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Libertarian in nature.

The state should NOT be there to 'nanny' the people.

Justice/Human rights : The current legal system has some chronically outdated weak laws that need totally re-writing. The notion of 'criminals losing their 'human rights' needs to be addressed - especially in terms of 'defending oneself'.


Reasoning for the Crusade

Since the late 20'th century, the UK electorate are feeling generally disillusioned with all three current mainstream parties. The conservatives remain utterly
split on the issue of Europe. Labour  - aka 'old conservatives' are obsessed with putting a 'spin' on every single news story, and have sadly failed
to deliver on a number of key issues - especially on transport.

As of spring 2004, there is no UK party that represents the 'ordinary person'. The typical UK person now rarely bothers with voting at local or European elections, since they really can't stand any of the parties on offer.

Personally, as a UK 'subject' (we're still not 'citizens' in this Royal state', I can't see things changing - without some brand new group of people leading a Crusade to bravely tackle the issues everyone talks about, but no one currently in power wishes to deal with.


Registered Party Address/Contacts
For ALL correspondence... please follow this link for details.

Future plans

1. Initial public awareness campaign (primarily local) about the 'Crusader Party' - as a uniquely web-based political party.

2. Seeking staff writers, contributing to the overall progrss in public awareness, building personal/industrial contacts across the country.

3. Seeking a core team of 12 people (with a designated candidate) in EVERY single one of the UK political constituencies.

4. Seeking some level of mid-term financial support to fund a nationwide campaign, primarily to support the cost of hosting candidates at election time.

*** Under development ***

Welwyn Hatfield Team

Founder : Philip Calrissian     ---  Contact Calrissian

*** Under development ***


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