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1. Who created this site?
2. What is the aim of Calrissian.com?
3. How can I contact the webmaster ?


Who created this site?

As at Autumn 2004, the entire site was created by Philip Calrissian. However, it is intended for there to be contributors of various levels in the mid-term (1-5yrs).

What is the aim of Calrissian.com

The original site (summer 2002) was merely a personal site, however as of October 2004, the site became the home of the 'Crusader Party'. However, it is intended for the Political arm of the site to move to its own domain name as soon as feasible, and to then revert 'calrissian.com' to it's original state - a small personal site.

How can I contact the webmaster ?

To contact Philip Calrissian, you can either send a private message via the forum (you will need to be registered), or you can send an email - see HERE for latest email details.

If you are a member of yahoo and use the instant messenger software, then you can maybe get an instant response C
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