Delusional Housemates

This year's group of housemates are surely the biggest bunch of freaks we've seen in BB's six year run. The past ten weeks have slipped past so quickly, and we're now left with just 6 housemates - 2 of which are newbies. It has been a difficult week's viewing in some parts. We've had the relentless Craig pursuing his 'precious' Anthony, - with Craig still maintaining that he only sees Anthony as a 'friend'. Orlaith kept to her word (for once), and took the walk of shame. Kinga's return to the house was great news for viewers, and has woken up the sleepy housemates, if only a little. With just 10 days to go, the pressure is starting to build again, and talk amongst the housemates is now about who might win.


Craig - can't help but touch his 'precious'

The past week

Babydoll gets kicked

Ohh lord, one of the more respectable housemates gets kicked, in a 48/52% vote against the fake blonde. Sigh. Damn it, the votes this year have been really going badly. We lost the fascinating Mary in week 1, Roberto week'4 and Science week'8 - big characters, any one of which would have made for great final night contestants. Kemal, you were a pretty damn good entertaining housemate.

The fake blonde finally stays true to her word

Orlaith's endless whining that she wanted to leave the house. Arghhh !. Awful woman. It is the worst of all BB clichés that some housemates claim to wish to leave...only to then be happy to stay. Yet finally, Orlaith stayed true to her word. Of course, she has in many ways - to use Makosi's term, 'punked' Kemal in the most damaging way possible. She has managed to usurp Kemal and get her naked body on the picture of the gutter press, and even onto BBLB. Farewell Orlaith, and please don't turn up at the final night reunion parade.

An unlikely return

Kinga has made the most unlikely return to our screens. The big bouncy young woman who lasted just 4 days in the secret garden, only to be kicked out by Makosi, is back...and is loud as ever! I always thought it was really sad that this young woman never got to be a proper housemate, despite all her efforts. For once, C4/Endemol have realised their mistake, and took the opportunity to throw her back into the mad house. It was also something of a surprise that not only is she back, but that she is eligible to win. The other housemates - and some viewers, might feel justifiably incensed if this woman wins, since she would only have been on the show for a little more than 2 weeks.

Kinga's return pleased many viewers

Delusional housemates

The last few nights have been utterly bizarre. For those who are indeed devout fans of Big Brother, we've seen some truly freaky shit on our screens.

Craig and Anthony
I've been somewhat restrained in myself for the last month when it comes to Craig. I've considered that the guy is obviously under a lot of stress, wants to win, and the other standard stuff, but I've had it with him. Its time for a no holds barred commentary/rant on the hairdresser....

What the fuck is going on in Craig's head? His pattern of behaviour to Anthony is utterly weird. Night after night we've seen him doing the following...

1. Start an argument with Anthony (usually around 9-11pm)
2. Get Anthony into a state where he eventually tells him "...fuck off Craig".
3. Craig then gets upset
4. Things then settle down...only for Craig to then apologise (or Anthony sometimes does)
5. Craig gets close to his precious, with lots of hand holding, hugs, stroking, and warm words.

6. (usually an hour or so later). Craig is then once again coming on to Anthony, making overt sexual suggestions to him, and endlessly trying to be physically close to him.

As of writing, its a Tuesday evening and it would seem likely that Craig will again start making more moves onto Anthony. Will he start yet another row, end up in tears, and then make another play for his beloved Anthony?


Dear Craig

You said to Kinga this afternoon "...I'm not talking about my sexuality...". That is fine Craig, and both myself - and I'm sure many others respect that decision of yours. Yet you are consistently making sexual passes at someone whom you claim is just your 'best friend'. EVERYONE knows you are gay - or Bi Craig. Most people don't give a fuck what you are, we've all got better things to be thinking about than whether you want to be with a guy or a girl.

However, your behaviour to Anthony crossed the line a few weeks ago. It is now beyond basic harassment, it is now into the 'stalker/slasher' style of 'I like him, and he will be mine' mentality. Asking someone over and over again to take off their shorts, or to kiss them, or to hug them, or to suck 'something'....night after night, after night....its beyond 'friendship' Craig. Surely you realise it, or maybe you really do believe that Anthony is just your 'friend'? We all see how much you want to get your hands into his shorts, and we all see how you revert to Kinga/Orlaith when Anthony rebukes your passes. We saw last night how Anthony rejected you again in the pool, and then you went off to play with Kinga. In some ways, you are quite spiteful in how you try to hurt the one you fancy so much.

So, you think you are well liked by the viewers? Err, no. Few of us actually like you anymore Craig. We've been amused at how you've changed alliances over the last 10 weeks. One week you love Vanessa, the next she is your nemesis. In've as much chance of winning BB6 as Mary currently does. D'ya get me Craig?  You need to ground yourself in reality for a little while, and realise that your perception of events in the house is far from accurate.

