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In this section, I want to detail my experience of getting a web site up and running, with updates as and when necessary. I am not sure where this is all heading, but maybe it will help me focus on where and how I want my site to develop.

July 18 2002 : Went online with Calrissian.com , hosted by hostdepot.com, domain name via network solutions.

August 21 2002 : Moved site, rehosted with phpwebhosting.com, in order to have a php/sql web forum.

Jan 23'rd 2003

It has been months since i even remembered i made this page ;) - i've had other many more important pages to develop you see.
Anyway, things have developed a lot since the site went live in July 2002.
Web visitors are continuing to increase, an average of around 23 a day from all over the world. Hey, 23 a day may sound lousy, but its higher than zero - as it was in July 2002 ;)
I Still lack significant content to web visitors in all my sections, although the number of articles is starting to accumulate - finally.
Via Web visitor stats i have been altering and updating certain content. In particular, there is a big demand for pages on Jade goody and 'coolermaster cases'.
I am hoping that by March i will have a 1000 unique 'visiters' per month - although of course, some of my visitors are those little search engine robots that roam the web cataloguing sites.

I'm happy with how things have progressed in this first haft year. Considering i didnt know jack about any of it 6months ago, i have my site now registered with yahoo and dozens of other listings. Progress indeed.

March 1'st 2003

Web stats for feb, 1506 visitors- hey, i'm starting to pick up in the numbers finally :) Currently the core pages are still not being viewed as i would hope. Although some of my worldviews are actually being viewed.

Content is still slim, but at least the site is reasonably stable now. I seem to add maybe 3-6 new articals each month, give it another year, and that will start to look quite significant i think.

How many 'real' people can i be expecting to visit my site by the end of this year ? I guess if the trend continues, then maybe i will have a stable 3000 visitors a month by end summer, and maybe as high as 3500-5000 a month by end 2003. Naturally, a chunk of those numbers will be robots, so, i gotta be realistic whenever i review the web stats. Even so, the thought that i might be having a thousand unique people visiting and looking through my site each month, would be something of a success in my view.

July 3'rd 2003

Visitors for June stood at 7692. This is partly due to my writings on Digitalspy.co.uk- for which i have recently been booted (damn them). Of the 7000+ visits, almost 4000 were for the page 'secret yahoo emoticons'. Its one of my 'flag pages'- its a very popular search term, people visit the page, and then a few tend to end up browsing my site. Flag pages - as i call them, can be useful in getting a site listed with search engines, and in getting people to initially get interested in your website.

Anyway, i am very happy with how things have progressed lately. Maybe i can hit 10,000 a month by end 2003 ? That would be just wild, although i need to add some more content. I still have yet to publish my political section, which will really boost the site up a notch, although that will have to wait until end. August.

Technically speaking, i have just come to grips with customising forum templates, and am about to install my first onsite chat room. It should help to build something in the way of a community. In the coming months, i hope to learn some basics about implementing some kind of 'news reporter' uploading system. If i'm to ever run a decent sight, with a lot of content i'm going to need some form of program to manage my envisioned team of writers.

Now that i am out of DS, visitor numbers will probably drop off somewhat, although the overall trend is somewhat still upward. All in all, i am very pleased.

My sites 1'st Anniversary looms, a year ago i didnt even know how to upload a blank webpage, i think i can be somewhat proud of how i've progressed.

August 1'st 2003

Site now has a customised chat room installed - am surprised at how dead easy that was to install - would highly recommend Jpilot chat software to any small website.

Despite losing the links via DS, the site has actually grown further in July. Almost hitting 10,000 distinct visits, with 22k page views, and 460k hits.

Visits now up to 9771 (of which 3k were for flag page Yahoo emoticons). 2 gig of bandwidth used up - due primarily to audio clips and new forum members.

Note, looks as though 10,000 unique visits will equate to around 2gig of BW, so i've until around 25-30k visitors until i will need to upgrade my webhosting facility.

Reporter software ? I really want to have installed some kind of reporter program, so that people can upload to their own columns etc - this would allow a massive amount of daily content to be added. Hmm, a lot of reading to do though.

Have been reading around a lot about how sites explode in terms of visits - primarily a result of being linked to via a major site. BBC has done that with one talkbigbrother.com for example - and helped that jump from a 100visits a day to many thousands a day - although this is naturally placing a burden on that site.

*As things are, i can't possibly see getting much higher than 15,000 visits monthly pre.04. I've yet to make any attempt at advertising etc. 

May 20'th 2004

After a long period of doing jack' with the site... its BB time of year, and i'm in the mood to get some things done. The reporter (CMS) program is now working - using Postnuke.
Am now an affiliate for DWHS, hopefully that might be profitable - will the 15+ flag pages work ?
Visits are steady at a 'mere' 125-150 a day, not that i've been trying to get more people to the site. The forum is pretty much ticking over, barely.

So, how will BB5 affect visits ? Just last week, someone posted a 'hotlink' to the BB3 argument clip, which sucked up 0.5 gig in 2 days. Hmm, we'll see.

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