Tension Builds as the Girls Get booted

The past week in the Big Brother house has been quite dull, hasn’t it ?  Perhaps it is a sign of my twisted desires for the housemates, but so far the house has been a little bit too friendly for my taste. The first week was a love Inn, week two was only interesting in that the group failed the second task – due once again to the lovely Federico, god bless him !


As of writing it is Day 19, and I can finally suggest that some of the real personalities are starting to emerge. We have had Ray and Sissy loosing their tempers at the failure of the second task. Cameron has consistently refused to elaborate even a little on his past - our dear appleman clearly is going to remain a secretive person for the whole of his stay in the BB house. Nush remains generally a miserably face in the house. Gos retains his central role in the house as chef- he’ll be around for another 3 weeks. Then there is Jon – relentlessly himself, thank goodness the BB producers miscalculated how the public would perceive him.
Things are just starting to get truly interesting.

Rude Boy Ray

Ray Shah sure has one filthy mouth. Upon the announcement by BB of the second task failure, Ray temporarily snaps out… not only cursing at BB for persecuting the housemates, but he also mentioned quitting the show (if only you would Ray). Sissy followed Ray’s lead, that afternoon and let off a bit of her own pent-up frustration. Although Sissy was very mild mannered compared to the filthy mouthed Ray. I don’t like Ray for one reason – and that is because he is common. His manners leave a lot to be desired, his outrageous outburst last Wednesday is support enough for me to confirm my original impression of the man. However Ray does have at least one positive attribute – he voted for Cameron in this latest round of nominations. 

Jon Survives once more

As I had expected last week, Jon managed to survive once more, despite continuing suggestions by many that he was a boring and emotionless man. The voting public had started to finally understand and accept Jon. The nation had decided that Justine was simple not as deserving to keep her place in the house as Jon was.

My highlight from last Friday remains the media montage of Jon, which they played to Justine during her post eviction interview. I’ll never forget the look on that stuck-up woman’s face. We should never forget the way she spoke about Jon to sly Steph late one night earlier that week. Justine certainly deserved to be booted from the house, and hopefully she will now fade away into obscurity. I am very pleased to see that Jon’s fans keep reminding Justine just how popular Jon is – she really needs to be reminded every day for the rest of the life. The thing is I don’t ever think she’ll understand why Jon merits such a mass cult following.



Turmoil – as predicted.

In my previous article I predicted turmoil in the house, when Jon (aka GOD) would survive his second public vote. Indeed, the house was noticeably shock up when Jon ‘6 votes’ Tickle survived once more. Justine was visibly shocked of course, as were the other 4 girls – in particular Tania and Sissy.

The second task failure was in my view an added bonus last week. It has now contributed to rising tension between the housemates- which is surely a good thing.

Actually I would suggest that the level of tension in the house is now above what we could normally have expected at this point in the game. Jon has been snappy at the group, airy fairy Nush said on Monday that she ‘feels the tension building’, sooner or later this tension is going to surface and then BAMMMMM !


Gender Imbalance

I have always been surprised at the comments from some people who think that because a girl was evicted in week one, a boy should by default be booted the following week. This is clearly senseless. If all 6 girls are boring as hell, then they should all be voted out by the viewers.

I have also been noting the rumour that a 13’th housemate – a girl, will be selected and put into the house sometime soon, if Sissy is evicted this Friday. I am in two minds about this. A new face would always be interesting, and might well add some real passion to what remains a (mostly) dowdy group of people. Yet a new girl just for the sake of the failure of the evicted girls is surely not good enough to justify a new rat being added to the cage ? If they did put a girl in, then why not the delightful Anouska ? Oh well, it was just a thought.


The 3 Amigos

It was interesting in last weeks nominations how both Sissy and Steph viewed Ray, Federico and Scott as an impenetrable clique. They were seen as a distinct subgroup of housemates. In this 3 round of nominations Sissy voted for Scott and Fed, although sly Steph changed her tactics and voted for Jon and Sissy.

The 3 Amigos – as I’ve seen them called in the DS:BB forum, are a especially strong and close knit threesome. Neither of the Amigos have voted for each other during ANY of the 3 nomination rounds. They are very much quite content to hang out together all day long. It is a very protective and highly effective tactical strategy for each of them. I do not see this clique breaking down any time soon, the guys seem all so happy and content together. As I noted right from Day 1, Scott has especially blended into the house so well – he looks safe until week 7.



The Tanianator

Dear Tania, what a woman ! Third round of nominations and she votes for…..Sissy ! How funny is that. After Tania’s shock at ‘yet another’ girl leaving, she STILL votes for one of her side. Her vote for Jon is quite disappointing though. I had really hoped she’d settle again for Cameron – whom I continue to believe is her arch enemy.

Tania remains a strong woman in the house – she is THE leader of the girls group, and will surely reach the final night of BB.