You are so lucky to have had Anthony as your friend, yet you've treated him like shit over the past few weeks, and especially during the last few nights. How can you be so rude to your supposed friend, after all he has done, and tolerated from you? If you'd done just 1% in the real world of what you've recently inflicted upon Anthony, you would have got your ass kicked.

Ohh, you say that "100,000 pounds means nothing to you". Huh? What the hell is that comment about? Do you realise that is more money than most people earn in 4 or 5 years, and you're telling us its nothing to you? You've been whining to 'Anfeenee' that he doesn't understand what the 'win would mean for you'. Are you trying to pull a Nadia "I feel accepted" strategy, if you're screwed when it comes to winning, because we aren't falling for that from you.

Craig, go get some professional help. You never know, you might even come to realise why the public couldn't stand your false friends Lesley, Vanessa, Saskia, and Maxwell. At the end of the day, - and I'm one million percent sure about this, I'm right, and you're delusional. End of.

Craig: claims he doesn't fancy Anthony


Makosi - Queen of Delusion?

Is she the best game player Big Brother has ever seen, or is she mentally 'not quite all there'? She has been the centre piece of C4's flagship show this summer. Everyone knows Makosi, many don't like her, but you got to admit she is the centre of the house in many ways. From the moment she got her secret mission on the first night, to her involvement in the secret garden, Makosi is the leading character of BB6.

She claims to be a new age/born again Christian. WTF? She has done some of the most overt sexual things seen on UK TV in quite a while, is this what the Christian church are now preaching? Has she even been to church ever? If so, then what the hell is her behaviour all about? She claims to be a good church attendee, only to then later that evening rub her nipples, and then have slimy Craig suck on them. Who is Makosi? Have we seen any of the 'real Makosi'? Is her name even Makosi?

The endless lies, about being pregnant, 10 housemates in the secret garden, and numerous other little things have really driven her against the viewing public who want a 'morally good' winner this year. If I had to decide, I'd say that Makosi is losing her mind, due to the immense stress she feels under. As others have said, it appears that Makosi actually believes many of the things she says. Bless, hopefully she'll get some support once she leaves the house.

As for that weave of hers, lol, Such a shame that BB refused to provide her with a hairdryer. Poor Makosi.


Derek - twisted and poisonous?

What the hell is up with Derek? He has barely done or said anything to anyone for the last few weeks. Many can't stand that accent of his, yet its way more than that. Some are aware of the various little things that have been alluded to. It is clear that Derek is somewhat quite unlike your 'ordinary housemate'. He has a watch, he was chauffer driven to the auditions, he has clearly been favoured by Big Brother on a number of occasions - something even the other housemates have noticed.

Does Derek actually believe he can win? He probably does, yet thankfully he won't win, he'll quietly fade away, and most of us won't remember him by the Autumn.


Eugene - not as funny as he thinks

I'm not sure whether he is making his endless anecdotes up to cover his fear of being around such bizarre people, or whether he is like this in normal life. How many days, or weeks could you handle living with this guy? How many impressions of Alan Partridge can you bear, before you reach for the nearest heavy object?

Eugene could well be one of the most innocent housemates in BB history. How much of the previous shows he has seen remains unclear. From how he acts though, he has surely seen very little, otherwise why would he be playing this role - or acting in this 'Mr dull' style for TV viewers? If he does think he is as funny as it appears....I'm still not sure whether to pity the guy or just laugh out loud.

Eugene: not entirely riveting viewing

Housemate Assessments - the past week

Ψ Anthony: Mr Bland is doing well, considering the sexual harassment he is continually under. I hereby award Anthony the 'Medal of Tolerance' - in respect to the admirable way he has handled Craig's relentless sexual wants.

All things considered, Anthony deserves the prize 'if' you believe in a 'just' winner. He certainly hasn't done as much as Makosi, but he is arguably the moral superior to her.

Ψ Craig: The slimy delusional little runt is still in the house, and yet again is not up for the public vote. Whether you like this young guy (do you think some people will have posters of him on their bedroom walls?), or despite him more than Bin Laden, Craig is doing good work. He is perhaps the most unlikely survivor to the final week since Jade BB3 or Jason BB5. In many ways, Craig is worse than the negative sides of those two characters put together.

He has tried so hard to survive, and indeed will last until final night. You have got to credit him for that achievement.

Ψ Derek: The dark deceiver is in trouble. His isolationist policy from the group - aside from Eugene, has utterly backfired. He is now up for the boot, and it is no ones fault but his that he might now get kicked out in the penultimate week. If he can manage to survive against his last house ally - Eugene, then he would probably make it to third place.

Ψ Eugene: Mr Anecdote is not making for great TV is he? I admit, it was good to have Eugene enter the house way back in week 5', but the novelty has long worn off. He is simply not entertaining, even less so than Anthony. If the public have any sense they'll kick the newbie out, but eviction results have been crazy this year, so it would not be surprising to see Eugene remain.

