Eight is the Perfect Number

The size of a group is critically important in how each individual will cope, act, and interact with other group members. The BB6 house is now down to just eight housemates, which many believe is the optimal number. Orlaith is facing Science in the eighth nomination round, can Science survive yet again? Do the public value an argumentative and ranting guy above a relative newbie woman whom has annoyed many because of her bitchy alliance with Makosi. Orlaith says she really wants to go this Friday, so...lets not disappoint her. Vote the fake blonde out!


Vanessa gets the boot, the dark destroyer looks blandly on

The past week

A new public strategy - booting the Dullard

Makosi looked like a clear leader for the public boot, and indeed that turned out to be the case. Makosi managed just under haft the public vote - even with 5 other housemates in the running. Vanessa managed to grab (or is that eat?) around a quarter of the votes. Then of course we had the second part of the eviction...

The housemates vote...

It was pleasing to see Kemal vote for Makosi - just as expected. Some may argue it was a 'sympathy vote' for Vanessa. Yet, none of the following 3 housemates did it, so why should we expect Kemal to be any different?

Anthony - Vanessa
Craig - Vanessa
Derek - Vanessa
Eugene - Vanessa
Kemal - Makosi
Orlaith - Vanessa
Science - Vanessa

As many realise, C4/Endemol would have played the evening differently, according to which two housemates were up for the boot. Makosi remains a favourite for C4, there is no doubt of this, and they must be laughing themselves silly that the housemates are allowing her to stay. Were she to last to the final week, Makosi could earn them millions in phone revenue.

Finally, what is encouraging is that both the UK public and the housemates decided to kick the dullard out, above someone who is dynamic and clearly one of the 'big guns' in the house. Vanessa had appeared to be the one most likely to be the standard 'fourth place dull one' evictee. Are UK viewers actually realising that its best to kick the dull ones out first ?

Living on the edge

With so little food/drink in the house, relationships remain under great strain in the house. The latest 'woof woof' task with 4 housemates leading 4 dogs is another classic aspect of BB again tinkering with the master/slave power relationships in the house. Of course, which housemate was the trainer and which were the dogs was entirely random, yet it was pleasing to see Makosi as a dog. Appropriate, wouldn't you agree?.

As for the ability of the group to pass this latest weekly task, it is difficult to say. Going on pass performance though, they've probably screwed up 4 or 5 times already, and will thus be living on 1 each per day...for the next week. Poor housemates. :)

Snoop Science: enjoying the latest task?

Housemate Assessments - the past week

Ψ Anthony: Despite the fact that he still has that vile little creature by his side most of the time, Anthony is going up in my view. He has maintained more of a decent attitude in the house that just about anyone else. Will reach the final night, but still appears to lack the 'dynamic' character necessary to win - although Kate Lawler managed it in BB3 ;)

Ψ Craig: Arghh. The filthy slimy housemate was deceptively pleased to have the option to give enemy Vanessa the boot. He must be so smug with himself. He keeps seeing people leaving, and now (against all odds) seems certain to make the final week. Is he the 'Jade' of BB6?. Craig recently asked Eugene "What is four wheel drive?". Err, is he really this naive about a fundamental aspect of all motor vehicles, or he is just playing dumb to entertain Eugene's incessant desire to talk technical matters?

Ψ Derek: He has done his very best to suck up to Kemal this past week, and has also built a reasonable little 'regular friendly chat' relationship with Eugene. Yet he is not particularly well liked in the group, the housemates are well aware of his plotting.

Ψ Eugene: Has turned out exactly as expected. C4/Endemol wanted a 'stabilising housemate', one that will quietly talk for hours about somewhat inanely inoffensive subjects...and that is they have. Eugene is too dull to capture the publics imagination, and can't win!
Ψ Kemal: How things change for a housemate! Once the lively and bouncy Kemal...now that he has lost his Makosi (she ditched him), he mostly moped around the house. The fact that last weeks eviction turned out to be a lie, and that instead his ex-'best pal' was up for the boot, must have come as a real relief. Even more important, the fact that he dared nominate her...openly for the boot...commends a degree of respect. A possible winner, but...then too similar to Nadia' BB5, so...unlikely.


Kemal: now mostly alone in the group

Ψ Makosi: As many have come to observe, she is increasingly acting a bit weird. Her lies are growing tiresome, and she has literally thrown away 90% of her once mega public support (mine included). Yet despite endless arguments, and a mass of boos from the public...her fellow housemates are still failing to put her up for the boot. They are either in absolute terror of her perceived power, or they are simply stupid.

Ψ Orlaith: Has sucked up badly to Makosi - not that she trust her I bet, and has also tried to get closer with Craig/Anthony. Orlaith remains though one of the dull housemates, and will hopefully get booted this Friday. She probably expected to have a fair chance at winning, but the public rarely value a newbie above a long term housemate.

