Mind Games

Big Brother is playing the classical role of psychological experimenter, probing and tinkering with the little rats in the cage. Mind games are a somewhat under-used tactic of BB, and it is pleasing to see the housemates being messed around with this week. The eviction of Maxwell was indeed a pleasant surprise to many viewers, especially those who don't aspire to be a vile, dirty, and common as muck citizen. With 'Club loaded' now comprising of just 2 members, the Makosi alliance still dominates the group, however Makosi's alliance is starting to implode!.


Farewell....dirty Maxwell. Booooooooooo

The past week

The days are slipping by so quickly now aren't they? With just over 4 full weeks left to go, the psychological pressure continues to build amongst the housemates. A few in the group are even daring to talk about 'winning the 100,000' and all that comes with such a win. Yet an awful lot can yet happen. Just one incident could ruin Makosi's hopes, one wrongly placed word could alienate even more people against Derek - aka the 'Dark Deceiver', as dear Science would say. Could Eugene somehow endear himself to the nation, and pick up in the popularity league? There are always possibilities for even the most unlikely housemate to win, as has been seen time and again in previous series.

Club loaded take another beating

The result seemed quite likely. Both housemates and many viewers of the show expected Maxwell would probably survive against the moody and highly argumentative Science. Yet no ! The vote of 57/43 was reasonably clear cut, and Science surprisingly remained in the house. I have to say, I was so overjoyed at the result, especially considering the vile nasty stuff that Maxwell claimed he did to Science's food. Maxwell paid the ultimate price for his contempt, he failed to garner the support of a majority of viewers...and duly got his stinking ass kicked.

The most entertaining aspect of the recent eviction was seeing how Craig reacted. Yet another of his 'friends' - not that they can really be called that, gets booted, and Craig is left dumbstruck as to just what is going on in the 'real world'.


A true survivor: Science

BB: Mind Games

I've often suggested that BB should play psychological warfare against the housemates. Two interesting aspects have so far occurred this week. First, the announcement that BB would 'lie twice this week' to the housemates. That may indeed be a lie in itself. There is no reason why BB could not lie endlessly to housemates. Secondly, the nominations. Three housemates now believe they are up for boot, whilst six mistakenly believe they can relax. Haha. Its a good call by BB, one that should provide for some interesting entertainment.

Letting the housemates make the 'final decision'

There are indeed those who upon today's news of how this Friday's eviction will take place are deeply pissed! Let us be clear about things. The public are voting....yet they don't really get to decide who goes this Friday. The housemates get the final say. Indeed, it is justifiable to argue that this weeks vote is a semi-farce. C4/Endemol are risking a lot of public wrath if one of the popular 'big guns' gets booted by the housemates. Were Makosi to go - even if she only got the second highest public votes, would that seem fair to you?


Housemate Assessments - the past week

Ψ Anthony: With the loss of Maxwell, Anthony has certainly merged far move into the main group, although he now has Craig as his devoted Gollum.. is quite cringe-worthy in the amount of stroking and slimy 'yes precious, you're so great...I think you're wonderful' comments. Anthony remains mostly wallpaper in the house, too bland, and if he does manage to make it to the final week, he'll fail to get much support.

Ψ Craig: The vile toad...is arguably the most interesting little housemate of the series. Despite being up for the boot (by Makosi no least!), Craig survived and has switched allegiance at least 3 times. A bizarre little man (or should that be boy?) he is, the fact that he is still around is indeed quite an achievement on his part.

Can the toad win BB6? No. His endless bitching, and close association with both Maxwell/Saskia will forever taint his image with viewers. He may however scrape it to the final week, which all things considered...would be one hell of an achievement.


Craig: Continues to be stunned at his 'friends' being booted

Ψ Derek: He has found a new ally in Eugene, whom seems more than happy to endlessly talk down about other housemates - in particular Science and Vanessa. Derek has tried valiantly to get closer to Makosi's group in the last week, but it just never really worked out, and he is essentially bordering on being a loner in the house.

