Civil War - Turmoil looms in the BB House

The last 24 hours have provided so much information and excitement, that it is somewhat difficult as to where I should begin this latest article. Not only do we have the results of the second set of nominations, we also have last night’s developments in the house – which I believe represent a pivotal moment in the group dynamic.


Nightly Talks

 As ever one of the most interesting times to watch Big Brother is late night, - which is somewhat annoying as most of the population won’t get an opportunity to watch. After what had been a somewhat dull day in the house I was going to close down for the night at 1am, but oh no ! Things were finally starting to happen ! DS member Mavis B Sausage alerted me to some stunning developments within the girls bedroom.

Justine and Steph were alone in their bedroom, and a really nasty bitchy talk was now well underway. Justine had Steph's total attention, and was giving her a serious character assassination lecture on Jon Tickle. The shocking thing was that the bitching didn’t just consist of a few rude comments. Instead Justine launched into what seemed like an hour long rant, which focused particularly on her feelings and thoughts about Jon.

 To be concise about the matter, Justine can’t stand to be around Jon. She wants him out of the house and very much out of her world. Today of course we had her nomination for Jon confirmed, so Justine shows at least a degree of consistency. Justine’s attitude towards Jon is somewhat surprising, considering that last Saturday night she was wrapping her legs around Jon on the dance floor. Maybe it was just the drink, but then Justine certainly didn’t push Jon away that evening.
As for Steph, she certainly wasn’t as rude as Justine, but Steph can be said to have agreed with what Justine had said about Jon. Either Steph is indeed a player, or she is simply too weak minded to object to Justine’s crazed ranting.

 Eventually ‘airy fairy’ girl Nush entered the girls bedroom, and Justine quite noticeably stopped her line of conversation with Steph. Justine clearly doesn’t feel that Nush can be part of her clique. Anyway once Nush had entered the scene the entertainment was over…. Or so I thought.

Switching Bedrooms

 The coverage then switched to the boys bedroom at around 1.30 am, and oh my god, it was happening there too !

All 6 male housemates were in their beds, but instead of sleeping, a serious moody discussion was starting to get underway. The guys were all very much irritated at the girls eating and drinking habits. Gos was mad as hell, he’d had just one glass of squash all day ! Fed was particularly outspoken, complaining about cheese. Even the dull Scott spoke up. In fact Scott said more in 2 minutes than he had in the previous 11 days of his stay. Yep, Scott was finally contributing something to the house ! Cameron was similarly complaining that he had not had his fair share of the fruit, and had even shared a banana with Ray. Jon though took a central place in the discussion, and of all the ironic things to be suggested, Gos proposed that Jon be chairman for a house meeting regarding the food situation, to be held post task completion sometime this Wednesday.

The guys ranted for around 30minutes before calling it a night. It was truly fabulous viewing, just a shame that so many BB fans will have missed every second of this fascinating late night talk.

Nominations – a summary

 As expected Tania voted for Cameron, and likewise Cameron voted for Tania. I have no doubt that if there is a serious row in BB4, it will be between these two housemates. I sense that they are very much polarised people, and being in such a confined situation the chances for them clashing over something is greatly increased.

 Gos’s vote for Jon really surprised me, after all the times Gos has initiated Jon into talking about Star Wars and other such things… for Gos to do this just seems a bit nasty.

 Sissy’s reasons for nominating were very interesting. She identified the male clique of Ray, Scott, and Federico – of which she would have voted for all three given the chance. This clique of 3 men are now a distinguishable sub-set of the remaining 11 housemates. Both Sissy and Steph gave very similar reasons for nominating either Ray, Scott, or Federico. 

The fact that Gos and Nush have not been voted for yet merits some attention. Nush - like Sissy, seems to be a very tearful and soft hearted person. Over the last few days Nush has looked seriously depressed and fed up – almost to the point of considering walking from the show. However now that is it Day 12 I suspect that Nush and all the other housemates will stick it out. The only major unbalancing factor still to arrive, - that will unsettle Nush and other potential quitters, is when Jon survives his second public vote.

