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Welcome to my Audio clip section for Big Brother 4. Most of the clips were converted from wav to mp3, encoding is : 32kbps at 11,025Hz (mono)..
I have a stack of clips -some each lasting an hour, if there is something you'd particularly like to hear, then post a message in the Big Brother forum. Hope you like some of the stuff here :)


Please note, this section is under redevelopment, since I am moving all the files from standard html downloads to a system of primarily Bit torrent p2p. Using the torrent system is both infinitely faster, cheaper, and way more simple to operate from a webmaster point of view.


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You can either... left mouse click on the clip which should open up one of your music players, or you can use 'right click' and 'save target as' to your computer. Note : Files sizes are very small, so downloading should not take more than a minute.

Latest Additions to the Archive...

Cameron Stout, Lord of Darkness
972k 4mins'08 Cameron Stout

Dark Lord Cameron, the story behind the most undeserving winner in BB history

Jon Tickle, Super Housemate
1.01Mb 4mins'26 Jon Tickle

Big Brother's most intelligent housemate - Jon Tickle, classic quotes from the great man who never liked Cameron Stout.

Classic BB4 Housemate phrases/moments


Audio Clip Clip Size (approx) Clip Duration Housemate/Scene Details

Anouska's eviction announced
200k 1min Whole Group

Day 8` Reaction of the group to Davina announcing the 1'st eviction for BB4.

Camerons ABC for entering 90k 22secs Cameron Stout's Audition tape

Appleman's ABC reasons for why BB should take him into the house

Jon : Shit load of money 34k 8secs Jon Tickle

Day 12' Men's food talk night, Jon trying to portray a non-arrogant attitude

Davina : Jon as Legend 205 52secs *Summary of Media response

The Media want Jon to stay in the house

Housemates hear Davina and Sissy talking 1.6Mb 6mins 46 Davina/Sissy, from the inside

Eviction Night 3 : Housemates hear much of what is said outside ! This clip is recorded via the web stream, even on this low quality you can make out what Davina says !

Group Bitch about Lisa 195k 49secs Cameron, Ray, Steph, Scott

In full bitching mood, Cameron and Steph slate Lisa for her mention of 'tactics', Cameron seems upset over Lisa not taking much interest in him (who can blame her).

Steph - (NEVER !) making friends with herself
197k 50secs Federico, Ray, and Steph

Federico and Ray querying Steph/Nush on whether she feeds the need to play every day. Stephs response is most revealing.

Steph - NEVER 'violates' herself
464k 1min'58 Steph, Ray, Jon, Scott, Cameron

The final night in the 'reward room', Steph gets into a chat about self-pleasure, which she believes is a 'violation', Cameron as usual remains mostly mute.

Jon Feeling Sexually Frustrated 211k 53secs Jon Tickle & BB

A funny little diary room moment, just a few days before the show concluded.

Jon : 'The Fake Cameron' 187k 47secs Jon Tickle & BB

Jon makes its quite clear how much he believes Cameron is likely a Fake - or a very wet rag.


   Compilation sound clips : Housemate sound clips, which have a somewhat appropriate backing track. Enjoy.


Men's Food Talk
560k 2mins'20 Jon, Gos, Fed, Scott, Cam, Ray

The guys are really pissed that the girls eat all the snacks, leaving a looming food shortage. Jon is nominated as the Chairman for talk on Wednesday.

Religious Talk
796k 3mins'23 Jon, Cameron, Ray, Fed, Gos

Jon has initiated the guys into a talk about religion. Jon on the offensive, launches into a blistering attack on Cameron... who remains very much guarded of his views.

Task'2 Failure: Rude Boy Ray
350k 1min'29 Ray Shah, Sissy, and Nush

Having failed the Group Task, Ray starts to loose it, feeling really persecuted by BB - Sissy even joins in a little - Nush just laughs.

Federico Classics
680k 2mins'54 Federico, Ray, Scott, Sissy, Steph, Gos, and 'BB'

Some classic Federico quotes from his first 3 weeks in the house. 'That's just Quality Work'

Feds Scary Story
720k 3mins'04 Federico, Gos, Tania

Federico tells the girls a late night scary ghost story, short but quite sweet.

Guys Assessing Cameron
190k 47 secs Federico, Gos, Scott, Ray , and Jon

Fed seems to feel a bit annoyed at Cameron, and leads the boys in a short assessment. Clearly, Fed never went to Choir school ;)

One by One, they Fell
1.35Mb 5mins'45 Davina and housemates

The Story of how 13 housemates were booted in the BB4 house.


Classic BB3 Audio clips : just a few of the all time great moments.


Goody on Geography 740k 3mins 40 Jade and Spencer

Miss Goody displaying her utter lack of world knowledge, even confusing 'East Angular' with a place in the Mediterranean.

Am I Minging ?
88k 22 secs Jade Goody, Jonny Regan

Jade Goody's infamous moment, when she claims she has caught a veruca from someone in the minging shower. BB at its best.

BB3 : The Argument
1.26Mb 5mins 30 Jade, Jonny, Alex, and Kate

It was Week 9 and late evening Jade Goody gets into one of her drunken strops. Oh so many classic lines here, including Jonny's "I've been up for 3 times!", and Alex's "kiss my arse jade"