Fresh Cannon Fodder

The most divided group in BB's six year history continues to astound me. The 24/7 bitching sessions remain rampant, the group is critically split, and there remains the danger that one of the housemates will cross the breaking threshold and physically lash out. Meanwhile, two new pieces of cannon fodder have entered this house for the clinically insane. Despite their initial 'ohh, aren't they nice and interesting' aspects, the newbies will probably get nominated for the boot by the original housemates at the first available opportunity.

New Cannon Fodder for the Bitches to bite

The past week

With Derek managing to stay (just), its been yet another week where my primary prediction utterly sucked. Damn those voters, they are clearly not following the requests of most online message board posters - most of whom were predicting that Mr. Lauds time was up. Oh well, Derek has more potential for entertainment than Roberto, so we have at least another 10 days of the guy.

Still a moody house

The level of shouting in the house seems to have died down a bit (relative to weeks 1-2), but it really remains a nasty house to live in. Orlaith and Eugene must be nuts to want to enter that house! Why would anyone want to be around such a rude, bitchy, and damn right un-trustworthy group of people? It can't be for money, because neither Eugene or Orlaith look the type who are 'ultra desperate', nor in dire need of 'easy cash'.

New Cannon Fodder

Well, lets have a little look at the newbies who entered the 'secret garden' room of the house on the night of day'29.

Eugene, 27

Within a very short time of entering the secret garden, Eugene has already claimed he is a virgin, and is not for one for 'sex-talk'. Hmm. Who might he buddie up with? Derek is certainly on his level. If he has any sense, he will get close with Makosi & Kemal who are not the most powerful force in the house. Can he win? Err. Unless he has a great many endearing quirks, and will not bore us all to death with talk of RF and general telecommunication issues.....Eugene has not a hope of winning. Oh, and one other thing. If I was Eugene, I'd be mighty pissed with that photo of him ! Why did BB insist on taking really bizarre/scary photos of some of the housemates this year?


Kinga, 20   - entered day'29.....booted by Makosi day'32:

She entered the house in just the tiniest of outfits, breathless, and seemingly 'loud' and ready to shake up the housemates. Yet it was never meant to be. Kinga's total stay was a mere 3.9 days, and for many...she will soon fade from memory...along with such names as Sam (remember her?, lol) and Mary. Bye bye Kinga. You never even got your night with Davina :(, be good.

Orlaith, 26

The model, the new eye candy of BB6. Seemingly polite, eloquent, and professional (although I said the same thing about Derek, and we all know what he has turned out like). Does Orlaith have what it takes to make the final week? Its a tough call to make, since never has a newbie ever lasted past their first eviction event. She certainly seems friendly, but I don't think she going to be the next 'friend' to Makosi and pals. First chance the group get, she - or Eugene will get booted.


Housemate Assessments - the past week

Ψ Anthony: Ohh lord, the dullard is still in the house. The only time he seems to have woken up out of his usual slumber was when Orlaith entered the house. He was soon doing press ups and the usual lame ass macho crap that just gives 'men' of his age a bad name. The dullard can't win BB, most viewers don't even remember his name.

Ψ Craig: The slimy little toad is in mental turmoil again (ohh how I am enjoying it), with one of Club Loaded up for the boot. Craig remains one of the most unreliable, bitchiest, and plain old 'nuts' housemates of all time. The terms 'sociopath' have been applied to him in message boards across the net, perhaps we are onto something here? He remains a bizarre little creature, one that certainly is providing us with a textbook case of a housemate who is utterly breaking under the strain. He can't cope with the idea that maybe he is in the wrong, that perhaps....just perhaps...he has yet again picked the wrong people to ally with.

The irony is that Craig has no idea just how popular he is compared to the other housemates. He has only ever received a few token votes against him. This is despite the fact that he has changed sides in the house on no fewer than 4 occasions, which is pretty amazing.


Craig: Devastated that another Allie is up for the boot

Ψ Derek: Damn lucky to still be in the house. As expected all those 'please bb I want to leave' threats were nothing less than absolute lies. As usual, let us not forget...he is a politician...and such people are not to be trusted. If Derek can just be calm and shut up for this fifth week...he even stands a slim chance of getting back into the running for reaching the latter stages. Hmm.

Ψ Kemal: The 'diva' is having something of a rocky ride in the house. His mini-breakdown the other day was really quite tragic to view. He does seem particularly vulnerable at times, despite his usual bouncy state of mind. The paranoia about whether Makosi genuinely likes him will inevitably remain to some extent, however things between him and his 'best pal' have now stabilised. Kemal has the distinct personality to win BB6, but I still don't believe he will win.

Ψ Makosi: Missy is clearly doing great work. Her choice to boot Kinga was perhaps not the best choice - since Kinga would surely have got the boot by the group next week. Anyway, Makosi has done well, and is playing the housemates particularly smartly. Her task to give the cider to the newbies was a great ploy, and indeed she found out just who her true friends really were. Makosi may once again be the favourite to win, her new rival would seemingly be Orlaith!


