The Thirteenth Housemate

Why anyone would willingly choose to be one of the standby's for Big Brother is beyond my understanding. Becki
entered the house over a week ago, and will almost certainly not last beyond this Friday. Did she really believe she stood a chance of lasting more than 2 weeks, never mind actually winning ?


The past week in the house

The departure of Marco was somewhat surprising to me. A 3 way eviction is always hard to calculate, and the fact that Marco managed to secure 50% of the votes was indeed a surprise to a fair few people. Clearly, the teenie texters - a key voting group, have decided that Michelle's relationship with Stuart is indeed 'okay and acceptable'. In addition, Nadia also appears to be in good favour with the public.

Becki -one housemate too many

The arrival of Becki was not entirely unexpected, indeed many of the housemates had expected BB to throw in a token lamb to the slaughter. So far (unless I'm mistaken), in each series of BB there is one or two extra housemates thrown into the mix, for a variety of reasons. Becki was seemingly 'nice' at first glance, but she has failed to show an effective game plan - perhaps she simply never had one though?

What has happened to Becki since she entered the house has followed the usual process. Initially, everyone acts all happy to the newcomer, yet within a day, some of the housemates are already bitching about the 13'th - fearful that this new contestant might actually be seeking to steal their prize ! Shell later nominated her on the grounds that she felt it would be 'unfair' for someone new to stay above one of the existing housemates. It is precisely that attitude which prevents any extra housemate from even the slightest chance of winning.


Somewhat anxious - Becki... the 13'th Housemate.

If it wasn't for the initial exemption from being nominated, Becki would probably have already been booted from the house. The fact that she chose to double kiss Michelle and not Jason or Victor was very odd. What was she thinking ? Becki could have instantly attained a respect from many voters had she automatically put up for eviction one of the jungle cats. But no, for some unknown reason she chose Michele. Either Becki is extremely stupid, or her motives are something that no one has yet figured out. In any case, Becki missed her one big chance to win over a large chunk of the public, and this Friday she will probably pay a stern price.

Housemate Assessments

Ψ Ahmed: Somehow, it is now week'6 and he is still in the house. I'm not quite sure who is more surprised, the housemates, the viewers, or Ahmed himself. Whatever the case Ahmed is lying across the ropes in the BB ring, but most certainly he is not yet out of the game.

His recent plea to be nominated was wonderful viewing, and for this reason alone he should be allowed to stay. Ahmed won't win BB5 (although at Day'1 I had proposed that he'd be long gone by week 2, haha), so at this mid-way stage in the game, it would not surprise me if Ahmed makes it to week 8-9.

Ahmed Roars: I wanna go home !!!!

Ψ Becki:  As the thirteenth housemate, she automatically become the easy primary target for nominations - especially for those housemates that always put forward the weakest of nomination reasons (Shell and Stuart for instance).

Becki, will be booted this Friday. By week 10' it is doubtful many viewers will even remember she entered the house.

Ψ Dan : He is starting to annoy me.

In my first impressions of him, I noted a 'dark presence', something of a 'cloaked' nature. Finally, I believe we are starting to see this. He is very subtle in his bitching about people, and a few of the other housemates have also noticed this - Becki and Ahmed voted for him in the latest round of nominations.

Ψ Jason : Whether you love him or hate him, Jason remains shockingly still in the running for reaching the final night of BB this year. Like his Jungle cat underling Victor, Jason has managed to keep his place in the group, despite all the many rows that he has been a part of.

Does Jason have a chance to win...or at least reach the final night ? The only possible way Jason will survive if both Ahmed and Victor reach week 9. Any other housemates will surely group together to vote against him.

Starting to calm down - Jason


Ψ Marco : Many loved him, many were driven insane by his clappy seal behaviour, yet he is now gone. This public annoyance is not especially surprising considering how loud he was, second only to Emma. 

Farewell happy clappy seal.

Ψ Michelle : Having survived her first 'real eviction' Michelle should be more secure in herself, but she shows no sign of security. She is often displaying very insecure signs, and probably expects to be up again for the boot soon.

Despite all that happened, Michelle does look quite secure - especially with her attachment to Stuart, and that relationship will come in handy when it comes to weeks 8-9. She should make the final night, but it remains highly doubtless she can win over the public.

Ψ Nadia : Dear Nadia remains an interesting character,

It would be interesting to see how she copes once more if she runs out of her beloved cigarettes. Will she turn all grumpy again?

Nadia is slowly but steadily picking up a public following, and there are now calls from some fans that she deserves to win.


Ψ Shell : Sly Shell, Hmm, so far having only picked up one nomination. With the loss of her house best mate Vanessa, she has been forced to associate with most of the other housemates - even Nadia. Shell remains one of the quietest of the group, and this is one contributing reason why she has failed to be pick up any nominations - she simply never rocks the boat.

