Final Week Eviction Twist

The Housemates are now in their final few days of what has been a roller coaster 'holiday from reality'. Rather than Stuart - who never received a single nomination for the entire series, Nadia now looks the likely winner of BB5. However, the midweek eviction may yet prove interesting, with Shell hopefully up for the boot.


The Past week in the house

Another surprising eviction vote came to pass, with Michelle managing to win -or lose (depending on your perspective), two thirds of the entire public vote - even though she was against 5 other housemates. The final vote tally was a total landslide, and an indication that the general public strongly felt that Michelle was indeed something of a 'bunny boiler'.

Week 9 total votes: 2.3 million

Michelle: 67%
Jason: 26%
Shell, Stuart, and Nadia : 2%
Dan: 1%


"..Eh chicken....did they just boo me...Chick..... talk to me!"

The Price Fund

The final Saturday task indeed turned out to be one where the housemates were given the opportunity to claw back some of their lost winnings. However, only a mere 10,000 was available, relatively minor in the scheme of things.

The first part of the task saw the dreaded return of the round-about, although this time the housemates had not been earlier gorging themselves on junk food. That part was relatively easy then... a few minor obstacles.... all done. However, the 'bar of delights' section of the task was indeed seriously icky. The housemates had haft an hour to consume between themselves some 10 shots of vile contents - 2 saltwater, 2 Fish oil, and 6 Fish Guts. Ewwwww

Surprisingly, the housemates have both Stuart and Jason to thank for winning back all of the 10,000 on offer. Stuart was superb, and must have a stomach made out of cast iron to have consumed so much of that vile goo.

*Had I been faced with this task, I would have told C4/Endemol to stick their stinking 10k up their oversized corporate ass. If YOU were faced with this task,  would you have drank any of those disgusting shots ?

As of week 10, the final prize fund now stands at 63,500.

Mini Gallery

Tasty treats?

Nadia feels ill just looking at what is on offer

Post oil

Nadia is very sick after consuming the salt water and then fish oil

Tunnel of Fish

Shell will do anything to win

Shell fails to swallow

Ms. Moneygrabber chooses to pass on the tasty treats



Mind Games

I have been disappointed with the level of  'evil' Big Brother. It has been quite a let down in my view. Sure, we have had sirens at breakfast time to get the lazy housemates out of bed, the relatively 'impossible Saturday tasks', but that has been about it.

Compared to the conditions during the infamous 'divide' of BB3, this years housemates have had things relatively easy. Have people forgotten how harsh BB3 was, relative to this year ? Do we not remember the weeks of agony that Jonny, Kate, Adele, and Alex experience living on basic rations for a number of weeks ?

However, Monday was interesting. Looks like BB wanted to play a few games with the housemates heads - about time too!

1. BB asks for 'someone' to come to the diary room. Nadia sits down.....BB asks Nadia how she is doing.... then orders Nadia to keep this conversation confidential....and that's it. Nadia is like, 'what the hell?'... and leaves the diary room after this 15 second diary room conversation.

2. Evening Nominations. BB announces that the housemates will be required to nominate in 1 hr. After 30mins, BB tells the housemates they will be nominating in 15 minutes. Dan leads the pack, and refuses to nominate.

Had 'Shell' been first.... there is absolutely no doubt she would have nominated, and would have chosen Jason. It is interesting to speculate what the 'special privilege' that Jason might have received.


Dan:  refused to nominate


3. Showing the housemates diary room footage of how the remaining housemates have previously nominated each other.

Shell was most upset at this latest tactic of BB. Once again we saw a little glimpse of the real 'Shell' -and she is far from the polite little girl that she has tried to portray to the viewers. Shell's first response to seeing the video was '...No....Noooooo......cunts..... fucking cunts....... no...I'm not going to watch any of these...". The odd thing was the Shell was soon complaining that BB only showed one clip of her nominating - BB had showed a couple of clips for both Dan and Jason. Shell later noted outside with Dan and Nadia that she felt it was 'most unfair' of them to show her in the diary room, and reveal her views about the other housemates - especially Nadia.

It would have been interesting if BB had decided to show clips of 'fight night' to the housemates...if only to see how they would react to seeing that infamous BB 'Television Event'.

