Empire) - run by Solar and Vader.


UEA Clan: (United Earth Alliance) - Clan leader 'VanHalen', one of Armada's oldest clans, UEA is being revamped. 
See the UEA Message Board


Sites no longer regularly maintained

Dark-Mighty Clan : Hmm, what should I note about this splinter group of my original Mighty Cult? Lead by a number of hardcore Armada players, inc. Digitotialis, Navy, and Ruler.

[UNO] Clan : (website CLOSED as at Oct' 2005) One of A1's most respectable clans. Not many of them left, but they are always worth saying hello to :)


Project 90 - Star Trek vs Star Wars Mod

From the website -

"Project 90 (P90) is a team of people dedicated to modifying games and creating new conversions out of them. Our most famous project is the Star Trek vs Star Wars project for Star Trek Armada 1 & 2, which has won us much publicity and popularity. Our long term goal is to become a commercial games developer and bring to the gaming community some amazing works of gaming ingenuity".

Star Trek Restoration Mod - An interesting little mod (primarily with regards to the Fed' Steam-runner and Rom' Raptor bomb ships. There are full details, along with the mod zip package hosted on this site.

Fleet Ops Mod Download - same as above, except this is the link to their mod download section.

"Fleet Operations is a popular modification for Activision's Star Trek Armada II adding advanced graphics, new user interface, completely replaced ship models with new improved ones, new game play for every race and easy to use utilities for advanced options."

Miscellaneous Sites

Armada Universe: Primarily geared to A2 mods, but does have a forum, and some links to related sites of interest.

Skins for Armada'1: Superb set of skins, run by *p*-\/qh-Xp, allows players to customise/improve the look of the Armada lobby/game interface

Armada1forum : A message board dedicated for fans of A1. Check out the 'Strategy Guide' sub-forum - within the A1 section.

Species1571: A good site, lots there to check out, with lots of great downloads.

Star Trek Armada- Fleet Ops II : Fleet Ops is a sleek site, lots there to check out :)

Wiki - WON summary: an interesting little bit from the mighty 'wiki' on the WON server, with links to ST Armada

1. If you have a clan or star trek related site you would like listed here, then post the link in the
Armada Forum.
2. If you are a clan owner/webmaster and want specific text/graphics to describe your site (rather than my own little summary), then post the details in the forum

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