Post Sissy eviction, with a gender group imbalance of 6-3 the Tanianator will begin to become even more paranoid, increasingly fearful that ‘her time is up’. It will be interesting as to how Tania tries to find new allies in the house. Who will she suck up to ? Hmmmm ?


The Dark Alliance – Cameron and Nush

I have become increasingly concerned about a new deadly duo forming in the house. Cameron remains a dreadfully guarded and up-tight individual, and he has quite clearly been making a ‘soft play’ for Nush recently.

BB3 saw the tight alliance of Kate Lawler and Jonny Regan, - both were ‘clowns’ in my view. Despite that, I did enjoy them on screen, they at least added a lot of energy to the house, especially in those last 2 weeks. This year, I foresee Cameron and Nush lasting until the final night. Unless Cameron or Nush really do something stupid, they are going to escape being nominated most of the time.  

I had such high initial hopes for Nush at the start of this Big Brother. I admit I have really changed my view of Nush from one of wanting to marry her, to one of almost outright contempt. I first thought ‘hey she’s a nice spiritual young woman’, but no, Nush is not that simple a person. Nush is quite the dark destroyer, she sits quietly, giggling inanely from time to time. However, Nush’s nomination record is pretty poor, she has failed to pick out the housemates likely to be booted.


Jon Tickle – BB4 Winner

I suppose I am probably over-stepping the lines of all sense and prediction, but what the hell…. Jon to WIN BB4. Why not huh ? We have had 19 days- almost a third of the show is gone, and so far almost all of the interesting TV moments in the house have resulted from Mr Tickle. Jon remains the most dominant housemate, he has captured the hearts and minds of the UK voting public. Hey even some of those pesky teen girls are voting for him – even if Jon can’t as yet work out why this is the case.

However, for Jon to be put up for the vote again is really a shame. It must really be putting a strain on the poor guy. Even if he survives this third vote, it now seems inevitable that he’ll be up again next week. Oh lord, the stress of being a Jon supporter is getting to me right now. I almost envy the disciples of Cameron, they see their housemate just laze around the house, and only pick up the odd nomination.



Housemates voting correctly ?

I thought it would be useful to note this curious little fact…

As at Day 19, only Gos and Jon have both seen their nominated housemates (anouska and Justine) evicted from the house. This week Gos went for Fed and Sissy, with Jon voting for Sissy and Nush. I think we have here an interesting aspect of both Jon and Gos, they are arguably more in touch with the outside world than any of the other housemates. Or maybe I should put it like this – Jon and Gos get what they want, if they want someone out of their house, that person will be out. From the way that Gos and Jon have voted this week, it would therefore seem appropriate to suggest that Sissy WILL be booted this coming Friday. If this is the case, it becomes even more fascinating to ponder on who these two housemates will nominate in week 4.


Predicting Ahead

All things considered….. Sissy will be booted out this Friday. The public have taken a dislike to her whiney voice and her consistent tearful state. In a way I would be happier if Fed went –despite the fact that he is the most attractive guy in the house, Sissy offers some great degree of instability. Just remember how she reacted to the failure of the second group task – she was cursing almost as much as rude boy Ray !

But still, Sissy will be booted, and this has great implications for the following weeks nominations in the house. With a gender split of 6-3, voting will truly start to take on some fascinating aspects. Will the boys really want to vote out yet another girl ? Will any of the girls dare vote against one of their own dwindling clique ?

A suggestion to the girls…

“Being the only girl in the house would hold truly grand status for you. The boys would never vote you out. Therefore, if you want to win the game, you should place your votes onto your fellow roommates”


Anyway, back to the predictions… next weeks nominations…

Cameron  : Jon , Fed    - remember , the dark lord is usually consistent.
Federico  : Cam,   Gos – he won’t be voting for the girls, with just 3 left.
Gos          : Cam,  Fed
Jon           : Cam , Nush – I bet he still resents Nush next week.
Nush        : Jon , Fed   - boringly consistent, she doesn’t like Jon.
Ray          : Jon , Cam  - he can’t relate to either of them.
Scott         :Cam , Jon  - recent events , will sway him to Cam, he wants the ladies in.
Steph        : Jon , Ray  - she will turn on Ray
Tania        : Cam, Gos  - I have a feeling she’ll be back on cam’s case soon enough

Giving : Cam 5, Jon 5, Fed 3, Gos 2       ( a face off between appleman and Jon would be great viewing though) 

Well those are my predictions – a whole week in advance. A lot can happen between now and then of course, - and that shall be my regular excuse for why I get things wrong each week.



So Sissy will get the Boot this Friday – which will just ratchet up the turmoil to a new level. The 3 remaining girls will be feeling even more unsettled – and they will doubtless be endlessly debating how the producers are showing the girls in a ‘biased negative manner’.  This Friday when dear Davina request that Sissy is to leave in one hours time, just keep an eye on the faces of each of the 4 girls. The horror on their faces should make for some fine Friday night entertainment.


Enjoy this Friday….and don’t forget vote OUT Sissy !

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