4. Barring access to the spa area, and also removing various food/drinks from the Kitchin.

5. Fake newspaper, suggesting that there is a BB mole.

Housemate Assessments

Ψ Dan : The 'Dark lord' Dan....has done well this series. Acting as house diplomat, he has survived 3 public votes - although never via a straight 1vs1 face off - so we can't be exactly certain how well the public like him.

I don't mind Dan, he seems quite nice - I'm sure he is okay as a person in the real world. I just wish he had 'done something' during his stay, although the moment when he literally picked up Emma during fight night was an unforgettable moment in BB history. Dan will surely make it to the final night, although he has done very little to merit this length of stay - never mind the opportunity to win.

Ψ Jason : A very surprising public vote has lead to one of BB's most vilified housemates making it to the final week. For those - myself included, who find him quite repulsive, this is indeed on a par with the injustice of Cameron winning BB4.

How is this possible ? How did someone who was once one of the UK's most hated housemates make it to the final week? It is scary to think that it remains 'possible' for Jason to win. Merely making it to final night in itself is shocking enough. 


Jason - Shockingly makes it to the final week


Ψ Michelle : She was certainly shocked to hear the boos during last week's eviction, and it was her 'bunny boiler' attitude towards her beloved chicken that was her downfall. If only she had played it cool with Stuart for just a week, she would have made it to the final night.

Michelle should count herself lucky she got off with what was a very easy going interview from Davina. Why did C4 not show any of the 'under the table/duvet' footage?  Michelle is now touting herself as the sex goddess, a woman who will literally 'undress for the right price', so why is she so uptight about any coverage of her sex antics with her chicken ? Is it really the case that she is still very much intimidated by her parents, and indeed is probably going to face some stark choices in the coming weeks. Her family, or a career is soft porn ? Judging by her past performance, she will do almost anything for money - and this will doubtless disgust Stuart.

Farewell Missy.

Ψ Nadia : With just a few days to go, Nadia is looking good for a real chance of the win. She has managed to keep calm, and remain polite to all the other housemates -even to her nemesis Jason. Her continued fears about what the public think of her are indeed unjustified, most 'normal' people really couldn't give a damn about her past - what matters is how she acts in the present.

All things considered....Nadia would make an admirable winner. If she does win this Friday, it will be quite touching to see how she deals with the public acclaim that she has steadily developed since week 1'. For her to be accepted by the wider public for who she is, would surely mean more to her than the prize itself.


Dreaming of the BB5 win - Nadia

Ψ Shell : Dull dull dull. Her latest antics have just continued to annoy me. Has this woman no balls at all ? Will she keep licking everyone's ass, even after the show has ended ? Yet she has once again shown a side of her that is really distasteful. Shell has attempted to portray a 'nicey nice' image throughout the series, yet during Tuesday's playback of nominations, Shell let loose with her favourite curse word 'cunt'*

Ms. Shell is truly the classic wallpaper housemate. We can at least be happy that Shell will not win BB5, and hopefully the media will largely ignore her, and she will fade away to her Mansion in the country from whence she came. Good riddance.

*It remains interesting that only Shell is the only housemate (to my knowledge) to have used the 'Cunt' word - a word which remains the last real 'taboo' for mainstream British Television. In the recent Wedding task, C4 allowed the use of it once or twice, but then bleeped out all other (some 15+) references to it during Victor and Shell's argument.
For the viewers - including Shell's own family, who think she is all so polite and nice, do they have any excuse for her now favourite curse word ?

Ψ Stuart : One of BB's most successful players, yet after what has been a remarkable Big Brother experience, it now looks like he will not win after all. For such a young guy, Stuart has had the perfect BB house experience. Taking everything in good nature, he has never shown any moment of 'attitude' to anyone. Having forged a semi-official alliance with Jason and Victor, Stuart has trundled through the show as though he is in command of everything that happens. His relationship with Michelle -which indeed reached a sexual crescendo under the kitchen table recently, has been interesting to observe, although it has done nothing to improve his public image.

As many have noticed, within a short time of Michelle leaving the house, Stuart sounded more upbeat and coherent than he has in a very long time. Constructing entire sentences, Stuart now appears to be almost 'liberated', although he has made it clear he wants to be with Michelle when he leaves the house. However, it appears highly unlikely that Stuart is going to have any kind of 'serious' relationship with Michelle in the longer term. Michelle and Stuart are from such different social backgrounds, that it is almost too much to believe they will invest the time and energy necessary to build a real bond that will last a lifetime. Then again, I'd like to wish them well in their attempt..... anything is possible in this world after all.

