The Bitching Continues

Have you ever come across a more socially dysfunctional and utterly icky group of people? With 24/7 bitching in the BB house, it is becoming quite difficult to watch at times. Where is the fun, where is the group camaraderie, or will this group remain split until the very end? Indeed, it is quite remarkable when you consider the BB6 group to any previous set of housemates. Even the highly argumentative BB5 group managed to work as a team for the weekly task, but this year's housemates are simply awful ! Just where the hell did C4/Endemol get this bunch from? They have managed to find thirteen people, each of whom are some of the most self-centred individuals ever seen in reality TV history, its quite an achievement.

Craig: the uber-bitch of BB6

The past week

To be honest, it has been a difficult week to comment on. I've not watched all the nightly highlights, just a little of BBLB, and have browsed the various BB web sites far less than I normally would. It just seems like the show is drifting, although weeks 4-6  are always the more tiresome of a series. Even more problematic is that with no live Saturday evening tasks, there is a massive hole in 'important' coverage from the Friday eviction until the following Tuesday nights nomination show. It is something C4 should sort out, but of course I realise that they can't be bothered.

Maxwell and the icky task

What the hell was that all about ? First Vanessa is the housemate selected to do the room 101 task, but no, she is not into that sort of thing, and adamantly refuses to comply. Nothing is done about her refusal, and she is still allowed to nominate. Interestingly, BB's idea of 'second' being the 'ninth' worker (in this case- Maxwell) shows just how biased the show is. I won't get into the issue of production bias though, we're all well aware of it by now aren't we?

Eyeing up 'his Saskia': Maxwell

Housemate Assessments - the past week

Ψ Anthony: Still dull. Is he gay, bi, or what? I don't really care. So far, the only decent thing he has done this series was when he was telling Lesley to belt up.

Ψ Craig: Remaining relatively all alone in the house, with no real allies to speak of. He has sucked right up to Derek and Roberto for almost two weeks now, but that is not going to help his chances of survival much, especially since the rest of the group are aghast at Craig associating with his former 'enemy'. Craig can't win BB, and for that most of us should be thankful.

Ψ Derek: Had his chance to be 'good', and failed. Farewell to Derek this Friday. Lets hope he gets the reception he deserves. Booooooooooooo

Ψ Kemal: One of the more interesting characters, but are we not a bit tired of the whole 'ohh, I'm such a diva...lets put heels on, even though I'm a guy, hehe' attitude? Interestingly, looks like Kemal may be approaching the time when he stabs Makosi in the back. Might Vanessa be able to instil in Kemal even more paranoia, enough to send him over the edge...against his 'best pal'?

Ψ Makosi: Missy remains a sly one. Just what was up with her and that egg? Is she finally starting to buckle under the stress of BB? Is she finally about to start losing her mind, and start to reveal her true game plan?

Ready to turn on each other, the 'best pals'?


Ψ Maxwell: Cheaky chappy still doing pretty good isn't he ! I am no fan of his 'lager, les go to da arsenal' mentality, but still, he is now one of the more respectable housemates.

Ψ Roberto: He is lucky to be up against Derek, otherwise he'd probably be out. The problem is, the housemates clearly can't stand him, and he'll almost certainly be up again next week (unless BB decide to start tinkering with the script again).
Ψ Saskia: With just two other women in the house left, Saskia must be thinking she is doing pretty good. As many have also realised, the last thing Saskia wants right now is for BB to put a new woman into the house - something which is clearly going to happen within the next fortnight.

Can miss Sas' win? Hmm, doubtless she is one of the more favourable types which the press will want to win, and if she can just play it calmly...she has a fine chance of doing just that.

On course for BB6 Victory? Saskia


Ψ Science: As annoying as ever, with his endless attitude. Jeez, can you imagine what it is like to live with that guy? What sort of crazy fool would want to get married/attached with ole little Sci? Despite everything though, Science remains strangely respected in the house, probably because he is really just about the only housemate who never bitches. He can't win though, no one in the real world could possibly make the effect to support him on final night.

Ψ Vanessa: Oh my! Will the dullness, will the 'empty-head' please just leave the building? Sure, she is very young - and there remains hope for even Ms. Lesley (I'm serious!), yet Vanessa is clearly either nothing less than a bitch like Craig...or she is carefully bouncing housemates off each other in order to reach the latter stages of the game. As things are, Van' simply lacks the personality to win.

Group Dynamics - Day 20-26

Hmm, it has been another damn moody and nasty week for the group. With very little fun, the time has consisted mostly of plain old endless bitching, short tempered personal snipes, and a general inability to work as a group.

Current Alliances:

1. The 'Best Pals': Makosi and Kemal - fragmenting though! (with Vanessa trying to get in between them)
2. The Condescending Cabal: Roberto and Derek,  (with Craig clinging on the fringe)
3. Club Loaded:  Anthony, Maxwell and Saskia
4. Independent/Wallpaper housemates: Craig, Science, Vanessa

'Club Loaded' 2005 darkhawk76 (
The Condescending Cabal'
2005 Andy_R (

further points of note:-
-Craig is lost in the group, but is seemingly safe for weeks to come.
-Saskia did well to escape any nominations, and looks very safe in the group.
-Science is in dire trouble, and will probably not last much longer
-Makosi and Kemal look like splitting up soon, with Vanessa actively trying to cause trouble between them.

House conflicts?

Derek is under heavy fire from 'club loaded' as some like to call them. However, Derek will surely get the boot this week, so what then? Roberto will be left adrift...will him and Craig become best buds? Or maybe Craig will make an attempt to suck up to the mighty alliance of Maxwell et al? If there are going to be any 'noticeable arguments' in the near future it will most likely come between Roberto and Kemal or Craig and Makosi. Craig has consistently found issues against Makosi, so keep an eye on those two- especially on Tuesday/Wednesday evenings!

Nominations: Round'4

Finally, we have a week where BB does not intervene -although as many hardcore fans will agree, BB should have put dullard Vanessa straight up for the boot for her task refusal. Derek did pretty damn well to get 6 out of a maximum of 9 votes, he really lacks any respect in this group. His 'best friend' Roberto similarly had a respectable 4 nominations. Interestingly, the wallpaper housemates Anthony and Vanessa both got 2 votes. Finally, those two fools are getting noticed for the fools that they are. :) In view of all the endless shouting he seems to do much of his waking day, Science is lucky once again to miss the public vote,

Derek: 6 (from a max' of 9)
Roberto: 4
Science: 3
Anthony, Vanessa: 2
Kemal, Makosi, Maxwell: 1


Good Riddance....Mr Tory

The Week Ahead

Derek will get the boot this Friday. This eviction remains one of the most secure and predictable of the series so far. If you had to bet your life, house and children on a vote....then this is the week to gamble. It would seem likely that Derek will play his 'ohh Davina darling,....its so good to out of there' act. Derek was headhunted for BB6, chauffer driven to the auditions, and seemingly thought he was superior to his other housemates. Yet it never went according to his plan. From from being the upstanding 'professional of the house', he has come across as only marginally better than Craig or Lesley.

This Friday, the baying mob will get their one chance to make it clear to Derek that we don't really much care about neither him or his politics.


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Originally Published 21/6/2005 2005 Philip Calrissian
Last Updated : 21/06/05