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Primary sites : The ultimate site for all things ST related, with a great message board, and naturally the most reliable place when trying to get the 'truth' on what is happening in the ST Universe regarding future series/movies.

Fan based sites

ST Ship Gallery : a very impressive little site, stacks of graphics and info. on many of the well known ships in the TV series and movies. : Great website, plenty of quality graphics.

ST Minutiae: a strange website - perhaps rates as a 11 on the 0-10 scale of ST Geek?

Intro: "Starting with obscure references and little-known facts, we explore and expand the wondrous multiverse of Star Trek. From the Complete History of the Earth-Romulan War to The Voyager Coronary, the funniest parody in existence, we put the "minute" in minutiae!"
--- : An old site (and not updated much so far as I can tell), but there is some great work on 3d versions of classic ships. : Wide ranging, covering all the series, often updated.

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