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Welcome to my Gallery for Big Brother 4,  I hope you like some of my graphics. Sure my design skills are arguably those of an 8yr old, but i have at least tried.



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The following are a selection of my graphics for BB4.
I am a big movie fan and I think many of the housemates personalities can be summarised through some of the all time great movies.

The person that inspired me to do the movie posters was the webmaster for - his/her work is really slick, and their personal website is full of great content.

Pictures are all in thumbnail style, click on the picture for a full sized version.


Housemate  Title/Strap line

Justine Sellman Get out and Vote...Or She'll Stay in

Cameron Stout Iraqi Information Minister, commenting on Cameron Stout's mental well being and sexual preferences.

Jon Tickle Iraqi Information Minister, commenting on Jon Tickles chances of surviving week 2 eviction

  Big Brother Eye Logo (large size)

Cameron Stout 'Trust me... I'm Sane'

Cameron Stout 'Don't touch my apple, i'm a Christian Baptist'

Cameron Stout 'Fish and Apples...thems be good'

Cemeron Stout Coneheads - They Fail at every task'

Sissy (Joanne) Rooney 'Sissy' If only they had not nominated her'

Tania Do-Nascimento 'The Tanianator - the desparado has arrived'

Cameron Stout 'The Appleman - keep him away from matches'

Jon Tickle Enemy of the State - Its not paranoia if you're up for eviction every week.

Jon Tickle House of Dreams - If Jon invcnts it, people will vote.

Jon Tickle  Top Jon - Up there with the likes of Einstein and Newton

Ray Shah Ray Must Die : The Battle is Inevitable

Federico Marlone, Ray Shah, Scott, Sissy Rooney Three Amigos and a Cry Baby

Tania Do-Nascimento She Will Kill for Fame

Cameron Stout Bless you all !

Tania Do-Nascimento Tanianator 2 : Eviction Day

Jon Tickle Return of the Tickle

Cameron Stout Jesus Truly Loves Me

Cameron, Nush Behold the Mighty Nush