Deep Impact

The UK people have never been entirely comfortable about sex. Despite the fact that we are now in the first years of the 21'st century, I continue to read comments that would seem more fitting from those living in the time of Queen Victoria. Big Brother 6 has this past week crossed boundaries some would have thought unthinkable just a few years ago. Where is the show headed, just how much further might Channel 4 go in displaying overtly sexual scenes, and is this the sort of show viewers want?

Anthony & Makosi...did they?

The past week

Saskia got the boot as predicted, leaving the 3 filthy dogs finally free of Saskia's leash. It took them a few days to loosen up a bit, but then they were soon mixing (if only a little) with Makosi's gang. Even Craig was soon trying to build social bridges with those he had previously deemed unworthy of even a friendly 'good morning'. Despite that minor attempt to bridge the gap between two distinct camps, the group remains split in two.


Club Loaded: Getting systematically exterminated?

Did Anthony make a Deep Impact?

The past week of highlights shows have been consumed with the sexual antics of the group. From last Tuesday until Friday night we had Saskia and Maxwell under the duvet. The scene of them engaging in overt sex play, whilst Kemal was just 2 feet away really was quite sickening. Have they no shame? Why did they not bugger off to the damn loft for a few minutes if sex is what they wanted? No...instead they had the audacity to start giving Kemal attitude when he commented he was getting tired of their disturbance and wanted to sleep. At least Saskia subsequently got the boot, and there remains the hope that Maxwell will get booted this week.

Then we have the incident of Anthony and Makosi. Ohh, lets also not forget Anthony and Orlaith or Orlaith and....(horrible memory) Craig. The 'pool night' was indeed very indicative of just how unreliable housemates can be in whom they will associate with. Despite Makosi saying she would play cupid for Vanessa...and help set her up with Maxwell once Saskia got the boot, instead she has Anthony grinding away against her in the pool. Vanessa said nothing of course after the events, but then, maybe she had already forgotten she liked Maxwell?

Of course, as is standard...there were regrets 'the morning after'. Anthony even tried to claim nothing happened, sigh. The most telling comment of the whole evening was Makosi's, when she noted they should wash out the pool, before someone else swam in it. Hmm. Did they have sex or not. Frankly, I don't care if they did or not. Although the sub-issue of 'did they just have unprotected sex' on National TV is of course a very important question some viewers are asking. With the recent pregnancy test request from Makosi, it does indeed seem clear Anthony made his deep impact. Assuming the highlights show were correct, it only lasted a minute. Typical incompetent man.


Food/drink shortages

The group have failed the holiday rep' task. It was never going to be particular intellectually difficult. 3 housemates wear a uniform ALL day, and cook for the others, with the occasional 'conga' dance thrown in randomly. Yet once again we are reminded that this group of housemates are entirely incapable of following even the most basic of instructions, and are utterly unable to work as a cohesive group. With dullard Vanessa selecting Orlaith (why does Vanessa call her Olar?) and Makosi, this threesome were incapable of even bothering to dress correctly. Of course, the idiot Vanessa was the first to take off her jacket.

As of writing, is it just 1 day since BB has informed the group of this latest weekly task failure, and already the housemates are getting all wound up, ahead of the looming shortages. Another whole week of lousy food, little drink (although that might be a wise thing), will surely not be good for viewers. Will we see housemates all slumbered....depressed....and even more terse with each other than we've already endured for the past forty days? BB6 is certainly one of the most difficult shows to watch.

Makosi: partly responsible for failing the latest task


Housemate Assessments - the past week

Ψ Anthony: Continues to be a lackey to Maxwell and Craig. What else needs to be said? Ohh...his behaviour with Makosi in the pool will probably not be entirely bad for his 'public image', yet Anthony does not look like a media slut - certainly not on the same level as Saskia or Craig. Anthony to make the final week - since he remains relatively inoffensive, yet he won't win.

Ψ Craig: The weak minded vile little creature continues to be a serious thorn in preventing the group from bonding. 

Ψ Derek: The unreliable Tory, he keeps on surviving. The fact that he is no currently a target amongst the group is quite a surprise. Can Derek win? Hmm, well he still has a long way to go. The thing is, he has a great depth of character which will certainly help to protect him in future evictions against some of the duller housemates (like Vanessa, Eugene, Anthony).

Ψ Eugene: Hmm, the new Jon Tickle, minus the charisma?  I can understand how some people will call him boring, yet he is at least a 'balancing' housemate. Think back to Dan' BB5, a housemate who often was taking some form of mediator role. How long can Eugene last ? With him not up for the boot this week, he now broken the long standing big brother hex in that newbies always get booted the first chance the group get. For that alone, Eugene can smile.

Ψ Kemal: Remains one of the more interesting characters. He has certainly shed a few tears lately, and is highly vulnerable if Makosi got the boot. Kemal, I do like, but I just can't see him winning. Surely his fellow housemates will turn against him as the numbers dwindle to 7 and less?

