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Spiritual Matters


Some basics about what I believe - although it varies sometimes. Why some people have 'rigid' views about 'what lies beyond' is pretty dumb, considering they have zero evidence to back up any of their 'faith'.

1. I don't go to church. Except one,  St'Marys, on the headland of Penzance, Cornwall, UK :) My last visit inside a church was about September 2001.

* St. Mary's Church is rumoured to be built on an old pagan site (it was a policy of the early Christian church to steal the pagan sites). The main man himself Jesus is said to have even visited the area of Mounts Bay. St. Michaels Mount was said to have been the only safe debarkation point for all sea visitors to this area circa 500AD and earlier. Such a visit would explain a great many things about the shear immense number of religious stonework/sites in what is a very tiny area of land. 

2. I don't subscribe to any religious cult. Go look in the dictionary for what 'cult' means - you will be surprised.

3. Ghosts do exist. Trust me on this one, not that I have personally seen one. It is simply that I have heard too many stories, read too much supporting research to dismiss this phenomenon anymore.

4. Since Ghost exist, then we can assume there is something post death, and this is thought is somewhat reassuring to me. 

5. GOD : I've never been a big fan of the 'all powerful entity' theory. So far, I've seen jack to make me believe that there is one almighty thing that knows all. From what I hear from some 'spiritual people', the people in the afterlife do not have any more idea of what this God entity is than we do. Just imagine that once you die, and then in the next place, you're still as confused as you are here, hehe.

6. Reincarnation : From what I have read/seen, some spirits (not all) do choose to come back for another earthly life. The idea seems to be that you come back for another life experience, in order to 'progress' to a higher level. I feel quite unsettled at this concept though, the idea that I might have chosen to come here, that I chose this precise starting point in life.! I mean, what an idiot I was. I should have chosen the 23'rd century or something. This century/time period pretty much sucks. Not only are there still world wars, but the amount of idiots out there is just insane ! Yes, I was 200 years too early in my choice.

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