Ψ Eugene: I'm sure he is a fine polite nice guy, but for a reality TV show ? Hmm. I am torn in two ways about Eugene. Entertainment wise, he sucks, he is simply too much the 'hey, lets do something fun kids!' mentality, that I find more dull than even Vanessa. Those I have spoken to feel the same, Eugene is too boring. It is probably that monotone voice of his that is starting to drive not only Orlaith crazy, but also the viewers. He can't win.

Ψ Kemal: Has had what is essentially a few days off from BB, due to his 'illness'. He does though seem to have an awful amount of energy when he wants to move. Playing the old 'ohh look at me, I'm so innocent, weak, and ill' card? Yet by not nominating, he is safe for another week at least. If Makosi gets booted, whom will he turn too ?

Ψ Makosi: Still the Queen Bee of the house in most respects. With not a single nomination in week'6, she is playing the game damn well. Makosi has the depth of character necessary to win BB, yet with a 6 way vote this week, Makosi could be in trouble, needing to rely upon her own housemates to save her.

Ψ Orlaith: Missy has done her best to get close with Makosi and Vanessa, although neither of those two can really be called her true allies. Her endless sessions of changing clothes and reapplying makeup have driven Derek insane, but is this vanity going to harm her chances. She certainly is the most attractive of the show, yet I just don't see the personality which will make people want to vote for her to win (assuming she ever made it that far).


Clown Face? - Orlaith looking a bit scary

Ψ Science: A remarkable survivor, against Maxwell...so at least justice was the case in the week 6 eviction. Science continues to be quirky, and at times in the past week has again shown the occasional moment that might help keep him in favour with the public.

However, despite his quirkiness...if Science is one of the leading two (from the six) then he is most probably out. D'ya get me?

Ψ Vanessa: 'Dull'. A roll of wallpaper would be more dynamic. Just what has this girl done for the past 6 weeks, other than sleep, eat, bitch...sleep....eat some more, bitch...eat...and then sleep?  Vanessa has lately been saying she is getting fat. Is that a surprise considering she eats double what everyone else consumes, whilst at the same time spending most of her time on her increasingly big ass?


Group Dynamics - Day 40-47

With Maxwell getting the boot, Club Loaded is effectively destroyed. Only the remnants remain, and what is left is now mixing with the others. There is no more 'Saskia and friends' in the living room, with the rest bitching away in the bedroom. Those days are over. Anthony has found it quite easy to talk with the other housemates again. Craig is finding it tough in comparison, and that is indicated in the fact that he is (quite literally) clinging to Anthony for most of his waking hours.

Current Alliances:

1. Bitches of Elstree: Makosi, Orlaith, and Vanessa
2. Club Loaded (the remnants):  Anthony and Craig
3. Independent housemates: Derek & Eugene (loosely alligned), Kemal, and Science

'Club Loaded' 2005 darkhawk76 (BBfans.com)

further points of note:
-'best pals' are no more, with Kemal decisively voting for Makosi
-the remnants of Club Loaded are now fading away into the main group, although Craig won't let go of 'his precious' Anthony !
-the 'Makosi' alliance/'Game on Gang' is much smaller in number. Now that Maxwell/Saskia have been defeated, the alliance has started to implode -with Orlaith taking the place of Kemal as Makosi's left protective flank.
-Science: still independent of the group, but looking very vulnerable if it comes to the HM's deciding if he stays this week
-Derek and Eugene have something of a mini-alliance, although Derek has been increasingly associating himself with the remaining Hm's. Eugene is somewhat of an 'easy target' as the 'boring one' for nomination rounds'8/9

In summary, we can say that because Makosi's group defeated their enemy, and they are now inevitably starting to destroy themselves. The first stage is already now complete, the 'best pals' have been split up. Makosi has allowed Orlaith - whom she voted for last week (interesting to remember), closer into her clique of 3. Will the group eventually stab Makosi in the back? It remains a distinct possibility especially if Kemal can manage to recruit a few housemates -Derek and Craig maybe? It would be ironic if Makosi is defeated by the very person (Kemal) whom she has bitched about so much these past few days.