Despite everything, assuming Shell goes on Wednesday, it looks like Stuart will be booted first on Final night - unless the teenie texters decide to support their guy in a major way.


Laidback as ever, but it seems Stuart will not win BB5

Group Dynamics

Let us take an overview of the remaining 5 housemates.

Group 1: 'the children': ----
Group 2: 'middle people':, Dan, Nadia, Shell, Stuart,  - aka, the 'get-along gang'
Group 3: 'the cats' :  Jason

With Stuart's girl Michelle getting the boot, a mere five housemates remain. The house really looks empty most of the time, although the situation is way better than previous BB's when there were fewer housemates in the final week.

The group has remained fragmented...into two camps. Jason remains very detached from the group, although he has remained remarkably polite despite his obvious unhappiness being around people he doesn't much like. Jason though is still not afraid to have a few jabs at Dan for licking Nadia's ass - remember the recent 'puppet' task.

The housemates selected for BB5 have been perhaps the most confrontational of any series so far, yet here we are in the last few days...and from recent behaviour it is as though the remaining housemates have been good friends for many years. It will interesting to hear how the housemates relate to each other after the show - will anyone want to keep in touch with Jason ?

Serenity: The group is now relatively at peace

Wednesday Night Eviction - the options

How is this Wednesday's eviction going to pan out ? A long list of rumours are all over net.....a few of my favourites...

1. The two housemates with the lowest votes as at Wednesday night will be put up for eviction, the other 3 housemates will then have to decide who gets the boot.

2. Quiz. Some kind of 'pop quiz' for the 2 or 3 housemates with the lowest votes.

3. The housemate with the lowest number of votes will be called to the diary room..... never to return

With the TV schedule as it is.... the last choice looks the likely route. However, Davina said the midweek eviction would be 'with a twist'.... so perhaps it will be something more interesting after all - we can hope.

If option 1 turns out to be true, then who might go ?

Nadia is undeniably the current leader with public, she is safe.
To my horror... Jason looks likely as being the more 'interesting' housemate to vote for in some people's minds, and may well hold second place.
Dan is third....... he has always merited more attention and interest than......
Stuart - the only housemate un-nominated......relatively benign......but more fascinating than...
Shell - the stereotypical wallpaper housemate. Dull dull dull.

So.......Stuart and Shell - if this is the case then who would Dan, Jason and Nadia support ?

Dan: He voted for Shell in the last round of nominations....and I suspect he'll prefer Stuart to stay
Jason: He has always had an allegiance to Jungle Cat Stuart..... so another Stuart fan.
Nadia: She tends to nominate men, so I suspect she'll vote for Stuart to go.

In this event though...despite the support of Nadia..... Shell gets the boot ! Yeyyyyyyyyyyy.

Shell....on her way out of BB5

Looking ahead

So, who is going to win?  Last year was relatively easy to predict. Wallpaper housemate Steph barely got any votes, Scott managed to get only marginally more. Ray was never going to win against 'saintly' Cameron, BB4 was indeed predictable. In contrast, this year's show has been really quite hard to correctly guess, although some broad trends of who the public favour are discernable.

Nadia has steadily continued to increase in her public following since Day'1. She is not the favourite to win...and is in direct opposition to Jason - which for those that despise the guy, will likely flock to support her.

Shell has always been the 'non housemate' of the series, from the perspective of inside and outside of the house.

The Final Night 4 now look to be....

Nadia appears to be the likely winner - somewhat unexpected, although she has comfortably survived 3 public eviction votes. Jason may well scrape through to the final night - assuming Shell gets the boot this Wednesday. Despite having the teenie vote, Stuart may well fall short of Dan - whom has always done better in the public vote than Stuart.

Although everything depends on the style of the midweek eviction. Jason has considerably more fans than both Shell or Stuart - perhaps even more support than Dan. In any case, Shell looks like she will be booted, even if it comes down to a vote from the other housemates.

What ever happens this Wednesday.... be sure to enjoy it !


Calrissian : Yet to visit the Diary Room


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Originally Published 2004 Philip Calrissian
Last Updated : 03/08/04