What a Nasty Group

Big Brother, the show of light entertainment and harmless fun....err, what the hell has happened to it? I had long been expecting BB6 to be a lighter version of BB5, with a more fun filled atmosphere as was the case in BB2. It is only day'12, and I am already finding most of this years housemates to be utterly repulsive. Even Makosi and Kemal who initially appeared to be two of the 'worthy' contestants are turning out to be quite disgusting. The recent incident where haft the group actively bullied Sam is indicative of the nature of this group. They are quite simply a pretty nasty group of people. The question is whether viewers will tire of such a negative group of people, or if a 'star' can be found amongst this wretched pile of filth.


Witchy has only herself to blame for her eviction

The past week

So there we were last midweek, Makosi had decided to put Craig and Mary up for the public vote. It all appeared so clear cut, the annoying Craig would surely get the boot, which would give Mary another chance to capture the public's support. Surely uber bitch Craig would be booted over the far more interesting and far deeper personality of Mary? Almost all of the predictions from various websites agreed that Craig would soon be facing the baying mobs outside, the voters wouldn't fail....would they?

Dumb-ass voters

Who was I trying to fool? The UK public HATE anyone who stands out, anyone who shows anything different than the norm. Worst still, if you're female you're treated even less favourably. Mary got the boot in a 60/40% vote, and helped to maintain the 'first evictee is always female' rule. All things considered though, Mary has only herself to blame for her early exit. Having been notified of her nomination on Wednesday night, Mary seemed to spend most of the next 2 days under the duvet - which was not entirely the best way to secure the public's appreciation. She dug her own grave, and despite the fact she was only nominated by just one person (Saskia) in the official nomination round, she arguably played the game poorly. To get booted out in the first week against someone as repulsive as Craig, Mary failed dismally.

Group bullying - BB style

Ahh yes, one of the UK's favourite pastimes, whether it is in the school playground, the workplace, or just about anywhere really, group bullying has appeared in the BB house. We are less than 2 weeks into this series, and already the housemates are ripping into each other as though the prize fund is more like 500 billion, rather than the actual paltry 100k. What price for lowering one's personal ethics on how to treat others? How much would you need to be paid to treat others like dirt?

Lets be clear, missy Sam has done little in the house other than stroll around in a bikini. She has giggled at seemingly even the most unfunny of comments, yet no one deserves (aside from Craig & Lesley) to be bullied en masse. I shall refrain from going through all the gory details of that long night of shame. Suffice it to say that Lesley decided to initiate haft the group into colluding with her plan to make Sam appear stupid. Sam never did look under the mattress, and the bag didn't reappear until the following lunchtime. Sam rightly stood up for herself against Lesley, yet things got even worse with Anthony and Maxwell suggesting that Sam was clearly paranoid about her claim that her stuff had been hidden by someone in the group since they were 'all really above such things.' Hmm.

Sam, being watched by those who hid her makeup bag

Housemate Assessments - the past week

It remains early days, there is such a long way to go...but patterns in housemate behaviour are now apparent.

Ψ Anthony: Arghhhh. Eye candy for the teenie texters, yet just what has this little man given to us so far? Very little. He seems to lack any depth of personality, and has yet to really show anything of who he really is. The only time he seems to have risen above his usual semi-comatose state, was when he was arguing with Science. His recent little sexual light play with Makosi seems to be about as close as anyone will get to 'sex in the house' - he simply doesn't seem the type to take things further...in front of 3-10 million people.

Anthony is a dull and moody housemate, usually strapped to the waste of best bud Maxwell. He'll probably be around for weeks to come. Sigh.


There is more life in one of the garden gnomes

Ψ Craig: What a nasty piece of work he is. His audition video, where he proudly pronounced 'I enjoy destroying people's lives', it remains the only truthful thing he has said so far in his public life.

Craig makes Jade Goody seem positively nice, which is a somewhat disturbing realisation. His two lackeys Lesley and Vanessa will doubtless be licking his ass until he leaves the house. With his win over Mary, the Gloating bitch could well be around for weeks to come, although the public at least have another chance to boot him this Friday - ironically because of his lackey - Vanessa's direct nomination talk about Sam with Lesley. Ha!

