Booting the Newbies

Newbies are never particularly liked by the public, Eugene and Orlaith have lasted longer than any previous house newcomers, yet it remains unlikely that either will win this years Big Brother. Orlaith was damn lucky to survive against Science, were she to have faced any other housemate, she'd probably have got the boot. With BB deciding to reverse nominations into a 'nominate two housemates to save', we are facing Kemal vs Orlaith. Surely the UK public will kick out the fake blonde over a guy who has been one of the leading characters this series? Or might Kemal's recent explicit sex talk be too much for viewers, and be his downfall?


Science - sadly lost 49.5% to 50.5%

The past week

Science gets kicked

Damn it. Orlaith survives by just haft a percent. It doesn't get much closer than that, and Science's fans must be devastated by the news the fake blonde managed to pull off such a victory. Yet Science has no one to blame but himself. Endless ranting since virtually the very first night, he has annoyed just about everyone at some point both inside and outside the house. When it comes to mindless and utterly pointless arguing...Science was king of Rants. Farewell Science.

Quietening down, but still bitchy

With Science gone, the house did seem quieter this past weekend. Yet the housemates are still bitching, in particular Derek has been in top form lately, leading a one man crusade against Orlaith. With just over two weeks to go, the house is still a relatively untrustworthy and moody place to be.

House of Love

BB has done a few things lately to try to bring the housemates together as a group. Whether it was pass the parcel, or giving the house some luxuries -even though they once again failed the most recent weekly task, BB has taken a few steps to liven the group up and bring some 'love to the house'. It hasn't really worked, has it?

The introduction of a kitten is surely the nicest thing to enter this years house. An innocent little precious, full of curiosity, full of playful fun....if only some of this years housemates could have been as playful as this little loveable thing. Were there an option to vote for the cat this year, rather than any of the you think the cat would stand a good chance of winning? I'd sure vote for the kitten, wouldn't you?

Cute Kitten - the most honourable life-form to enter the BB6 house

Housemate Assessments - the past week

Ψ Anthony: Mr Bland....seems to be on a relentless easy cruise to victory. The bookies generally think he'll win, as do most other commentators. His only downfall so far has been his pool antics with Makosi, and his closeness with his clingy 'gollum-like' Craig. For a safe bet, Anthony seems the most likely to win. The only issue is will Anthony be another 'Stuart, BB5'? Stuart seemed set to make the final night, and yet managed only a pitiful number of votes.

Does Anthony has the charisma to capture the public's passion, and get people to vote for him? This is Anthony's problem, he simply comes across as a bit bland. I'm sure he is a nice guy in person, yet on screen he appears a bit dull. He has managed to survive to week 10, he'll surely make the last night.

Ψ Craig: The slimy bugger has cried more this past week than all of the housemates from the previous 5 BB series combined. It has become a regular moment on the highlights show, Craig making endless advances to Anthony, who then rejects him...with Craig then boo hooing. The only difference is the place in the house where the vile hairdresser cries.

The little vile man is finally getting some payback for his previous contempt against some of the more respectable housemates, and for that we can thankful. Craig can't win, the only question is whether he can pull off a 'Jade Goody' turnaround, and get cheers on final night - assuming he last that long.

Ψ Derek: Endless bitching, more lies, more deceit...what a nasty bugger this contestant is. To think that some viewers are still supportive of him is somewhat disturbing. I have very little more than contempt for the man, he has never been positive about any of his fellow housemates. He continues to kiss Eugene's ass, and has continued to try to rope Kemal into voting against Makosi or Orlaith.

Surely the Dark Deceiver can't win?

The Dark Deceiver...still bitching

Ψ Eugene: Dull. Still dull, and will be dull next week. Do we need someone like this in the house? He has been a good 'balancing character' in the house. He is one of the few to actually create real conversations in the house, and left to it...can talk endlessly for hours about just about anything. Even so, he ain't 'fun' to watch, I hope he gets kicked next week - but I  am not hopeful of it !

Ψ Kemal: I'm really hoping Kemal can survive to the final night. He has been an interesting character - far more than many of the others. Sure, he has been an utter bitch at times - especially with his endless night talks with Makosi, yet he has distanced himself from her now...and Kemal is perhaps starting to settle in for the final 2 weeks.

Can he win? I still think he comes across as too similar to Nadia' BB5. C4/Endemol probably want their 'ethnic winner' this year - Makosi, and so Kemal is going to face a stark uphill battle.

