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Welcome to my Audio clip section for Big Brother 5. Most of the clips were converted from wav to mp3, encoding is : 32kbps at 11,025Hz (mono)..
I have a stack of clips -some each lasting an hour, if there is something you'd particularly like to hear, then post a message in the Big Brother forum. Hope you like some of the stuff here :)


Please note, this section is under redevelopment, since I am moving all the files from standard html downloads to a system of primarily Bit torrent p2p. Using the torrent system is both infinitely faster, cheaper, and way more simple to operate from a webmaster point of view.


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Notes on playing the clips

Use mouse 'right click' and 'save target as' to your computer. Files sizes are very small, so downloading a clip should not take more than a minute.


Special Sections

Victor Ebuwa

Fight Night

Classic BB5 Housemate phrases/moments


Audio Clip Clip Size (approx) Clip Duration Housemate/Scene Details

Victor Diaryroom - Milkman, aka 'the plumber'


1min 42

Victor, BB

The infamous 'Milkman' speech, aka 'the plumber' - Victor believes the HM's all like him.

Fight Night
 (main event - short version)
1.66Mb 7min 6 Jason, Victor, Marco, Emma, Dan, Stuart, Michelle, Nadia, and 'BB'

During the early hours of Day 21 the most intense conflict in any BB series occurred. Nadia overturned a table, things were thrown everywhere, countless death threats, with housemates eventually being separated by BB 'security guards'.

Victor Diaryroom - Emma/Nadia


1min 13

Victor, BB

Victor suggests Emma goes to Night school, and that Nadia's jaw can sink the Titanic