How to Contact Me

For all queries regarding this website, whether it is about a specific article, writer opportunity, or whatever, please use one of the following methods. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


1. Email
2. Via the web forum, either via a private message, or by posting in one of the forums (I do welcome 'constructive suggestions' on how to improve the site)

3. Yahoo Instant Messenger




Use the Email address (see notes) contained in the picture below...


* Please note that the above Email address is intended to expire July 1'st 2008, and may be updated at such time.

If ever you get a bounced email, visit this page to check you have the latest operating email address.


-Some of you may be asking, why don't I just put in a standard email address that you can click on. Well, the sad fact is that junk email is now a chronic problem for many people.

One way to get around this problem is to periodically change email addresses. This has some short term advantages (6-24 months) in reducing the level of junk email.

-The reason I have written the email address as part of a  .gif image, is to reduce 'spiders'* from harvesting my email address when they read my web-pages.

*'spiders, are automated programs that some computer programs use to find email addresses on a website - and some companies/scum will then endlessly spam  such addresses. It remains something of a endless war against the spammers.


Private Message via the web forum

This is a good way to get hold of me, although you will need to be registered with the forum to be able to use this facility. I will receive instant notification (if I am online) that a message has been sent to me, so the response can be very fast at times.

Forum links

1. ST Armada, General Chat - the original 'personal' forum (but now focused on Star Trek Gaming)
2. Political Forum

Yahoo Instant Messenger

If you are a member of the Yahoo! community and use their instant messenger software, then you may be able to get an instant response from me. If it says I am online in the button below, then you may be able to chat with me in real time (although maybe that sounds too scary?).


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