All groups change over time, and with the level of manipulation that Big Brother is playing this year, this group is sure to develop (or is that regress?) in the remaining month.


Nominations: Round'7

A bizarre round indeed, with only 3 housemates bothering to vote in what was touted as an 'optional' round. Anthony, Craig, and Kemal are thus safe. All the other six are up for the public vote.

Why would housemates not bother to vote? Are they really that lame as game players? After all their efforts, it remains odd that people like Makosi would take the chance to not nominate - even though BB told them it was going to lie just a few hours earlier!

for the record....the votes went like this...

Anthony: Derek & Kemal
Craig: Derek & Eugene
Kemal: Science & Makosi

Kemal's vote for Makosi is quite simply shocking, although it has been slowly building this way. Since week 3 the level of paranoia and doubt in the 'best pals' has been increasing. Now we have Kemal formally voting against the very person he used to cling so tightly to. Oh how things change !

Best Pals: no more


Looking Ahead

So...BB has decided to play a major mind game with the housemates. There are three major effects.

First, Anthony, Craig, and Kemal are now worried about being up for the boot. It will be interesting to see how they behave over what they perceive as maybe their remaining 4 days in the house. Second, the other six housemate will be utterly in the wrong mindset, mistakenly thinking they are safe, can relax, and sit back for another week. Third, there will be the Friday vote, by the housemates, on which of the two housemates (from the six) with the most public votes should get booted.

With six housemates - Derek, Eugene, Orlaith, Makosi, Science, and Vanessa, up for the boot, how will it pan out? Who might the public vote for, whom is annoying the public enough to merit picking up the phone?

-First, we can ignore Eugene and Orlaith. Despite the fact they are newbies - and the public don't usually like newcomers, they should be safe. So, we're left with Derek, Makosi, Science and Vanessa. Which of those four do the public not like most?

-Second, Vanessa remains dull, and usually that means she won't get noticed, but I foresee her getting around 10% of the votes, but that is not enough to be considered amongst the likely 'two'.
-Third, which of Derek, Makosi, Science might be the primary target?

There will doubtless be a pent up demand from the anti-Makosi people - so she is definitely in the running. Derek is certainly someone who annoys many, and the same can be said for Science. However, Science picked up 43% of the vote against vile Maxwell - so, he ain't that popular ! Will the anti-science crowd make another attempt to boot him out? I believe they will. What is the mood in the nation regarding Derek? He survived against Roberto, and that is certainly indicative that he has a character which does please many voters.  

If I had to guess which of the three will be the 'two to choose from', I'd suggest that Makosi and Science will be the ones with the most public votes. Yes, I'm suggesting Makosi is in trouble. Perhaps I am wildly wrong on this assumption, but it feels 'right'.


One by One...the housemates get booted

How will the housemates vote?

(yes, this is such a complex prediction!), assuming it is Makosi vs. Science....I suggest... (as based on recent/long term nomination patterns)

Anthony - Science
Craig - Makosi
Derek - Science
Eugene - Science
Kemal - Makosi
Orlaith - Science
Vanessa - Science

Science would thus get booted. This would be a great shame, and I do really hope I am wrong, yet if the two I have chosen are picked...it does look inevitable. The only hope for the anti-Makosi public voters is that the housemates are quietly harbouring a great deal of contempt for the 'Queen Bee' of the house, and when they see an opportunity to directly boot her, they (including Kemal) will take it.

Of course, if the housemates do vote in view of each other - (on the sofas?), then if a few do vote against Makosi -and she still stays, it would be very damaging to the group. With 'Club Loaded' destroyed, the group has its first chance to actually fully integrate and get along. Will BB dare have housemates openly vote against each other, or will it be privately in the diary room - just for the publics eyes?

This Friday will certainly have a dynamic effect on the group. Enjoy this Friday's extended show, you'll miss it when its over in August !


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Originally Published 12/7/2005 2005 Philip Calrissian
Last Updated : 12/07/05