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Summary - the Crusade


The 'Competition'

How to win an election




The crusade, what is it ?    
I wanted to note somewhere on this site a few things, so that everyone could be quite clear on how I wish to see things develop over the months, and indeed next few years.



Start - October 7'th 2004 : Political section for 'Crusader party' published and goes LIVE, via the '' site.

---To be updated ---

The Competition

(analysis/summary on what they stand for)

Labour - Melanie Johnson (current Member of Parliament for Welwyn/Hatfield)

Conservative - Grant Shapps

Liberal -


How to win an election

Okay so here I am, it is Autumn of 2004 and in light of  the current voter apathy that increases with each successive election - whether it be local, national, or European, some targets need to be planned.

*** Under development ***

Tables on targets needed to win.
              voter apathy issues, postal voting

*** Under development ***

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