Ψ Derek: A few people I've spoken to lately have commented how 'nice and lovely' Derek is. He has provided some fun diary room moments - including that near orgasmic scene of delight over the nominations. I guess I'm still pissed that someone who likes chasing little animals for personal pleasure, and who thinks its okay to drink and drive (whilst in his 30s - he sure wasn't some naive teen), has a chance of winning this years BB. Ex-housemate Mary made it clear that she felt he was a sly little bugger, and it seems like she was indeed picking up on something that many of us didn't at first see. With a massive 7 nominations in round'2, Derek is in dire trouble - he is lucky that C4/Endemol are on his side ;), and changed the rules when they saw their man in danger.

Ψ Kemal: He certainly has made an impression with most people, including those who would like to blow him to bits - he is the one currently receiving regular death threats (from his friendly Muslim pals ?) which almost caused the house to be temporarily evacuated. In any case, Kemal does have the character to last a fair while longer. He's be lost without his Makosi though, just what would he do if she got booted?

Ψ Lesley: Queen Bitch of BB6. What an utterly nasty little cow she is. I thought I'd seen it all with the Jungle Cats last year, but C4 have managed to find someone who can make even the jungle cats look like soft little kittens. Her bullying behaviour towards Sam at the weekend was truly shameful and sickening. In fact, missy now outguns Jade Goody in the level of utter spite and limitless bitchiness she is willing to direct to someone. Sooner or later it will all catch up with Lesley...and then we can take great pleasure in seeing this vindictive young woman get the public reception she deserves. Maybe she'll go this Friday, but whenever it is...she can be sure of........... Booooooooooooooooooo !


Lesley, BB's nastiest ever contestant ?

Ψ Makosi: Until a few nights ago my view of my African Goddess was one of great interest and hope that this Lady might win BB. However, as some may have seen (although C4 highlights did not show it) Makosi was very happy to get involved with the nasty group treatment of Sam. For that alone, I've lost a lot of respect for her. There is also the issue of just who she really is. We have the details that she is a cardiac nurse in London, but then there are the connections with her home country of Zimbabwe.....and even some alleged loose tie with the Mugabe regime. Then there is the issue of her lies in the house, one moment she is a virgin, the next she is grinding herself against an almost bewildered Science. Would the real Makosi please stand up, please stand up?

Ψ Maxwell: All things considered, Maxwell has been doing alright. Despite the fact he is living right up to the stereotype of 'London Lad', this common as muck contestant has found a very nice niche for himself. He is doing well with Saskia, and seems to be on friendly terms with most of the group. His only enemy as such is Science, but that is not at all a concern for Maxwell.

Ψ Roberto: Despite mega rows with a number of housemates - in particular Science, Roberto has had a good week in the house. His strong character should carry him through right until final night. He just needs to be a little more less aggravating to some of his fellow housemates.

Ψ Sam: Were it not for the sickening bullying, I would (admittedly) be touting Sam as the 'dull one' again. Yet I'm always one for standing up against any group of nasty bitches, and so for this week at least...Sam gets my full support. Hopefully the UK public won't boot her out, or it'll surely be sending a dire signal of encouragement to those that actively sought to upset her. She has to show much more of her character, and we'll just have to see this Friday what level of public support she actually has.

Ψ Saskia: An interesting lady. At first she seemed to be almost as dull as Anthony, yet Saskia has started to really settle in house life. Her recent 'friendship' with Maxwell will do her some good in the house, although she is clearly happy to remain mostly distinct and keep herself mostly independent from either of the group alliances. She is strong minded, and for that alone I'll give her some measure of respect. Some have claimed she is nothing more than a Michelle Mk.II - but I think that's a bit harsh on our dear Saskia ;) However, I can't see missy winning BB6, there are far more powerful figures in the house than her.

Saskia: Only the smallest hope of winning


Ψ Science: Damn it, Science is a real fun-less housemate. Has anyone ever seen this guy smile? He claims to be from the Ghetto, but where ever the hell he is from, he sure isn't happy about it. Could science become even more miserable than 'poor side' Jonny from BB3? Do'ya get me?