Shell won't win....she lacks depth of 'visible character', and remains a housemate that few people would recognise.

Ψ Stuart : Sheriff Stu-pid is flawless. He is the only housemate so far not to receive a single vote in any of the six voting rounds (inc. the suitcase vote). Not one vote. A truly stunning game so far for Stuart.

As things are, Stuart is the likely winner. Does he deserve to win ? I suppose you could argue that he has done nothing to 'not deserve it', yet what has he done to deserve the prize ? Has his little moment of 'Tiagra' and 'Sheriff Stu' been enough to justify the BB5 win ?

What I would now like to see is Stu' in an argument of some kind. It would be very illuminating of his character to see how he copes in a face-off with another housemate. Would be run away from the challenge, or is he the quiet but strong type? Yet which housemate could push this normally quiet housemate over the edge into a war of words ?  Hmmm.

In any case, barring some serious changes to the group, Team Handsome, aka Stuart, aka Sheriff Stupid, will win BB5.


Sheriff Stupid - Yet to be nominated 

Ψ Victor : The memories of fight night are starting to fade away now in the mind of Victor. He has ridden out the storm, seen Emma, Vanessa, and Marco get the boot, and must now be feeling pretty good about things. My day'1 prediction was for Victor to be booted by week 5-6, but clearly that is now wrong.

The fact that Victor has not been nominated in nominations round 6 is remarkable, and his confidence can justifiably start to increase to levels not seen since before fight night.

Will Victor reach the final night ? If so, it will be something that will infuriate many viewers, especially those that sided with the Harem. Can you imagine Victor on final night ? As things are, it is highly doubtful that he would stand a hope of winning, but then again..... Cameron won BB, so anything is clearly possible.



Ahmed: Nadia & Dan
Becki : Dan & Ahmed
Dan: Victor & Becki
Michelle: Ahmed & Becki
Nadia : Jason & Victor
Shell: Becki & Jason
Stuart: Becki & Ahmed

Becki 4  Ahmed 3, Dan 2, Victor 2, Jason 2

*Jason and Victor not permitted to vote, due to incessant nominations talk.

So, just Becki and Ahmed up for the boot. Quite amazing that neither of the cats - who were banned from voting failed to be up for eviction. Only Nadia was consistent and voted for both Jason and Victor.

It remains stunning that in 6 rounds of voting, Stuart is yet to receive a single vote. Could he make it until the very end without receiving a single vote ? If he could, that would be a most remarkable achievement for such a young housemate.


The remaining 8 housemates

Group Dynamics

Let us take a quick overview of the remaining 9 housemates.

Group 1: 'the children': Nadia
Group 2: 'middle people': Becki, Dan, Michelle, Shell, Stuart,
Group 3: 'the cats' :  Ahmed, Jason, Victor

With Marco and Emma now departed from the house, Nadia is now the last of the Harem - Michelle left the Harem once Emma left, and as such is not to be counted as one of the children.

Ahmed has seemingly been pulled into the Jungle Cat alliance, the endless nominations talk from both Jason and Victor has seemingly paid off. Even though Ahmed might appear not an official member, he does appear to be fully aware of whom he should be targeting - currently Nadia remains his primary target.

The Jungle Cat Alliance- still strong

The cats have been the most supreme game players ever in BB-UK history. Even if you despise them as people, you have to admit that their attempts to evict each and every member of the Harem has effectively succeeded. Emma was first out, and once she was out, Michelle changed her behaviour and effectively left the Harem. With Marco's recent exit, only Nadia remains, and without any of the others she is likely to be quieter. So, it can be said that the Jungle cats have achieved their primary aim.


The Happy Couple - will they be the final 2 in the house ?


Looking ahead

With the midweek task failing - and the resulting lack of the weekly shopping delivery, things could get more interesting by the weekend. One person especially to watch is Nadia. With cigarettes almost certainly to run out soon, Nadia could start going insane within a matter of a few days - which could make for some fine late night entertainment. If Nadia starts getting moody, would Jason get roped into some sort of argument once again with her?

With Jason and Victor likely to be allowed to vote next week, perhaps Dan and Nadia will be the new jungle cat target, although Ahmed will remain a primary target for 2-3 of the other 5 housemates.

Considering everything that voters tend to do in BB evictions, it would seem likely that Becki will get the boot this Friday. New housemates have never lasted more than a week in the house, and I see no reason why Becki will be treated any more favourably than all the others. What will Ahmed do if he indeed survives another eviction? Will the group truly start to believe in Ahmania ? Whatever happens, it should be fun to watch. Enjoy the show.


Calrissian : Waiting to be nominated.


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Originally Published 2004 Philip Calrissian
Last Updated : 08/07/04