Safe housemates : Steph, Gos, Sissy, and Nush. I can’t see either of these 4 up for nomination for at least 2 weeks. All four are very much blended into the group. They don’t stand out as much as the others. Of these four HM’s I am most curious about Steph, what is she up to ? She seems very bland and all too suburban for my liking. Where is the passion in this woman, where is the attitude ?

Cameron : The Shadow Man

 I have a great deal to say on Cameron, aka ‘Appleman’, but I will keep things relatively short for now.


Cameron Stout, the Islander, age 32. 

Whilst at University I knew someone very much like this guy. Within moments of seeing Cameron for the first time, I was abruptly reminded of an old student colleague.

Cameron may seem initially nice, friendly and polite on the outside, but just beneath the surface lies a fierce personality. Sure Cameron is not overtly rude (like rude boy Ray for instance) he rarely if ever swears. Cameron is very much in control of his feelings, he is a master of controlling himself in every respect. Freud would have loved to have spent a few dozen sessions interviewing Cameron. Cameron will condemn and if possible use power against people whom don’t hold to his set of rules.

If Cameron had the power, he would indeed change many things about this nation. In particular Cameron would focus on matters of ethics and morals. I am suggesting the appleman is a stern conservative, a person whose values would probably fit more comfortably in the 18’th century. It is thus particularly odd that Cameron has decided to put himself on a reality TV show, which appeals to a viewer ship whom views he would most likely have contempt for. I propose he is anti-abortion, wishing to take away the freedom of women to decide what they do with their bodies. I propose that Cameron would outright tell all non-Christians they are going to ‘burn in hell’. This would interestingly include Nush, whom I think I’m correct in saying is something of a pagan/reiki/Buddhist/witchy person.

* I am really hoping the subject of religion does get seriously discussed at some point in Cameron’s stay. I’m not talking a few minutes chat, I’m really wishing for at least an hour long argument on it. Religion is a touchy subject for many people, after all we all have our own particular beliefs. What I am suggesting is that Cameron is a remnant from the old generation, his attitude is along the lines of  “either you’re with my clan, or you’re going to burn for all eternity”. Thus he’d tell all the Muslims, Jews, Atheists etc, that they are following the wrong path, and that unless they change their views, behaviour, and join his Church, they are going to suffer for all eternity.

I’ve met a number of people like Cameron in my life, and after a fair amount of life experience I can spot such people from a few miles away. I sense their anger at the world, and their frustration at the fact that their Church now lacks the legal power to burn non-believers.

 Perhaps I am wrong about my perception of this ‘mothers boy’, but I don’t think so. I certainly don’t think the same about any of the other housemates. I guess you could say I have formed my entire theory of Cameron based on instinct. In the case of Cameron I’m purely going on my gut feeling. I keep hearing alarm bells whenever I watch Cameron live online. He is not what he appears to be. A few people I’ve spoken to have also said something along the same lines, they just have ‘a feeling’ about him, that ‘something is not quite right’.

I watched Cameron’s audition video recently- Cameron’s ABC reasons for why we should have him in the house.

Cameron said he is a great encourager but a ‘Horrendous critic’. Cameron said his opinion is ‘VERY VERY important’, although he is ‘tolerant of other people’. The fact that he said those things made me smile when I first saw it. It confirmed to me my first suspicion that he is a fierce critic and places his opinion as superior to others. The fact that he even mentions such things in his audition tape is more than enough in my view to at least consider my theory. Just consider the audition tapes of the other housemates, and how Cameron compares in his overall attitude.  

For now I will leave things at that. I continue to believe that Cameron will come to a fierce argument with Tania. The latest nominations support this theory, both appleman and the Tanianator already display a distinct dislike for each other. Give them another failed task, just a little food, a bit of time, and we might get to see some feisty sparks by Day 30.

In many ways I hope Cameron makes it to week 7, since by that time we should know whether Cameron really is the staunch Victorian conservative that I believe him to be. However if he reaches such a late stage in the game, he would actually have a chance of winning. Do we really want the BB4 winner to be Cameron stout ? God no ! ;) I’d rather ‘dull as hell’ Scott win than Cameron !



