Gantenbrink's door- a summary report

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An initial Summary report.

As at 02.55 GMT, Tue 17/9/2002, the little robot camera was sent through the recently drilled hole within Gantenbrinks door.

Points of note...

1.Gantenbrinks door : only 3 inches in depth, far less than many had proposed - I myself had assumed about 12-18 inches.
Post drilling, it can now be seen that the right door 'handle' (although what the 'handle' really is, no one knows) has now also fallen away, almost certainly due to the exploration work.

2. New chamber...
Size,  width/depth are the same as Queens shaft, roughly 8inches by 9inches.
Distance between Gantenbrinks door, and this new door, approx, 12-18inches  (i guess). 

3. New door...
Size : same as Gantenbrinks door, although depth is unknown. Texture looks very rough, certainly this is not a specially crafted covering stone. Two parallel lines, running vertically down the face of the door, spaced about 2inches apart. The marks are intermittant.
Floor mark : a significant line is noted in front of the new door.

Personal view
Finding a new door has been somewhat of a surprise, and yet at the same time, not. Just looking through a few books, you can see that in many cases multiple stone plugs are used to seal off chambers. In the case of the Queens Southern shaft, maybe there are even more blocking stones.

Speculating, i suggest there is probably another door behind this latest one, I predict a set of 3, beyond which lies some kind of small chamber containing a tiny statue or something of note. The only thing that bothers me, is that all this drilling is tainting what is a very unique place, a special place. I personally just hope they now use some form of external scanning/imaging method to locate any new chambers that may still yet remain hidden.

Video clip (6mins, 30s) of the moment the new chamber/shaft was shown to the world,  see: exploration video clip
To download, right click on the link, then 'save target as' into a folder on your computer someplace.
Clip is around 6Mb in size, download time 56k : 25mins , Broadband : 1-2mins.

As follows, a few screen shots that i have taken via the video clip from the National Geographic broadcast 17/9/2002. Credit to Pete VanderZwet for first posting this clip, via Graham


Gantenbrinks door

First seen in 1993, this is the latest view, with the newly drilled hole seen in the middle of the tura limestone door.

Lights on

The robots camera light is switched on, and ready to move forwards. Note, that the right handle/latch is also now missing from the door, and debris in the shaft from the drilling.

Into the hole

The robot camera slides into the recently drilled hole.

First Look at the new chamber

This is the very first look at the new section of the shaft

Look closer

A close up look at the newly discovered second stone plug. Markedly different in appearence, a very rough texture, with no apparent fittings.

New chamber

This enhanced image shows the floor, and side walls of what is a new section of the Queen's southern shaft.

Exit view from the hole

As the robot camera retreats, a last look at this new chamber/section of the Queen's shaft

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