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Benefits of contributing





As part of the development of this website, I am looking to recruit a number of like-minded people.

Q  Do you have a passion for social/current affairs ? 

If yes, then I am VERY interested in hearing from you. I am looking for people who want to be part of something unique and new.
I am looking to fill a number of roles, which include....

-Reporters/staff writers who will contribute to writing short/long news articles.
-Graphics support person -someone with an expertise in graphic design

Special note : These roles are at present purely on a VOLUNTARY and UNPAID basis. That will doubtless mean some of you will not be
interested. However, for those of you that still are, read on..........

Staff Writers Wanted

What am I looking for ?

-You have a passion for an issue/s.
-You want to get recognition as a professional writer.
-You wish to gain experience in a unique political party

Q. What sort of articles, or style of writing will I be expected to do ?

First, I don't expect 10,000 word essays on a subject. I am looking for people who can write short summary reports on an issue which they have an interest in.
You are not expected to have a degree in English, neither do I expect any contributing writer to submit things on a regular basis. If you just want to write one or two articles on something - as a one-off, then that is fine.


I am especially looking for a few highly select people to write weekly/monthly editorials on news events. If you really want to get noticed as a budding journo/hack, then this could be a really useful opportunity to take up.


Q. What issues can I write about ?

- Essentially, you are welcome to submit articles on just about anything you like.

In particular, I am seeking people with an interest, or who have a background in any of the following fields...

Transport : Rail specialists, also writers who have an understanding of current trends in Air Travel.

Crime/Justice : Those with experience in either the public/private security forces.

Environmental : Especially in regards in Recycling, Energy generation/conservation, Waste management.

Economic/Tax issues : Small business owners, who wish to air their views on the crazy tax / financial system currently in place.

Media/Communication : Issues of censorship/monitoring, State run media - the BBC, related issues.

: In particular, all areas of construction - am looking for an expert on tunnelling.

Energy : Electrical Engineers, power generation - especially renewable

Education : anyone with a real passion for new teaching methods is particularly welcome.

Health : People with a background in Nursing/Mental Health, especially in regards to the elderly/young people.

Defence : People with an understanding/experience of the Military


Graphic Designers

Are you any good at graphic design ? Perhaps you also have some experience with desktop publishing.
I am seeking 1 or 2 people who have a flair for design, and who wish to get noticed as a web-graphic artist.

* Graphic Design is not my speciality (as you can see), which is why I am looking for someone who can add something more slick
to this site in the way of various logos etc, and in terms of an overall 'sleek' design.


Benefits of contributing

-Be part of a unique enterprise, a brand new political movement. The fact remains that no one has EVER tried what I am now doing, and
 perhaps you would like to be part of something special.

-Get recognition as an online publisher/writer on a developing website.

-Make contact with like-minded people, those with a real passion for parliamentary/current affairs, and who also share the view that current
 mainstream political parties are failing the UK people. 

-Employment reference : For people who contribute on a regular basis to the site, I would of course be very happy to provide a
 character/reference relating to the work you contribute to the site.

-Something interesting to put on your CV ! Despite all the millions of websites across the globe, to be an online writer/columnist will be good
 credit for anyone seeking a long term career in any field of employment.


-All positions are at present purely on a VOLUNTARY and UNPAID basis. In the distant future - (if the site develops), I would naturally
  be looking to make arrangements for paid services from as many site contributors as financially possible.
-If you have an idea for the site (other than "...close it down... Philip..." ), then I would be most welcome to hear from you - Contact me.
-Calrissian reserves the right to delete/modify any submitted work, if deemed 'out of line' with the general 'Crusader' attitude. However I am
  looking for writers who hold a broad range of attitudes on various issues.  I'm not closed to new ideas, and I'm always looking to develop overall policy on every issues you can imagine.

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