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Fireman Ahmed

Costume night, and Ahmed is looking the part

Surprise surprise !

Nadia is in for a culinary shock

Cowboy Stu-pid

Stuart shocked at Michelles return

Get together

The children are most happy to have Emma back

Happy clappy Seal

Sailor Boy Marco, ready to dance

An Angry Clown

Victor, a clown that can be trusted?

Pamper room

The tension increases

Burn the Witch

Vanessa looking uneasy prior to the fight

Nomination upset

Vanessa in tears with Shell

Ugly sisters

Dan and Jason all dressed up

Sexy Warden

Emma ready to issue some tickets

Ready to rejoin

Emma and Michelle all set to rejoin the group

Upset Clown

Victor is stunned to see the two girls return

Stripping off

Food fight, necessitates Emma to strip down


Emma and Victor

Water Fight

Victor sprays Emma

Boiling up

Jason is upset at Emma's return

Drag Queen

Jason is shocked at the children's return

Getting rowdy

Jason and Victor closing in

Angry man

Jason mad at Seal boy Marco

Confronting Emma

Jason approaches Emma

Fearsome night

Jason and Victor begin to get rowdy

Giving the Finger

Emma challenging Victor

Saving the Day

Dan picks up Emma, in this dramatic BB moment

"Who are YOU!"

Stuart ask Victor who he is, over and over.

Concerned about safety

Shell is worried for Emma



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