Housemates – An Initial Assessment

As the first contestant was revealed on opening night, I finally remembered why I love this show so much. Big Brother 4 - it had begun, with the elegant Anouska first to enter the new pastel-styled house. It was quite an exciting opening night, wasn’t it? Sure there were no fireworks, no one got openly agitated by anyone else – all was seemingly peaceful and mellow in the house. Yet it was still a fun evenings viewing.



Yet in those opening 6 hours (yes, I stayed up until 3am) the first cracks in the group dynamic had already started to appear. I’m not suggesting anything particularly significant, but there were some interesting hints of things to come. 

First, lets run through those first night nominations. Anouska got six votes – which really was quite a surprise all things considered, did she really merit that many votes?  Jon got 4 votes probably due to the fact that he is just so plain and non-descript. The one vote each for Scott and Federico are really of no concern at this point. It will be interesting at how these two guys in particular deal with being up for the public vote. 

Housemates: A first assessment. 

Even though just one full day has passed in the house, I am beginning to get a good feeling for each of the contestants.

Ψ Federico – I had a mild disliking for Federico upon first seeing him. He is though arguably an attractive guy, and that will certainly sway a few votes in his favour.  He just seems a bit smarmy, a little too slick maybe. However more than anything else on opening night, it became clear that Frederico was a very weak character.

Being a live TV show, especially the first night of UK Big Brother must be a very anxious and unsettling experience for the housemates. Combine those feelings with a few gallons of drink, and the toilet becomes the second most popular room in the house.

When it came for Frederico to nominate, he was clearly dying to visit the toilet – ‘poor soul’ I thought at the time. The really sad thing was that he proceeded to then plead with BB to find out how long he would have to wait. What sort of weak-minded fool would allow them self to be told when they can use the toilet? We are dealing with grown adults here, yet they let BB treat them like naughty children. So there we had 23 year old Federico – clearly in a stressed state, and he was too afraid to just get up and walk a few metres to the loo. 

I will return to this issue of how BB housemates defer to big brother’s commands at a later date- it is one of the most fascinating aspects of the show in my opinion.

Ψ Gos – Being a chef, his stay in the house is secure at least until week 5. We’re certainly going to get the opportunity to get to know this Londoner. An interesting issue, Gos lives at home and shares his bedroom with his brother… and he is 31.. hmm.  He does seem okay though. I wonder what his real reason for applying for BB was though. Did the 70k prize money entice him, or does want to be yet another one of those celebrity chefs ?  To be frank, Gos (sadly) doesn’t have a hope of winning BB4. I simply can’t see how the viewers would select a ‘larger-built’ guy, who additionally comes from one of the ethnic minorities.*  I’m sure Gos is probably a pleasant enough guy, but he just won’t win BB, although it would be funny if he did.

* Hey, just to clarify things, in case some of you people start jumping up and down, in this crazy politically correct era, I don’t judge people on the reflecting hue of their dermal organ. I happen to judge people on their behaviour. Is that clear now ?

Ψ Jon – According to his initial profile, he has slaughtered a pig – if only he was around last year. He also said he’d like to be reincarnated as a cat, so there is one distinct positive aspect. I don’t know what else to say about this guy. He just seems quite plain, where is the passion in this man ? Maybe he is just shy, or feeling overly anxious about being on TV for the first time. A Taurean, maybe he’ll get moody with one of the girls ? I hope he gets to at least stay for 2 weeks. The fact that he is one of the first to be nominated, might help get him motivated a bit.

Ψ Ray - A tech-head, so he must be at least ‘reasonably mentally competent’. Yet within a few hours this guy was becoming the ‘rude boy’ of the house. He had a filthy mouth, were his parents watching ? Has a tattoo on his back, is that a sign of his manners or attitude ? In any case, I bet he makes a play for one of the ladies – Tania I’m guessing. Ray won’t win BB.

Ψ Scott – The non-housemate of the evening. He just seemed to fade quietly into the background effortlessly. I really don’t have much to add on this guy, at least he is nominated for eviction – in which case he should now feel the pressure to make an impression in the house.

Ψ Justine – I didn’t like this lady from the moment I saw her. Despite the fact that she is a Scorpio – which is usually a good thing from my perspective, there is something really ‘moody’ about this woman. She says of all the things in her life she will miss whilst being in the show, are her two mobile phones. Is she really serious, does she really place that much value on a bit of technology  ?

Ψ Steph – I initially adored her, although it was probably due to her name. I’ve yet to meet a ‘bad’ Steph, they’re all been nice in my experience. Currently she is in the middle of a divorce, so why would she want to put her life into the public eye, during what must be a particularly hard period of her life ? How old is she really ? The profile says she is 27, yet she looks way older than that, and dresses and acts simply like someone in 40’s.

