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Being a moody cancerian I usually have the radio on 24/7/365, a CD spinning, or Yahoo! Launch playing. I just have to have something for background noise - besides the incessant hum of the local freeway. If you have Broadband, go visit Yahoo! Launch, currently a free 300k streams for thousands of videos, an amazing place to spend a spare hour or two.

My top ten

1. The Lost Boys : 1987  , original movie soundtrack.

2. Jagged Little Pill : Alanis Morissette, 1995   - she sure was one angry woman back then, perhaps the best female artist of the 1990s?.

3. No Limits: 2Unlimited : 1993 , techno music from the early 90's,

4. Goodbye Country (hello nightclub) : Groove Armada, 2001

5 .Diva : Annie Lennox, 1992

6. No Mermaid : Sinead Lohan, 1998

7. Strange Little Girls: Tori Amos, 2001

8. Eels : Beautiful Freak, 1998

9. Lost in Translation : 2004, music from the movie !

10. Bladerunner : Vangelis, 1982 - music from a film that is still ahead of it's time.


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