Makosi: has formally recruited Vanessa into her Alliance


Ψ Maxwell: He must be pretty dumb to believe that Saskia actually likes him, never mind might feel anything 'serious' for him. Oh well, the 'cheaky chappy' had his chance to cruise to the last week, but has well and truly alienated a few hundred thousand likely supporters with the whole vile 'scabgate' issue. For that alone, Maxwell deserves to get booted, but even if he doesn't go this week, he'll probably go next week

Ψ Saskia: The nasty rude woman is up for the boot, and she is clearly disgusted with Makosi and friends. Muhahaha

Her comments in her little rant with Makosi, 'go away to Big Brother Zimbabwe', 'you wearing a wig', etc etc, have totally ruined her chances of winning. Good riddance Saskia, you blew your chance, and many will be pleased to see the back of you...whether its this Friday...or next.

Ψ Science: All things considered, Science is having a good time in the house. All those arguments, and still he is not in danger of getting booted. Science has certainly grown closer towards Makosi et al this past week, although he remains highly independent -a status he'd do well to remain as. He is not in the same league as Victor BB5' was in terms of comedic quality lines, but Science has come out with a few classics 'plaque attack' in his clash with Maxwell, and 'tweedle dum...tweedle dee,...and tweedle twat' vs. Max, Ant, and Craig. Pretty good really ;)

Tweedle Science: Coming out with some great one-liners

Ψ Vanessa: Dull dull, and still a sap. Today she was telling Makosi just how much she is lusting after Maxwell. Hmm, it would certainly make for some viewing if Saskia is on BBLB, whilst Maxwell has already moved onto someone new.  Vanessa lacks a free mind of her own, and is clearly one of those weak minded fools who will follow whom she perceives to be the most powerful group of the house. Vanessa can't win, she might look pretty good, but that will not be enough. Everyone is agreed that she is dull, the irony is that missy probably thinks she is well liked on the outside. Bless. 

Group Dynamics - Day 27-33

Well well well ! The group divide is stronger than ever, but there have again more changes. With Roberto getting the boot, the Cabal of Derek of Roberto - with Craig tagging along, is no more. Derek has ended up with Makosi's gang, and Craig has crawled away to Club Loaded. Makosi has now formally taken Vanessa into her Gang - despite the fact that Makosi probably doesn't trust her one bit !

Craig remains the most funny housemate to watch. He has been bouncing around my little schematics like a ping pong ball. He just can't help but change allegiance on an almost weekly basis. With Sas/Max getting booted this week, will he ditch Club Loaded, but then where will he go ? He has just about run out of people to try ally with.

Current Alliances:

1. The 'Best Pals': Makosi and Kemal
2  Game On Game - incorporating 'Best Pals', Vanessa, and independents: Derek and Science
3. Club Loaded:  Anthony, Craig, Maxwell and Saskia
4. Independent housemates: Science, Derek  and the newbie's Eugene & Orlaith

'Club Loaded' 2005 darkhawk76 (
'Game On Gang'
2005 finchy9 (

further points of note:-
-there is now a straightforward 5 vs. 4 group battle. With either Saskia/Maxwell to leave, the Game On Gang lead by Makosi will become all powerful. Club Loaded's only hope is that Makosi's group will implode (unlikely though)
-Eugene seems likely to remain a freelancer, and will probably be up for the boot soon enough
-Science and Derek are still independents in most respects, but lately both have shared considerable time with Makosi and co', and thus will be considered as definitely against 'Club Loaded', and forming part of the larger 'Game On Gang'.
-Anthony, Craig, and Vanessa are all looking relatively safe for a few weeks yet (imagine those 3 making the final!)

House conflicts

With both Anthony and Maxwell barred from Nominations again, we are again lacking full data as to how all the housemates wish to vote. Saskia and Makosi voting for each other is of course no surprise, and neither is Craig vs. Science. In terms of conflict, it is clear who is up against who. The thing is, Makosi is now protected by no fewer than FOUR housemates, and maybe this will rise to five - if one of the newbies decides to take a gamble and side with one of the groups.

Nominations: Round'5

Once again (4 out of 5 weeks) BB has intervened in nominations, and barred two housemates from voting. This has decimated Club Loaded's chances. Both Maxwell and Saskia are in dire trouble, and it looks so likely that which ever one survives this week, will probably get booted next week! Man alive, imagine that. Just Anthony left, with Craig scurrying away to another retched corner of the group.

Maxwell: 5
Saskia: 4 
Makosi, Science: 2
Craig: 1

Which one will go, as decide !

The Week Ahead

Which one of the two fools will the public gun for this week? This year certainly seems harder to predict than previous years, perhaps the public are starting to change in the type of winner they want? In any case, if I had to predict I'd suggest that the public will gun for the female....Saskia to get the boot. In many respects, that might be for the best. What would then be fun would be to see Maxwell chased around by a horny Vanessa. Or might we see Maxwell chasing after Orlaith? Hmm, there are some good possibilities in the near future for some further fascinating developments in the group.

Finally, there is the issue of the newbies. Who will they settle with in the group, will they side with Makosi's masssively powerful gang of 5, or with the now heavily damaged Club Loaded pick up a few new recruits? Weeks 5-7 of any Big Brother series is when the big action tends to happen, so...stay tuned !


Calrissian : Looking forward to the next eviction.

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Originally Published 28/6/2005 2005 Philip Calrissian
Last Updated : 28/06/05