Ψ Nush – I really took a liking to her, she reminds me of a few people I know. She does ‘yoga’, so that is a positive aspect, and has her own ‘soul surgeon’ (although what does that mean ?). Nush doesn’t stand out as loud or annoying at all, so far at least. I would believe that she will reach at least the final 5.

Ψ Sissy – Sissy was one of my initial favourites when she appeared on my screen. However that was before she opened her mouth. Is she whiney or what? I wouldn’t be surprised if she upsets the other housemates over the next week, and gets nominated for eviction in week2. I can see this girl crying and screaming at the others from time – she has a really confrontational side, just you wait.


Ψ Tania – A housemate whom I believe I can understand, she is a fellow cancerian after all. She may at first appear light and easy going, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes the female version of Alex. In her profile she claims she is a self-confessed drama queen, hmm. Anyone who gets on the wrong side of her is clearly in for some earache.

Ψ Anouska – When she made her debut I thought ‘she’s nice’. However by the time the last housemate had arrived, things were already going wrong. On the live opening night TV show, Davina herself noted how Anouska had been giving the evil eye to other housemates. In just a few moments, the nation was already turning against her.

Yet she is elegant, holds herself well, although maybe a bra would have been useful that opening night, instead of having to keep pulling up her dress every 3 minutes in front of 8 million viewers. If Anouska can manage to hang on through the next eviction, then she could easily reach the final night. With her beauty, the media would probably lead a charge for Anouska to win BB4. 

Ψ Cameron – Within seconds of seeing this guy I heard the red alert sirens sound. Was it just me, or did this guy seem ‘not quite right’ ? Sure he looks okay, but his background is certainly not the usual suburban lifestyle. He comes from the remote Orkney Islands, a ‘fish trader’ he says, and appropriately he is a Piscean. Cameron’s profile says he plays the piano and guitar. In my experience, such musical/artistic aspects only add support to the hypothesis that Cameron is ‘not what he seems’.


Yes, lets be absolutely clear, I am proposing that Mr Balanced is actually quite the opposite. He may seem initially okay to many viewers and (indeed the housemates), but my spider sense is tingling furiously.

I am not the only one to be thinking like this… here is what one DS reader recently noted…

“…watch how he stays out of gatherings by hanging back, or makes fumbled attempts at conversations then backs out, and when there’s a group he always stands at the back with his arms folded or his hands on his hips, looking uncomfortable, or with a fixed grin. He’s 32 and lives with his parents… which isn’t a terribly good sign for his social skills either.

And of course, there’s the apple, and fascination with apples. What the hell is up with that?”

Indeed the ‘apple-incident’ I found particularly odd. Look at it like this… you’re on national TV for the very first time, with eleven strangers, and you display this fixation for apples. You then proceed to place the apple on your head and leave it balanced there. I didn’t time how long he kept it on his head, but it was at least a few minutes – not seconds. Even later that night, he was holding onto his apple. At the time someone commented to me that the apple was his ‘security blanket’. That was one weird behavioural moment to observe. I shall watch this housemate intensely, sooner or later he is going to annoy someone, and then we shall see the true face of this ‘fruity man’.

Nomination surprise

One observation I made on opening night - the shock of all the housemates at having to nominate someone on their first night. What I found particularly bizarre was that even the last few housemates to enter the diary room were still unaware of what was happening that hour. Had none of them ever watched the show before ? What would you expect if you were in Tania’s situation that night ? Are all twelve of the contestants ignorant of how the big brother show works, or are they faking it ?

Where do we go from here ?

I could be completely crazy, but what the hell I’m going to stick my head on the line, and clarify a few earlier predictions.

-Sissy is going to annoy the absolute hell out of the house, and especially the viewers. More than anything else her whiney voice is going to get her noticed as someone who ‘must be booted’. Thing is, I do hope we see her at least until we reach week 4.

-Cameron – the apple man. This guy annoys the absolute hell out of me, for an array of reasons, not least of which is he reminds me of an old psychology student from my distant past. All smiles, but underneath…. Keep your eyes on this one.

-Anouska – She has the looks to win over a fair few fans, although being the only woman, I will be pleasantly surprised if she survives week one. From what she has said so far, seems she is well aware that her sexual side could secure her place inside the house. Anouska to win BB4 ! (yeah, I realise that odds are heavily against it)

-Any Quitters ? So far none of the housemates look like the walking type. If I had to choose someone who might starting saying “ohh I can’t cope, I wanna leave” – it would be sissy. She appears to be the tearful one, and despite how she projects herself to the others, she is actually a very fragile woman.

So, there we are. First full day is over, and now it is day 3 already – how time is flying by ! It is useful to remember though that in these early days, the housemates are not truly themselves, no one could be fully open in these early days. They are in new surroundings, surrounded by people whom they really can’t trust yet, and will need a week or so for their relationships with others to begin to solidify. Next weekend we should have some very interesting observations to evaluate, by that time a few of the masks will have begun to slip, as the inevitable fatigue sets in.

Enjoy the show.


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