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With life as busy as it is, many people simply no longer vote. After a long Thursday, some people simply lack the time/energy to cast their vote.
Voting via the postal system is both under used and misunderstood by the public.

The basics...

1. Postal voting, is simple, free (for the present at least  ;) ) and perhaps the most convenient way for most voters today.

2. You only have to EVER register once. Every voter in the UK can now vote by post if they wish, and they don't have to give a reason.

3. To register, just get hold of a simple registration form. Post it, and then it'll be returned with confirmation of your new postal voting status. Simple huh ?

*eventually of course, most voting will be done electronically, whether in person at a ballot station, or via the Net.

Downloading the Form

The following form can be used to arrange for 'eternal' voting by post for you.

Download the Form !  ( .PDF file)
(I suggest you use 'right click and save target as' to your desktop)

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Page last updated : 27/07/2005