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-Armada1: Roms, Klings, Borg, Feds
-Armada2: as above + Cardassians & Species 9472

Q. What should Armada'3 have?

I certainly think the Dominion should be included, as well as the Cardassians. However I do not like the idea of keeping Species 9472 - they are a very odd race indeed, and have not proved popular with players in A2'.

Possible races:

I see no reason why players should not have a good variety of races to choose from. Imagine having 8-10 races to play with, would make for some truly interesting tactics.

Key issue: to keep EVERY race unique, and have its own racial traits/strengths etc.

Special point: Armada'2 failed badly in race differences, eg: troop ships. Why should all races have troop ability ? The great thing about A1' was that if you really liked taking over ships/bases, you'd have to choose Klingon race.


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