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  1. How did I make this site ?

  2. Is it easy to make a website ?

  3. Who is 'Calrissian' ?

  4. What is the point of this site ?

How did I make this website ?

First, I bought my very own web domain from Network solutions, via my first web host. It takes about 24-48 hours for the domain name to be arranged and for the servers across the world to recognise it. Registering a domain name costs in the range of 3 to 25 per year. is currently hosted (as at July 2006) by American company
DWHS - they are my third host.

 Most hosting companies offer a wide range of host options. Unlike a free host, there are no forced adverts on the site, everything on the site is for me to create.

Web page creation is made using MS FrontPage. There seem to be many page makers out there, yet FP seemed like an easy way to start learning and get a basic website up. One further good aspect is that there is an absolute mass of backup support sites for FP, - see
Net links.

For quality hosting....I recommend

also worth considering are...

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Is it easy to make a site ?

Yes, very easy. It takes just a few hours to work out how to create a few linked pages, and arrange the uploading of pages to the chosen web host. Once you've made your first few pages, the rest will follow quite easily. There is always some kind of new feature to add, and within 3-6 months  your design skills will have grown enormously.

see : Making a Web site - the essentials to start.

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Who is Calrissian ?

Philip Calrissian, 33 (as at July 2006) years of age, resident in the south east of the United Kingdom.

Contact Calrissian

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What is the point of this site ?

Primary aim : A means for people to contact me, and to keep in contact with the many people I know across the world. There is no more secure way of keeping in contact with people, than via your own personal website. Phone numbers change, addresses change, but a decent website (should) last a lifetime.

Secondary : My means of building new contacts, via my forums, and my regular web news/links section.  

I also want to get some basic understanding of web page design in the WYSIWYG manner. I am not looking to design via the HTML way - I never liked programming and probably never will. Hopefully my design skills will continue to improve over the next few years :)

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