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History of Star Trek Armada and the sequel Star Trek Armada II'

Armada'1 launched: February 29'th 2000
  final 1.2 patch issue: Feb' 2001

Armada'2 launched: December 7'th 2001
 patch 1.1 issued: late Jan' 2002

What is clear is that the concept of Armada dates back to at least summer 1999 - a time when graphics cards were mediocre in the extreme, and Pentiums were quietly at 0.1-0.4Ghz (at most).

A2' followed on from the original relatively quickly, although as one reviewer noted... "A number of new complexities have been introduced in Armada II, which make it seem more compelling than the first game from a strategic standpoint. Unfortunately, in practice not all of these new features are successful. In fact, if you enjoyed the original Armada, you might find yourself nostalgic for that game while playing Armada II".

See for a full review of A2, which also looks back to the superior (in playability terms) of the original Armada.

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