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*Currently, the CD's are not available for download via Bit torrent p2p.

Instead, you can download them the old fashioned way below, using direct file downloads.

Please note, this section is under redevelopment, since I am moving all the files from standard html downloads to a system of Bit torrent p2p. Using the torrent system is both infinitely faster, cheaper, and more simple to operate from a webmaster point of view.


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Notes on downloading the CD packages

-Use mouse 'right click' and 'save target as' to your computer. Files sizes are NOT small, so if you're only using a 56k modem, then there is no point. If you're on Broadband though, download should take less than 30mins.

-What is included in these zip packages?

Within each zip package is a self contained set of digitally processed audio tracks from the show. Also included is a finalised set of inlay covers, - if you wanted to burn them to a CD for your own personal use. I do hope you enjoy some of the tracks.


CD Package
Total Size Number of Tracks Package Details

BB6 CD Compilation



 *planned release - unknown

BB5 CD Compilation 73 Mb 16

All the dramatic highs and lows of BB5, including the all time classic fight night sequence.

BB4 CD Compilation

31 Mb


Remember the Tickle, Fed, angry Ray,  and Dark Lord Cameron? Its all here.


Previews of CD covers

Special note: please don't save the previews and use as covers, since the previews are low quality. The ones included within the zip packages are many times better, and suitable for 100% photo quality printing.