Primary Big Brother Sites : The Official homepage for BB:UK, Created by Endemol and broadcast by Channel 4. This link is the primary site where web streaming is offered on a pay per view basis. Big Brother forum/discussion site, quite a small size (around 3000 members)

BigBlagger: A superb, and regularly updated Big Brother news based site.

BB Vision: A significant amount of audio/visual archive, enough to satisfy most BB fanatics.


Big Brother News Resource :A very slick fansite, run by 'Elana', who writes damn entertaining weekly commentaries.
: Site intro ', the site for the UK series of the Channel 4 TV show Big Brother. This is one of the web's biggest Big Brother websites. We're here to provide all the latest news and information from the house and also a chance for you talk about all the goings on'. A nice little UK based BB fansite (one or two pop-ups though)

Yidaho : A personal site, with a quality section offering some cool movie posters for BB3'4'5' and probably BB6 too !

International Big Brother Sites

TashiTagg - Reality Internet : A personal website, based around BB South Africa

BB Uncensored - Based in Australia where BB is also well established, massive file archives., with a rapidly expanding web community.

Behind Big Brother Australia : An Independent fan site, that is now one of the best BB sites around.

Avid Merrion : (beware, 2-3 pop-ups at the start) Despite the annoying pop-ups, this place offers a doorway to many clips of this freaky guy, you either hate him or love him. Thank you please.

Last updated : 06/11/05