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  : A really cool little site. A few very weird little flash games, worth a visit. The content does not get updated that much though.

Too Stupid to be President : VERY cool site, full of flash media clips, all very current affairs related. Specialising in just how dumb the president of the USA (might) be.

Danny Baker : One of the UK's best Radio talk host. A wealth of sound clips - some real classics, inc  the 'Bow tie call' and 'any more pies ? '

Diffusion online : a very silly UK site with audio clips that hopefully you'll find funny. : Site of the best radio D.J EVER. He tends to get fired every 6months, but the net heads always track his latest broadcasts soon. Includes links to a wealth of past broadcasts- usually entire shows.

Slash and Hack : A very cute site, full of movie and music files.

Deathclock : Oh yeah, this is it ! Find out your day of death. A simple little statistical program calculates when you are going to die. : 'All your base belong to us'  : a bizarre cult following obsessed with this single line fron a video game. It is worth seeing the videos, especially if you have a decent net connection. : All sorts of weird net freaks here, takes an outer limits type view on current news events...
   (beware, this site has pop ups)

www.weebl and friends : This was passed to me recently - you're either going to hate it, or be rolling around on the floor. Mmmmm, pie.





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