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 : Offers the very latest reviews on hard disk drives,   A good place to browse are the message boards, there you will find some lively discussion on what drives suck and what drives are immortal.

  Tom's Hardware Guide

Toms Hardware Guide is in my view the best review site for computer hardware in the world. The site offers amongst other things...

  • Guides to installing hardware

  • Future hardware developments, especially for microprocessors

  • Detailed analyses of new products. : A site geared to the online gaming community, offers the latest news on hardware/software, and provides some regular news updates on developments that affect the gaming industry. : More industrial in nature, than THG or firing squad. The best feature of this site are the guides to the very latest motherboards. : Some useful reviews on Computer accessories, cases, fans, cooling products.

CDR Labs : Excellent reviews for CD writers.

DSL Reports : An immense site, offering links to forums across the globe, inc. links to speed test for your net connection.

Broadband Speed test : Daniel Elwell created this amazing program, possibly the best of its type, for UK net users to test their broadband connection.


NTL Cable modem help site : A superb site offering help when your cable modem fails to connect. (always a good idea to keep that lousy 56k dial up modem - since cable is never 100% reliable).

NTL Service Status : If there are problems with ntl's services, then they (usually) will post something on this page within an hour of the fault occurring. Actually quite useful, saves wasting hours of effort trying to get through to technical support.




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