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Calrissian.com 'Internal' Links

Message Board: A small but reliable message board whose primary aim is to help fellow Defcon players keep in touch. Players from ALL clans are welcome to join. To view user posts, registration is (sometimes) required.

General Defcon Websites

Introversion.co.uk: The Official site for Defcon - includes a large message board for players (well worth registering) program downloads, patch updates, and details on other games from the company.

DefconMatch.com : Dedicated to bringing players together for organised tournaments. Includes a forum, gallery, and more !



Will be updated as Mod sites appear

Miscellaneous Sites

Wiki - WON summary: an interesting page of information all about what DEFCON really means.

1. If you have a clan or Defcon related site you would like listed here, then post the link in the
2. If you are a clan owner/webmaster and want specific text/graphics to describe your site (rather than my own summary), then post the details in the forum

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