Updates for Software on your computer

When I first got a computer one of the best things I discovered was that most software companies offer regular upgrades to their software. Such upgrades are almost always freely available to anyone who wants them. As follows are a variety of links to places where the most frequent software you may have is on offer.

Graphics cards

First, you will need to know what type of graphics card/chip you have.  

Most cards, are either Nvidia, or ATI.  Personally, I only ever use Nvidia cards, since they tend to have the most back up support, and have good reliability.

Nvidia drivers can be found here. Special note, not all your programs may work for each of the latest drivers. For instance, a Television card might only work with older Nvidia drivers (very annoying). It may well be necessary to try a few different sets of drivers to find one that works with all of the software on your computer.
For ATI : see here.

Windows XP...and beyond 

Primary issues : Have the latest service packs.
Security : Microsoft seem to be adding new patches every month or so now, so many security holes, and this does not exactly inspire faith in this particular piece of software.

Best thing to do, use the 'Windows Update' automatic update facility, which you should be able to access via the 'Start' menu.


Printers : Hewlett Packard : They have some VERY useful updates for their wide range of printers. There are a number of problems with the original software. I wasn't able to print using the original drivers as supplied, the new drivers seem to have resolved all noticeable problems.

Cameras : Logitech : All of their camera's have their software updated quite frequently.

A note on Logitech, their software is quite bloated with junk that you wont use, although they greatly improved the design of their interface, and (I assume) their drivers are better.

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Last updated : 26/10/05