Holding onto his best pal..: Kemal

Ψ Makosi: Remains the commanding force in the house, and thus will increasingly become a primary target for the other housemates. With 2 successful task, she's already been immune from nominations for 2 weeks out of 6,

Ψ Maxwell: Despite the loss of Saskia, he has recovered his mood, and continues to exert his 'common as muck' attitude to the group. In particular his attitude to Orlaith, whom he has blatantly been harassing - via the Holiday Rep' task, is a classic example of him. He remains one of the truly icky characters this year. Despite this, there are indeed a fair few supporters of Max' out there, which is indicative of the growing 'Chav' culture in the UK. Disgusting !

As Makosi herself said, were Maxwell to win BB, it would turn away a lot of viewers for future series, and greatly affect the type of person to apply for further series. Vote Maxwell OUT !

Ψ Orlaith: Missy was clearly well aware of the housemates and their styles prior to entering the house. She certainly has played the game well so far....well, aside from her antics with Anthony in the pool. Will she turn on Makosi? I would suspect that if she thinks she has a real chance to give Makosi the boot, she'll go for the kill and try to take over leadership of Team Makosi. Watch her carefully.

Orlaith wasted no time in joining the Makosi Alliance


Ψ Science: The first few weeks for Science was pretty awful to watch, endless arguments with just about everyone. He has certainly mellowed a bit. Science remains very much independent in the house, doing what he wants...when he wants. Yet he is clearly on the side of Makosi and her group. Sadly though, even though he up against the vile Maxwell...I expect Science to get booted. I do hope I am wrong on this. Science is one of the few in the house who is actually worth listening to, well, at least when he is not shouting :)

Ψ Vanessa: Her punishment of not eating any of the luxury food was indeed very appropriate. She is certainly most of the most immature of the group, which is why she will just about suck up to whomever happens to be around her at any given time. Her mini breakdown last Wednesday should have come as no surprise. Vanessa has no real 'true friends' in the house, and as hardcore viewers will know, her only conversations consist of bitching about other housemates. She is weak minded, lacks the character depth to gain a public support, and has not a hope in hell of winning BB6.


Group Dynamics - Day 33-39

With the loss of Saskia, Club loaded have taken another serious defeat.

Current Alliances:

1. The 'Best Pals': Makosi and Kemal
2  Game On Gang - incorporating 'Best Pals', Eugene, Orlaith, Vanessa, and independents: Derek and Science
3. Club Loaded:  Anthony, Craig, and Maxwell
4. Independent housemates: Eugene and Science (although they are on the fringes of Makosi's gang)

'Club Loaded' 2005 darkhawk76 (
'Game On Gang'
2005 finchy9 (

further points of note:
-As head of her group, Makosi looking very safe from being voted out
-Best allies Kemal and Vanessa similarly looking safe
-Eugene, on the fringe on Makosi's gang, yet looking vulnerable to being booted as the 'boring one'
-Interesting that despite the initial happiness, Makosi voted for Orlaith

House conflicts

Who might spark off in the house? Science remains a issue with all members of club loaded. Kemal is again in direct conflict with Maxwell, although comes as no surprise considering the events of last week in the bedroom.

Nominations: Round'6

Despite a massive amount of nomination chat by Anthony, Craig, Maxwell, and Derek last Friday night, BB decided not to ban them for nominations again. This is something I was expecting, since were BB to again prevent either member of Club Loaded from voting, it was entirely possible that the shows level of 'bias' would be called into question by the majority of viewers. As we should expect though, BB is NOT consistent in its treatment of housemates...and this varies across time as well.

Maxwell: 6
Science: 4
Anthony: 3
Eugene, Kemal: 2
Derek, Orlaith, Craig: 1

Maxwell being up is no surprise, with 6 votes out of a max of 9. The interesting votes this week came from Makosi, who nominated Orlaith, and Vanessa who went for Eugene. Orlaith going for her fellow newbie Eugene was a bit lame of her. Clearly, she is indeed bored of him after just a few days. Mosti nteresting of all, is that despite everything that has happened, Makosi didn't get a single vote this sixth round of voting.


Derek: settling back into the group

Looking Ahead

Which of Maxwell or Science will get the boot this Friday? If I had to place money on the result, I'd suggest that Science will get booted. This would be a great injustice. Reflect back 'scabgate', an incident which if it did occur, should have got Maxwell booted without even a public vote. If Science does get evicted, where does that leave Maxwell? Will he go onto win? No, I still can't see him ever getting on speaking terms with most of the group, and I foresee him going next week - baring some kind of new BB twist.

Final four?

Of the original 4 I selected as candidates for Final night in my first article of this series, two are already booted (Roberto and Mary). I still think Roberto was a likely winner, and that he was damn unlucky to get booted at such an early stage in the game, whilst Mary dug her own eviction grave. Oh well.

Assuming all things, as in previous series....and based on current nomination patterns...the above four seem the likely four for final night. Vanessa will be the token 'dull' fourth place, with Anthony in third. Leaving a - somewhat appropriate, face off between Kemal and 'best pal' Makosi. Makosi does seem like the most probable winner, despite the current pregnancy talk, which seems highly unlikely...then again....

(in the style of Marcus Bentley)..."Day 272....and Makosi is ready to give Birth to Baby Anthony"


Calrissian : Wondering where BB is headed in the years ahead

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Originally Published 5/7/2005 2005 Philip Calrissian
Last Updated : 12/07/05