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Mighty Santa

-Lead writer/concept designer for the Star Trek Armada'3 Project
-Regular player in Armada'1 (since August 2000)
-Armada'1 Map Maker (115+ maps), including the concept maps: Bomberwar, Jach-war, Rushwar, Bomb-Bush

Star Trek Armada is a classic strategy game (released March 2000) which I have been playing since the distant days of August 2000. A sequel was released in Winter 2001, however in my view Armada 2 never played quite as well (in a strategic sense) as the original game.

My playing name in the Armada'1 community remains: Mighty Santa 

Ho ho ho indeed !

I chose the name 'Mighty Santa' around Christmas 2000, I was originally 'santa_uk' for a few months, I later thought that adding 'Mighty' would make me sound a bit stronger. ;) ha-ha. My current name is something I intend to stick with forever.

For the record, I am not one of those crazy players that changes their name every other week, I have never been under any other alias, except for 'Mighty Sniper' (which seemed appropriate at the time).

Mighty History

Q. How come other players have the prefix 'Mighty' on their names too?

I never once asked anyone to copy my name, but copy they certainly did. Around 300 players have added 'Mighty' to their playing name. Some thought 'mighty' was a clan, others just liked the name. In any case, 'Mighty' at one point had over a hundred active players, and was pretty popular, although 'bad santa' - who is usually locked away under the stairs, annoyed a fair few players and subsequent splinter groups 'Mightiest' and 'Dark Mighty' also appeared and lead to many players breaking away.

It does still amuse me how so many players followed the 'Mighty' cult, it sure was fun at the peak (2002/3)

Mighty Phrases:  Face the Might !            Feel the Might !                 Be Mighty !


With Armada relatively quiet in terms of player activity, even if the game survives beyond Feb 2008 (the initial cut-off date), the true glory days of Armada and indeed 'Mighty' are long past.

Joining Mighty?

Anyone is welcome to join the forum, and even add the prefix 'Mighty' to their player name. There are not many players left, and every new regular player would greatly help to keep the game alive.

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