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Summary : Aims of this section.

To gain an awareness of spyware, particularly in relation to File-sharing and the use of Kazaa lite.

Summary recommendation.  Use some form of anti-spyware program every few months.

Who is spying ? Removing spyware Net links


Who is Spying ?

Well, the very notion of 'spying' implies being monitored without ones consent.
Whenever you install a piece of software, you are required to read and agree to the terms/conditions of the endless standard contract. Fact is, most people don't even read them (does anyone ? ). Sometimes contained deep in the standard text, there are notes about having information about your internet habits etc, being taken and used for various 'purposes'.

What programs are notorious for spyware ?

-Kazaa (  NOT Kazaa lite though which is stripped of all nasty junk)

Realplayer, now known as 'Real ONE' comes bloated with a variety of junk sub-programs that monitor what you download and what websites you visit for instance. This info is of course sold to advertising companies who then use it to target specific people with very specific adverts.


Removing Spyware

There are a fair amount of anti-spyware programs available online. Some do charge for specialist versions of software. However, at present i would suggest getting hold of Lavasoft's Ad-Aware program. This program is periodically updated- so, it can be useful to check their site for updates every once in a while - or keep in touch with this site.

So, try out ad-aware. I do have a summary page for how to use it.

Guide to using Ad-aware

Net links

If you would like to suggest a program that removes spyware, then please let me know in the Forum - i am always looking for useful new programs.

Ad-aware: Arguably the best anti-spyware program available online



Spybot, an interesting site, with many links to other useful anti-spying websites.
(beware, 2 pop-ups on site entry)


Last updated : 08/10/04