Ψ Makosi: Her utter despair at last weeks dog task was very freaky viewing. Just what the hell was all that about? Is she really just playing the drama queen role, or is she in fact even more unstable than some have claimed her to be?

Makosi has remained the most dominant part of BB6 - and in that respect deserves to win, yet her utter bitchiness, her lies (even about 10 housemates in the secret garden), would make her an unjust winner in my view. I hope she doesn't win, I'd rather bland man Anthony win, but a lot of people may well 'come around' to support her on final night.


Makosi - appropriately on Derek's Leash

Ψ Orlaith: The fake blonde managed a surprising win against many people's favourite - Science. The fact she won with just 0.5% made it one of the bloody luckiest survivals in BB history. This is an extra week in the house that she doesn't deserve. She pledged to 'do nothing, other than sit in the garden in her bikini'. Sigh. Clearly, she has nothing else to offer the viewers, let us hope that the public boot her this Friday. Surely she can't survive against a more powerful character like Kemal?


Group Dynamics - Day 55-61

With Science kicked out, the house is certainly quieter. Orlaith appears as though she is now distancing herself from the group The 'Duvet Plotters' are a weird threesome, they are a loosely formed social group. Derek and Eugene are certainly both on the same level of communication, and having left Makosi, Kemal has found some low level connection to Derek. We can say one thing for sure, Derek has done remarkably well lately. Despite Science 'outing him' as the Dark Deceiver to the rest of the housemates some time back, Derek continues to survive against all odds.

Current Alliances:

1. Duvet Plotters: Derek, Kemal, and Eugene
2. Club Loaded (the remnants):  Anthony and Craig
3. other housemates : Makosi, Orlaith


further points of note:
-Makosi has never been more alone in the group. She has no protective allies in the group.
-Derek is now the most secure housemate, with both Eugene and Kemal covering him
-Anthony and Craig are still looking secure, despite all the tears, and daily rifts
-Orlaith stands out as relatively alone in the group, although Craig voted for her to stay at least ;)

In summary
  With BB messing around with nominations (again, sigh) a few housemates should count themselves damn lucky not to be up for the public boot - especially Ms. Makosi. After almost 9 full weeks of the show, we've seen some massive changes, Makosi has lost her entire alliance of friends, alienated her best pal Kemal. The most successful housemates in the house this year are arguably Anthony and Craig. Together the pair of them have been strong, and unlike Kemal/Makosi, they don't look like they'll stab each other in the back !


Nominations: Round'9

Once again BB tinkers with nominations, and this time reversed the voting style to one of 'nominate two housemates to save'. Hmm. I suppose it at least means all that endless bitching by Derek who has been trying to convince certain housemates whom best to vote for, has all been in vain.

Craig, Anthony: 3 votes each
Derek, Eugene, Makosi: 2
Orlaith, Kemal: 1 - with both of them being up for the boot.

Orlaith: still wanting to walk?

Looking ahead

Last weeks eviction vote was - as Ms. Davina would say 'ohh so close', and indeed it was a major shock that Science just failed to survive. Oh well, time to move on. Can Orlaith survive yet again, even against one of the major characters like Kemal? If I had to guess, I'd say she'll probably get kicked. She only just survived against Science, who was - lets be honest, nothing less than a really rowdy endlessly argumentative moody bugger. So, against Kemal - whom is clearly calmer and more popular. surely she will go? Yet Kemal's recent sex talk has already annoyed and upset a fair few viewers.

As a long time fan of the show I have nothing against a newbie winning, yet neither Eugene or Orlaith have done much to justify my effort to vote for them. Eugene will quietly fade away, and Orlaith will end up with a little more exposure in a few magazines wearing very little. Hopefully the majority of the public will similarly give them both the boot sooner rather than later.

One final thing. Are there any further surprises to come this series? The 'shattered theme' which was rumoured across the net has seemingly come to nothing. The issue of whether the show might be longer than expected could still be one late surprise. By this weekend there will be six housemates left. If just one goes next Friday, that leaves 5 for the final week - as was the case last year. Are we to expect a final week midweek eviction....or might C4/Endemol throw the biggest stunt of all on the housemates...and stick an extra week on the show? Can you imagine it, five housemates are there on day'78..but only one housemate gets evicted. If only.


Calrissian : wishing for a twelfth week

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Originally Published 26/7/2005 2005 Philip Calrissian
Last Updated : 26/07/05