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Mighty Defiant
Mighty Mmb
Mighty Navy
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Random Fellow

1. If you want your picture/details here, then Contact me - you are most welcome to also email me a picture/s, although whether or not I post it...that is another matter entirely !
2. If you want specific text to describe yourself (rather than my own summary), then post the details in the forum or send me a pm (via the forum, msn, or yahoo messenger).
3. If you want your picture/details removed at any future time, then do let me know.

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Armada ID: =UEA=M.Mcdoogle
Real Name: Ryan R.
Clan: =UEA=
Age: 14
Location: North East of England, Newcastle way

Hey, I'm quite well known in armada, I've been impersonated a few times now by different people. I also have been in my fair share of clans and in running them. I started playing in about 2001 I think, I cant remember lol. I like making and playing Pen maps. I think that as long as there are still people, even if it is a dozen, that a1 with stay alive.

Other Interests: Bleach the anime, Music, AMV's (Animated Music Videos), Programming, General Computers, Halo, Battlefield 2 etc etc.

Armada ID: CGS:Freedom_fighter
Real Name: Robbie hunter
Clan: CGS
Age: 15
Location: UK, Wales Cwmbran

Well, I was a regular till me internet messed up, I have a bunch of mate in a1 and even have a clan (NRO) which had many allies, my fav map type is fleet wars and hell type maps.

Armada ID: Youbob_ship (if in a clan that I want it will be Cgs_YouBob_this)
Real name: Joetrek123, Youbob, and Micheal D Johnson in real life
Clan: I don't know if I'm still in a Clan. Will be joining CGS soon I hope.
Age: 20
Location: Vancouver Wa

A little about you: Some smell time programming, soldering circuits, Computer repairs
, and modding games like halo CE, armada1 ,and Wesnoth. Now will be a student in University of Washington soon.



Armada ID: [Q] Elder -\/qh-
Real Name: David
Age: 32
Location: Southern Oregon
Clan : Q
Former clans: ApC ,KHC, NDO, DSD, ADF, NMS and IF. Honoured in UNO ,WP ,ACH

Armada was my first PC game bought in feb 2000 and been playing it since then. I only play UA map(maybe a warcircle once in a while) Now i play mostly silkroad online.

Armada ID: Mighty Defiant
Real Name: David
Location: Ontario, Canada

Some Details About Me: I have been playing armada on and off since beginning of 2002. I enjoy sci-fi stuff like Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis. My favourite game types are First Person Shooters and Real Time Strategies. I'm highly interested in computers, networking, and programming. Check out my Armada Preservation Project at


Armada ID: Mighty Mmb
Real Name: Gnther
Location: Austria, Kapfenberg

Hobbies: Dart, Billiards & Music, TV (Star Trek, Stargate, Charmed)

Been Playing since game came out. In former times (2003-2004) i was leader of [AWS] Armada Warriors and also from {FAF} Federation Attack Force together with Hydora (if anyone know him). After that i joined Mighty and I'm happy with it. Regular Player.
Created a new style of Santa's legendary Bombwar. (Burnbomb)
Favourite food: Pizza & Lasagne
Favourite drink: Beer

Armada ID: Mighty Navy
Real Name: Derek
Age: 19
Location: San Dimas, California

Been Playing, Armada since around December 2001...Finishing School, Plan to transfer to Berkeley in a year or two, hopefully get my commission as a Naval Officer.
Interests are usually of Sci-fi, Naval History, Politics, Music, Movies, TV, and much more.



Armada ID: Mighty Santa  
Real name: Philip
Age: 34

Yes, it is me, the infamous Santa, - based in London, UK
Now a 'thirtysomething', having joined A1 way back in the distant days of August 2000.
Webmaster for, and primary admin for the ST Armada section/forum

Other interests: psychology, finance, and world social/political affairs. Technology, especially things like renewable energy (no, my roof does not have panels), and engineering (esp. building in Dubai).

TV: Heroes, Lost, 24, Battlestar Galactica, Southpark
I very rarely play other PC games, although I do like Defcon, Battlefield 1942 and '2142,

Other information on 'Mighty Santa', or  'Calrissian'                


Armada ID: \/
Real name: Lex

Hey Everyone. I am one of A1's Regulars-Head up my own clan and my favourite thing to do is to make people laugh on A1 lol. I've been through my fair share of clans sense I started Playing A1 in July of 2003.Sure I'm not the best at A1 but id love to See if u cant beat me and Ice Cold working together on a Hell map (Hell maps are our specialty). I have so many friends on A1 And I hope to meet many more people And I most definitely want to do any thing I can to keep A1 alive.

Other interests: PS2:games, Modding A1, PC Halo, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Armada ID: Random Fellow
Real Name: Michael
Age: 21 as of April 2007
Location:  Oklahoma, USA

About me:  Been playing Armada off and on since December of 2000 and am currently a pretty regular player.  I'm not very great but I'm there mostly just to have fun anyway.   Some of my favorite maps are Yardwars, UA and Warcircle and, for the record, I can't stand hell maps.  I'm currently working my way through college studying to be a Graphic Designer and some of my interests include cartoons, Star Trek/Wars and LotR.  

Armada ID: Solar
Real Name: Solar xD
Clan: CGS
Age: 15 or something like that Wink
Location: Netherlands, close to the German boarder Wink
interests: Sleeping, Woman's, food, relaxing, vacation even more sleeping and relaxing, armada 1, movies downloading, hard rock and dogs and even more sleeping and relaxing, and then going out with friends / gf and that's it.



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