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I  now reside in the metropolis of London. It is a major lifestyle change, and I hope further good changes are ahead of me.

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After almost a full year of no updates, this site is having something of a summer update.

One fast and easy way to contact me is via Yahoo! Messenger.

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This is my first web site. I have some plans for starting up a few specialist other sites, but I am in no hurry for doing that..

'LOST' Quote:

Charlie: "What ya doing?"
Mr Eko: "Marking trees"
C: "Why?
Eko: "Because, these are the ones I like"

Calrissian: Was the first to have the signature. tag line, now millions copy him.

Or is it the other way around?





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Personal Happiness Scale Status : DEFCON 3 - things are still difficult, but having moved to a far better home, I am hopeful that life in the great City will bring better times for me.

Once again I now have something of a reasonable home life. It is somewhat ironic that I've found a better level of peace living next to a 6 lane highway
than the previous apartment.

I am unsure as to what might lay ahead of me...then again...who does?

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