Projecting into next week

Assuming Jon stays, what can we begin to believe about the coming week.

I now predict the following…

Jon received 6 votes this week, now with Justine booted out of the house that takes Jon down to 5 enemies. I would suspect that of Cameron, Gos, Nush, Ray, and Scott, I bet 2 of those will now vote for someone else to go. They are surely going to realise that the public do not want Jon to leave, and thus ‘give up’ on getting Jon booted. Thus once Friday’s result is known, I would predict Gos and Scott will vote for someone else. Cameron, Ray, and Scott all seem so very predictable though– their voting patterns are likely to prove more reliable.


Cameron : Surely will stick with Jon and Tania

Federico  : Another vote for Tania, and maybe Cameron

Gos         : He will probably be most shocked that Jon stays again, Cameron and Sissy

Jon          : Tania and Fed.

Nush       : Scott and Ray  , she’s a bit flaky, and will give up on trying to get Jon out.

Ray         : Will persist with Jon – whom he despises,  new vote for Cameron

Scott       : Will remain with Jon, may switch to Nush

Sissy       : Scott once more, maybe Gos ?

Steph       : Hates the 3 men clique, probably Ray and Fed again.

Tania       : Cameron probably, might go for Gos


That would give us…    Cameron : 4  Jon : 3, Tania : 3  Gos : 2 Ray : 2 Fed : 2 Scott 2, Sissy 1.  Nush : 1 

Yep, that’d sadly mean that Jon would be in an annoying split vote with Appleman and the Tanianator. I would seriously fear for Jon's survival if this were to be the case next week.

How will Jon be feeling ?

So Jon will survive this Friday with a magnificent triumph over Justine. This second vote must be putting a strain on the man, even if he appears to be somewhat immune to the whole stress of it. Jon must be feeling the pressure of it now. More than anything though, Jon must be feeling quite sad to be in a house surrounded by people who would rather they not be anywhere near.

Yet when Jon goes to bed Friday night in BB house he will hopefully realise something amazing is happening in the ‘real world’, outside the strict confines this amazing game show. Jon should start to feel a surge of self-confidence, and this may well lead him to act more freely and perhaps be perceived more human/friendly than he has so far.

 If as I predict Jon will get 3 votes in the third round of voting, then I do very much fear for Jon’s happiness though. To be up for nomination for a third consecutive time would be devastating for Jon. Despite what many say, Jon does has feelings, he just doesn’t cry at the drop of a hat – like Nush and Sissy do. I also happen to think the public would probably turn against Jon if they get a third chance to boot him.

However if Jon doesn’t get put to the public vote next week, then I would suggest Jon then becomes favourite to win BB4.  

Turmoil this Friday

This Friday evening the housemates are going to be in for a real shock. Jon will survive once more, against yet another woman !  Note also that there will be a somewhat noticeable gender imbalance in the house from this weekend onwards  – and this in itself would lend to the idea that a guy will surely be booted in week 3. Or are we really going to be down to just 3 women by the end of week 3 ?

Clearly the house were deeply shocked that Anouska was booted last Friday, and that Jon stayed. To my own surprise, Jon actually received even more votes in this second round of nominations. So when Justine is booted the reaction in the Big Brother house will be quite extreme, perhaps unlike anything we’ve seen before. Six Housemates have currently declared a wish to have Jon out of the house, and they are all going to be in for a very big shock. Ray in particular will be stunned, he has voted for Jon on both occasions.

How will the 4 remaining ladies, Sissy, Steph, Nush and Tania cope when Justine gets the boot ? Will they grow even closer together, or will paranoia start to increase even further. After all if the public didn’t want the Beautiful Anouska or Justine in the house, then how can the remaining four girls feel secure about their place either ?

After what has been a somewhat dull opening 11 days (except Anouska’s surprise booting), Big Brother 4 is about to become seriously good viewing. 

The Big Brother house will be a house of emotional turmoil this Friday, don’t miss it !


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