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Yahoo! Messenger  

Of all the useful software I have found on the net, the yahoo messenger has been the most personally influential.. Free to use, I think this is a must have program. Offering a lot of features, messenger's central feature is the ability to chat with anyone else who also has the messenger. To download and make use of messenger, you will need to create a yahoo user email account.

UPDATE September 2005

New messenger v7.0  is now released in BETA form  More smilies, endless 'audibles', - you can never have enough of those ;) , and a new improved 1-2-1 voice chat service.

MSN Messenger : I also use msn (so many people do),  MSN is fine, however, I often get tired of the regular adverts trying to get me to sign up for a paid version of their email service. They do have a great chat service- although unlike yahoo, they have monitors (aka, the MSN web police ;) ). 


Cacheman : This complex utility takes command of the Windows swap file, and some other memory related features. Having all the settings at default are likely to improve the performance of your computer system.

SiSoft Sandra :A very comprehensive diagnostic tool. The free version available is worth getting, even though it lacks a fair number of features that the pro. version contains.

* for both Cacheman and Sisoft sandra, it is useful to use the CNET search engine to find and download them.


Zonealarm: The latest free version maintains a good level of security for most computers. If you dont have any kind of firewall, get this free software at least.

FTP Programs

SmartFTP : One of the best - and still free file transfer protocol programs, this will be more than sufficient for most webmasters needs.

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