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The famous doors. Who will be walking through them next summer ? Will there be another version of Jade ? Another alex ? A few more clowns ? A few more ex-drama school people, who are so desperate to get their picture on a tabloid newspaper. Or maybe, just maybe.... one or two interesting people like Father Jack, Elysium. We can at least hope so !

The Final four waiting, just prior to Jade getting booted. What a disgrace that the two clowns were favoured above dear alex and our missy.

You can see here the social dynamics of the group - Jade and Alex against Kate and jonny. It is a masterful camera angle, capturing the 'them vs. us' situation. Sadly the enemy reached the final 2, the result is indeed history.

Alex Sibley : The man who was robbed of his deserving win. He may have been a real whiny old man at times, yet he should have won for all the entertainment he provided.

He was clean, he was polite, he was smart, just a shame that the viewing public no longer hold respect for such virtues.

Jade Goody : 'our missy'. Missy was quite a housemate, and despite all that happened - all her bitterness, she made it to the final 4 , amazing really.

Despite what she did to my dear sophie - an awful week long war, ms goody seemed to redeem herself (to some degree). Jade, the most unstable, the most angry, the most tearful... somehow she endeared herself to many. The famous 'jadisms' i think be her legacy to us.

Katie Lawler, Winner of BB3. According to BB, she did over 600 impressions. Over and over she repeated the same lines such as  'this is davina...'  'YEsssssss'. It all became very tedious to watch.  Kate had done a lot of drama/acting school, clearly this girl was a total fake. Even in the very last hour, with her 'friend' jonny, she was discussing with him, how they should react when the winner is announced (they decided to collapse upon the floor, which they later did).

Last updated : 30/05/03