Ψ Vanessa: Aka, Vacumn woman. I think miss V. ranks as one of the most mute of all housemates. A quiet bizarre game player, just sitting there day after day...saying so little. Oh, and what the hell is she wearing sunglasses for in the outdoor shower whilst its raining? Bizarre. Despite her current mute attitude, she only got 2 nominations in round'2.


Group Dynamics - Day 7-12

Things have really started to progress (or is that regress?) in the past week. With Craig's survival, instead of Lesley mellowing out a bit and mingling with the others, the Alliance of Filth has grown in strength. Even more disturbing was the fact that 'best pals' Makosi and Kemal decided to get involved in the bullying of Sam. 

Current Alliances:

1. The 'best pals' Makosi and Kemal - currently in a semi-alliance with the Filth.
2. The Alliance of Filth: Craig, still leading his 2 lackeys: Lesley and Vanessa
3. The Alliance of Integrity: Roberto and Derek
4. The lads: Maxwell and Anthony
5. The Ladettes: Sam and Saskia
6. Independent/Wallpaper housemates: Science

further points of note

-Sam/Saskia, and the trio of the 'Alliance of Filth' voted exactly the Same way
-Saskia is now quite closely alligned with Maxwell
-Science remains totally distinct within the group

Further house conflicts?

There are again 5 major direct cases of housemates voting against each other. Sam and Saskia against both Lesley AND Derek, and Science vs. Maxwell. So, for those people hoping for some version of Fight Night'2 (seems unlikely though), something of a 'girly fight' seems the only possibility. Science has got into a few strops already, yet he doesn't seem like the 'crazy type' - unless you count throwing flimsy plastic bins as 'weapons of mass destruction'.


Nominations: Round'2

BB has done it again. Nominations have been scrapped for the second week running. This is starting to remind me of BB5 when it wasn't until week 5 that a 'un-tinkered' round of nominations occurred and the public then voted someone out. Vanessa is the latest excuse used by BB to 'nullify' this round of nominations, although as any avid fan of BB will realise, nomination chat between housemates occurs in virtually every week of BB.

The BB production team clearly didn't get the result they wanted, and so have decided to change the rules AGAIN. I don't blame them though. Its their show. They are the ones creating it, they are the ones scripting it, and they clearly have their own particular 'chosen winner' - Makosi, or maybe Derek. They'll be doing their utmost to see that their favourite at least has a good chance of reaching the latter stages.

Derek: 7, Sam :6 - both 'up for the boot' - or not, due to BB changing the rules.
Saskia: 4
Lesley: 2
Vanessa: 2
Roberto, Maxwell, Science: 1
Interesting that bitchy Craig failed to get a single vote, neither did Makosi, Kemal, or Anthony. All things considered, Derek and Sam are damn fortunate that BB is as manipulative as it has shown itself to be.

Derek: got lucky with BB's nomination scrub.

Scanning ahead

With BB sticking all housemates up for the boot this Friday, just who the hell should we expect the public to vote out this time? As ever, it primarily depends on how the highlights show is edited. Since all 12 are up, who will the editor in chief select for the negative focus ? Will the Wednesday & Thursday night shows end with a negative portrayal of Lesley, or will C4/Endemol go for a more balanced approach. Strike that, I take that back. Using the word 'balanced' in the same sentence as C4/Endemol is clearly a stupid thing to do. They've already tinkered with two sets of nominations, and we can expect more of that intervening behaviour to come during the remaining 9 weeks.

Who will the public vote out though? Now that we've had yet another reminder that the UK public generally hate women, and anyone who displays any degree of 'depth of personality', who is likely to go? Lesley would seem a primary target of the anti-fat, bitch, commoner vote - yet who knows! With 12 housemates up for the boot, it is damn hard to predict the result. There could easily be a split vote between the leading 'hate figures' of Craig, Lesley, and Vanessa, which might mean one of the middle characters get booted. The only thing that can be said is those who are safest - Roberto, Derek, Saskia, Anthony, and Science. Those 5 should at least be countable as 'safe' from eviction. As for the others, its a damn tough call to make.


Calrissian : Wondering how long the Alliance of Filth will last.

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Originally Published 2005 Philip Calrissian
Last Updated : 08/06/05