Ψ Kinga: I certainly didn't expect I'd ever be writing about her again. Four days of her seemed all we'd ever get, its funny how things worked out for her in the end, almost as if C4/Endemol had it all planned out from the start ;) She is feisty, has a great sense of humour, and should have been in the house since Day'1. As things are, if Anthony does not win, I can only hope Kinga has a 'chance' to win.

Ψ Makosi: The Dark Destroyer, she remains the Queen of the house. The fact that Kinga - the very person she kicked out of the secret garden is back, must surely have unsettled her. Despite all those initial 'ohh I love you!', I am not fooled by it. Makosi now has a female rival for the prize. It would seem likely she'll turn against Kinga soon enough, and then the issue will be whether Kinga has the strength to bitch slap Makosi (verbally at least) to the ground.


The Dark Destroyer - cruising to final night


Group Dynamics - Day 62-67

With Kemal getting the unexpected boot, and then Orlaith walking...things have changed more than I had expected last week

Kinga's arrival is a very positive move on the part of C4/Endemol. However, as was seen on Monday night, with just 5 other housemates - two of which are effectively mute (Derek & Eugene, both of whom go to bed at 11pm), Kinga has very little option but to focus on Anthony, Craig, and Makosi for 'fun'. Makosi doesn't appear entirely happy with Kinga's reappearance. She is probably paranoid that Kinga knows all about her from the media, and is on a personal mission to pay back Makosi for not choosing her.

Current Alliances:

1. Duvet Plotters: Derek and Eugene
2. Gollum and Precious: Craig and Anthony
3. other housemates (arguably independent) : Kinga, Makosi


further points of note:
-Makosi is looking very vulnerable, although saying that...only 2 of the 5 nominated her.
-the pairing of Anthony and Craig remains a very strong alliance, despite the fact they are targets
-Kinga, against all odds, the semi-newbie is set to make final night.
-Derek and Eugene's mini-alliance has failed to hold, and their isolationist policy was bound to fail

In summary

With a mere six housemates left, and ten days to go, the group is more open. Kinga has introduced more fun into what was set to be a graveyard style ending to the show. Anthony and Craig have been the most successful pair this series, and both deserve to make it to the final night - and whether you like them or not, they have held together as a 'couple' ;), no matter what.

With no more nominations, who is looking best to win? In many ways, the more 'independent housemates, are the ones better set to differentiate themselves from the wallpaper housemates. So, Anthony has a problem in that he is still tied so closed to Craig. From a group position standpoint - Makosi and Kinga look like the ones leading the challenge to win BB6.


Nominations: Round'10

It is presumably the last round of nominations, and thus BB have decided to tinker with them for old times sake. All Kinga has to do was make sure 1 of the 5 other housemates didn't vote for her - and that seemed highly likely. Any votes to Kinga were thus wasted votes, and this in fact gave Kinga a semi-casting vote on who was up for this week.

Derek, Eugene: 3
Anthony, Craig, Makosi: 2
Kinga 0 - and thus conclusively passed her task.

So, Derek and Eugene are up for the boot. Just a thought, if only there was one less vote for Derek/Eugene (placed onto Kinga), then we could have had 5 up for the boot. Oh well, that's it for nominations this series!

Just six remain, all to be booted within the next 240 hours

Looking ahead

With just ten days to go, BB6 is fast winding up to its finale. There will doubtless be some kind of mid-week eviction next week - unless of course BB decides to play the 'twelfth week' option that I recently touted. How will things play out? If Eugene goes, then Derek will probably reach the final 3, he'll surely get more 'to win' votes than slimy Craig. If Derek goes, then Eugene will be the one to get kicked next Wednesday. Who could possibly wish to make the effort to vote for Eugene to win (besides his family of course)?

The public have been damn freaky in voting this year, kicking out Mary, Roberto, Science, and Kemal. These were dynamic and interesting characters, yet the voters simply didn't value them. In a way, its really quite sad how things panned out, but not surprising. The question now is whether votes will value Eugene more than Derek terms of entertainment value.

Last week I was yet again incorrect with my eviction prediction. I was now going to suggest that Derek might get kicked, but frankly...I don't have a bloody clue anymore. Who knows what the hell the voters are going to do next? Derek has had a good run in the house, having survived 4 previous public votes. Eugene remains a very bizarre eccentric housemate, one who appears to offer nothing in the final week for viewers. I really hope Eugene gets kicked, but I won't be holding my breath this Friday.

In any case, enjoy the next eviction.....if Derek does get booted, the upside is that he'll be on BBLB for 4 days, otherwise Eugene will be getting a rather large amount of airtime, which would obviously be dull dull dull.


Calrissian : wanting Anthony or Kinga to win - anything to piss off Craig or Makosi ;)

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Originally Published 2/8/2005 © 2005 Philip Calrissian
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