Ψ Science: Having survived yet another eviction Science must be pleased with himself, and rightly so. Against a mass of anti-Science feeling, he got only a small chunk of last weeks vote, even less than dullard Vanessa. Just how far can he progress? The final night, surely not? Can the public really accept this ranting young guy? As a winner, he must be ranked as an outside shot, but one that might be worth a bet.


Group Dynamics - Day 48-54

With Vanessa getting the boot, the Makosi Alliance is now down to just 2 members - consider that 2 weeks ago it totalled no less than 7. 'Team Deceit' is entirely that, a pair who persist in lies. Lies about everything, from wishing to leave the house - as Orlaith faked upon the nomination announcement, and Makosi...who has lied on just about everything.

Craig has certainly been talking a lot more with the group lately, but remains firmly attached to his crush Anthony. Derek and Kemal has certainly been plotting in the past week, both have targeted Orlaith for the boot. Why they fail to target the bigger enemy that is Makosi, remains something of a mystery

Current Alliances:

1. Team Deceit: Makosi and Orlaith
2. Club Loaded (the remnants):  Anthony and Craig
3. Duvet Plotters: Derek and Kemal, with Eugene (who is loosely aligned with Derek)
4. Independent housemates: Eugene, Science


further points of note:
-Science remains the only true independent, and is highly prone to voting attack: week 8 5/7 housemates
-Makosi has just one protective housemate left, how might she cope if her only real ally gets kicked?
-Anthony is looking the ultimate in certainties for final night status, he'll be there sure for sure !
-Derek is vulnerable, esp. if Ant/Craig vote for him next week.

In summary, the group has decided to focus on kicking out the newbies, (Eugene is sure to go next week?), and is allowing the deceitful Makosi, Derek, and Craig to remain. It is indeed stunning that despite the fact the housemates know the primary female of the house got such harsh boos, they decided to let her stay. Are they afraid of her?

Direct conflicts

With less just over 3 weeks to go, normally we would expect the group to have firmly come to an agreement on what is acceptable. Yet here we are, week'8, and housemates are still arguing as badly as they in the first week .Craig and Science remain fierce enemies, and it would be just great if Science can survive again. Science is arguably the most confrontation housemate in BB history, with 5 of 7 housemates wanting him out, yet the public might yet give him another week.


Dirty Craig and best pal Anthony- safe to final night?


Nominations: Round'8

This is only the third round of 'clear cut' nominations where Big Brother has not intervened in one way or another. The result of Orlaith vs. Science is something of a surprise. Makosi was recognised as getting mega-boos last Friday by the crowd, and yet her fellow housemates STILL fail to target her for the boot - even though they have bitched about her at times. Derek should count himself lucky. Once again, the two uber-bitches in the house of Craig and Makosi only receive 1 nomination. Eugene is seemingly ignored for this week - bigger fish to fry?, and so will survive into his fourth week.

It remains fascinating that the only housemate who has regularly nominated Makosi is Craig. Yet Makosi has never really had an issue with Craig, and instead focused on other housemates.

Orlaith: 4
Derek: 3
Kemal: 2
Craig, Makosi: 1

Orlaith: says she wants to go. So lets kick her OUT !

Looking ahead

So...what should we expect? The public have never shown much favour to newbies in the house. Both Orlaith and Eugene will forever be at this distinct disadvantage. This will be Science's fourth time up for the public boot, can he survive yet again?

It is difficult to say,  yet I hope he does survive. Despite the fact that he is often a rude, overly-argumentative, abusive, and utterly downright annoying bugger, there is something to be said for the guy. He is one of the few that challenges housemates on some of the crazy things they utter. He has stood up for himself in the house, which is more than can be said for some of the other house rats.

All things considered, I would suspect that Orlaith will go. First, there is the issue that female housemates tend to get booted more, which probably will knocks off around 5-10% of public support. Second, Orlaith is still seen as a newcomer, and thus is a further 15% down in the vote. Yet Science truly has annoyed a large chunk of the voting public - around 35% I would say. So, my prediction is for a vote of 55-65% Orlaith and 35-45% Science. It could be a bit closer, but I do suspect the public will recognise that Science offers more to the show than the fake blonde from Belfast does.

Were Science to go, the house would lose one of its loudest ever housemates. Were Orlaith to go, would more than a few even remember her name by the following week? Whether you like him or not, surely you realise that the smart thing to do is to support Science. Give Orlaith the mighty public boot !

With just eight housemates left, this would normally be the most time when you would expect to see some measure of the group having bonded, along with a shared respect for having survived this long. Not this bunch though, they remain generally horrible to each other, and are the antithesis of what a small group can achieve when working together. Might they be living on basic rations until final night, its probably all they deserve for their lack of cohesion.


Calrissian : wondering who will eventually win

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Originally Published 19/7/2005 2005 Philip Calrissian
Last Updated : 19/07/05