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 : Science news and information about the Sun-Earth 'local environment'.
Offers the very latest updates on space weather (yes, space has 'weather' of a sort). Particularly important aspects include; news on Near Earth Objects, Solar Activity, and upper atmospheric conditions. : This site concerns distant human 'pre-history', the period 3000BCE-20,000BCE. Hancock believes the history we are taught is not what it actually was. He appears to believe in some form of  organised society about 10,500BCE which was almost totally wiped out due to the great sea level rise of the period. : The Upnaut project, as run by Rudolf Gantenbrink - the discoverer of the 'doors' in the star shafts of the Queens Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Giza, Cairo- Egypt.

Robert Bauval : A very respectable independent researcher into the ancient myths/mysteries of the earliest civilisations. Provides cutting edge news on latest archaeological developments across the globe.

New : The UK's leading popular science magazine, very informative and useful for keeping in touch with latest science news.


UK Specific :

British Geological Survey : Monthly map showing all the quaking and shaking that occurs in the UK

BGS (as above) : A table of the latest quakes with specific details on magnitude, location etc.

Rest of the World :

US Geological Survey : The latest quakes from the worlds best Earthquake monitors

Yellowstone park Earthquakes : Yellowstone park in American : perhaps the most dangerous place on the planet. Around 600,000 years ago (relatively recently in geological time), there was a volcano some 70miles in diameter. The next major eruption is now overdue. This page is updated live, and is a useful reminder of just how immensely unstable this region of the world is

Mt. St. Helens : Live webcam of this infamous mountain - highly recommended !

Mt. Etna : Live webcam of one of Europe's most active volcanoes.

Earthquake Prediction- : This guy thinks he can predict quakes around the planet. His ideas are a bit far out, except for the 'tidal' general sea level issues - which are known to affect the pressure on volcanic zones. : A very odd site, maintained by Richard Hoagland. He is interested in various 'anomalies', which he believes the US government are now slowly leaking to the public via NASA. : A very off the wall site on the 'unexplained'. Some of it might freak you out, but it is worth at least one look. : Offers all manner of weird things, ghost galleries, UFO's, all things 'unexplained'.


Global Consciousness Project : The idea is that the planet - all of the people are linked in some conscious way, and that this can be measured. The project maintains data on the 'live' heartbeat of the world. Hmmm.

Gravity society : This is cutting edge research at its best - and most controversial. The Russian Scientist Evgeny Podkletnov has suggested he has noted a possible way to reduce the effects of gravity - via complex superconductors. Late July 2002, Boeing announced they are researching the claims of Podkletnov - interesting indeed !

Crop Circles : A great site into this weird phenomena. Whether it is done by alien freaks, or a bunch of mad farmers, the designs are becoming VERY impressive lately.

Philidelphia Experiment : Alleges that the US Govt. were working on cloaking technology, which lead to the USS Philadelphia disaster. There is also a film based around the same rumour.






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