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Exam Certificates: proof of intelligence, or just wasteful bits of scrap paper ?          
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BSc Psychology
Specialist areas : - Personality - I take a 'blank slate' (we're all born with an equal chance) approach to humanity.
                          - Mental health/illness
                          - Therapy, Rogerian, Cognitive-Behavioural, Jefresian approach,
                          - Psychological approaches : how each school of psychology  accounts for human behaviour.

Final year project : Colour Preference as Symptomatic of Personality Type.

My University faculty were not entirely pleased when i told them i was going to submit this - they never said so as such, but academia does not tend to favour anyone who considers the unconventional approaches to science. As it was, i just did what i wanted anyway, and quite enjoyed completing the project. The results did'nt show anything important, although i still believe the colours/shades which people show a preference for are very indicative of the personality/mood of the person.

Final year dissertation : The efficacy of contemporary western psychology in the formation of diagnoses, in explaining the etiology, and in the treatment of psychological abnormalities.

The aforementioned dissertation was my last attack at the whole psychological establishment -which was ironic considering all the years I'd spent involved with it. Through a lot of the courses I had done I was very much against labelling people. I was, and still do take a scientific view to matters of humanity. I believe that when the government starts to get involved in things like 'morals' and personal 'ethics' that the science of psychology falls to pieces.


A-levels/GCSE's : I have done a whole array of various courses. I studied some 9 A-levels (as at summer 2005), all were quite interesting courses,  I chose all the weird ones like Film, Environmental science, Psychology, rather those dull boring ones like Math,....and (ick) Media studies. What the hell is it with all those damn media studies students anyway?

I went to night college for quite a few years, for me these were the easiest (and so far, best) years of my life, - I would attend class at night, study/relax in the day :) University was a great deal harder, although the hours were far easier - no more coming home from class after 10pm.

Exams - do they count for anything ?

I am no fan of exams, neither have I been an 'A' grade student, despite how hard I tried. I have a lot of Exam certificates filed away, but place little respect in much of the UK education system. How can anyone respect a system where hundreds of thousands of young UK school leaves are illiterate?  Jhat do all those exam certificates really count for ? All those little grades just mean I answered some questions in a certain way on a certain day, and marked by a randomly allocated marker, whose mood might have been tough/lenient on any given day. Maybe I am wrong, but personally think exam grades count for nothing.

Counselling/Personality development courses

I have attended a fair few counselling courses and associated personality development classes. All were somewhat quite life affirming (does that make sense?), although I've not done any such classes since 1998 - which seems like a lifetime.

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